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97. "But in light of the 50 year sentence I'm facing, I feel as if I have no choice"
Wed Apr 11, 2018, 06:48 PM
Apr 2018

"It wasn't my fault, Don! They made me!"

Better have 24-7 watch on this guy... pbmus Apr 2018 #1
For suicide or suicided? keithbvadu2 Apr 2018 #78
How fucking tall? What a snake. n/t rzemanfl Apr 2018 #2
First floor, could get . . . HuskyOffset Apr 2018 #74
Not if he knows how to land. n/t rzemanfl Apr 2018 #113
And trump* would rather push him out of a building, than to risk him turning Siwsan Apr 2018 #3
Amen. Trumps loyalty is about an inch deep. Why do these assholes commit to this guy? anneboleyn Apr 2018 #34
That's a question for the ages. Siwsan Apr 2018 #36
He is saying that he will suicide himself first. nt Blue_true Apr 2018 #99
Just wait until the consequences are square in his face Siwsan Apr 2018 #102
Simple. They're all mobbed up together. thegoose Apr 2018 #77
Ha.. thats the best! and sooo true Thekaspervote Apr 2018 #54
Cohen Is Going To Go The Manafort Route SoCalMusicLover Apr 2018 #4
Same result either way. dameatball Apr 2018 #5
I'm cool with either choice eom Maeve Apr 2018 #6
Does he think he'll get a pardon MontanaMama Apr 2018 #7
That's the only reason I think he's saying this. smirkymonkey Apr 2018 #107
Trump may arrange the opportunity there, Michael Cohen rurallib Apr 2018 #8
No need to jump, just move into one of his buildings... Behind the Aegis Apr 2018 #9
"I'd rather drink urine than turn on Donald Trump." trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #16
That could be a twofer. Donald is weird. Just sayin' n/t rzemanfl Apr 2018 #33
"I'd rather replace my Nutella with his poo." SummerSnow Apr 2018 #52
he could not see the difference on his morning toast. HE IS TOO STUPID to see it was poop. trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #60
He'd probably sell it on eBay like a holy relic dalton99a Apr 2018 #130
Oooh! PJMcK Apr 2018 #25
No need to get all fired up Cohen! nt ProudLib72 Apr 2018 #43
Living in a Trump building has been known to cause death. keithbvadu2 Apr 2018 #80
"I'd rather eat worms than turn on Donald Trump." trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #10
"I'd rather eat dog poop than turn on Donald Trump." trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #12
Jump mutha fukka we can do it Apr 2018 #11
The only... Mike Nelson Apr 2018 #13
And if he did jump MyOwnPeace Apr 2018 #14
Adios, Cohen Cha Apr 2018 #15
😂 sheshe2 Apr 2018 #91
+1 BootinUp Apr 2018 #121
Might equate to the same thing. nt. NCTraveler Apr 2018 #17
IMHO, you can take that two different ways. Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2018 #18
If it's two, it's the latter half. BlueStater Apr 2018 #57
Sounds like your basic mobster lawyer. n/t pnwmom Apr 2018 #19
Allow me to show you to the window. JDC Apr 2018 #20
Is it wrong to ask him to "prove it!"? Behind the Aegis Apr 2018 #21
Translation: "I'll buckle in 3 weeks, get me a good offer" (nt) apnu Apr 2018 #22
Does he have a wife or children? That's got to make them feel loved. rainin Apr 2018 #23
Yes. Donny Duetsch talked to him about this. Ilsa Apr 2018 #45
Lawrence had a woman on last night SonofDonald Apr 2018 #50
Yup, Cohen's a real sweetheart Poiuyt Apr 2018 #103
I wouldn't walk on the same side of the street with cohen. Ilsa Apr 2018 #125
Here's your sign: ret5hd Apr 2018 #24
In a movie this would be considered foreshadowing lame54 Apr 2018 #26
LOL volstork Apr 2018 #75
Lol! I keep trying to post another word but autocorrect changes it. yardwork Apr 2018 #104
Spoken like a true criminal C_U_L8R Apr 2018 #27
He's more afraid of concrete shoes if it looks like he will snitch...... ollie10 Apr 2018 #28
He may get to test that thought out if Trump makes a little phone call to Clyde... Frustratedlady Apr 2018 #29
Probably worried about getting the Putin Treatment Reader Rabbit Apr 2018 #30
If he turned on Donald Trump, 3Hotdogs Apr 2018 #31
OK, but take him with you, please. nt MANative Apr 2018 #32
Blind loyalty? Or Abject fear? NurseJackie Apr 2018 #35
Omerta. nt Maven Apr 2018 #37
Done KansasKali Apr 2018 #38
Well that would be an interesting turn of events....jumping out of a building. BoneyardDem Apr 2018 #39
Please do you have a favorite window? Here bluestarone Apr 2018 #40
i hear trump tower due to the fire has an apt with a window missing....hey mike be my guest dembotoz Apr 2018 #41
Trump Tower? malaise Apr 2018 #42
Ted Knight in Caddyshack.... louis-t Apr 2018 #44
nt SoCalMusicLover Apr 2018 #55
!!! louis-t Apr 2018 #59
Keep it fair, keep it fair. LS_Editor Apr 2018 #63
So he'd rather spend GallopingGhost Apr 2018 #46
Im thinking PunksMom Apr 2018 #93
David Lee Roth has a little advice for Cohen ProudLib72 Apr 2018 #47
Mmm hmm, and Sam Nunberg was willing to go to prison for Roger Stone. herding cats Apr 2018 #48
trump tower has a few broken windows around the 50th floor kacekwl Apr 2018 #49
Nothing a little ammonia and elbow grease wouldn't remove from the pavement in a jiffy Mr. Ected Apr 2018 #51
Please proceed Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2018 #53
+1 BootinUp Apr 2018 #122
Okay Hekate Apr 2018 #56
Can we show you Mr.Bill Apr 2018 #58
He may get that chance. nt shanny Apr 2018 #61
Mikey, it might be hard to do when the building windows have bars on them spanone Apr 2018 #62
either way, I'm good with it. n/t krispos42 Apr 2018 #64
Nicolle Wallace had a great response to this: EffieBlack Apr 2018 #65
Exactly how many floors are we talking? lindysalsagal Apr 2018 #66
Am I supposed to be impressed? Solly Mack Apr 2018 #67
Umm... he should be careful. I'm sure many other criminals ecstatic Apr 2018 #68
This Could Get Confusing.... global1 Apr 2018 #69
If he falls out of a window moving a bathtub, we'll know who pushed him Hassler Apr 2018 #70
Just remember, it's not the fall that kills ya. . . DinahMoeHum Apr 2018 #71
Why is he still talking? Corgigal Apr 2018 #72
I'm sure with the company they keep, that something like that would be a worry. n/t woodsprite Apr 2018 #73
Thats what she said... hopeforchange2008 Apr 2018 #76
Hey, Mike: Don't jump. It's never too late to put a pistol NCjack Apr 2018 #79
I'm sure Mr. Putin can have that arranged Sedona Apr 2018 #81
They're both good options... meadowlander Apr 2018 #82
We'll try them both.. magicarpet Apr 2018 #86
Nikolai Gorokhov "fell" from a 4th floor window. Golden Raisin Apr 2018 #83
Cohen is not a master lawyer, despite what the tRumpLickers say Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2018 #84
Isn't that just admitting he knows dt has committed a crime? docgee Apr 2018 #85
it absolutely is. Kurt V. Apr 2018 #88
Nope..,neither...you rot your corrupt ass in jail. There is enough evidence that we don't need his Kirk Lover Apr 2018 #87
A little off topic but... Crutchez_CuiBono Apr 2018 #89
He does have an office in Trump Tower. LiberalFighter Apr 2018 #90
He may want to avoid that and the Russian Embassy. Blue_true Apr 2018 #109
We'll see...when those jail bars close in front of your face, and you're standing there alone.... Honeycombe8 Apr 2018 #92
Have it Your Way... dlk Apr 2018 #94
Jump out of my house Bob Loblaw Apr 2018 #95
If he is offered a choice between 12 years in prison and 2 years in prison? kentuck Apr 2018 #96
"But in light of the 50 year sentence I'm facing, I feel as if I have no choice" Azathoth Apr 2018 #97
Hopefully soon he gets to make that choice. nt Blue_true Apr 2018 #98
Good. Cuz Putin is good at arranging for people blake2012 Apr 2018 #100
Beat me to it! orangecrush Apr 2018 #114
I'd rather have ice cream for dinner... JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #101
Counsel, you may proceed. (n/t) forgotmylogin Apr 2018 #105
Hi Bearsfootball516 syringis Apr 2018 #106
. RandySF Apr 2018 #108
He's signaling the mob that he won't snitch. He must be sacred. jalan48 Apr 2018 #110
My bet is he's just blowing smoke NastyRiffraff Apr 2018 #111
The ANSWER HAS to be ONE or the OTHER !! HEY, IT'S HIS EQUATION !! vkkv Apr 2018 #112
+1 BootinUp Apr 2018 #123
Than turn on Putin njhoneybadger Apr 2018 #115
As if Trump would ever put any money on his commissary MrScorpio Apr 2018 #116
Wow. tavernier Apr 2018 #117
Putin prefers the Polonium Cocktail ThoughtCriminal Apr 2018 #118
can't he do both? mnmoderatedem Apr 2018 #119
Then rot in prison for the rest of your scummy life, Cohen. roamer65 Apr 2018 #120
He's scared. Trump must have a lot on him. Tatiana Apr 2018 #124
That would probably be the end result. CentralMass Apr 2018 #126
If they got the incriminating documents on Trump first, knock yourself out! chuckstevens Apr 2018 #127
Hahahahaha KTM Apr 2018 #128
what does he mean - ". . . . than turn on Donald Trump" DrDan Apr 2018 #129
LOL klook Apr 2018 #131
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