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102. Just wait until the consequences are square in his face
Wed Apr 11, 2018, 06:55 PM
Apr 2018

The Mueller team seems to be very proficient at flipping people. And if he is so stupid as to take the bullet, lose his license and do prison time, thinking trump* will take care of him and his family, he's a fool.

Better have 24-7 watch on this guy... pbmus Apr 2018 #1
For suicide or suicided? keithbvadu2 Apr 2018 #78
How fucking tall? What a snake. n/t rzemanfl Apr 2018 #2
First floor, could get . . . HuskyOffset Apr 2018 #74
Not if he knows how to land. n/t rzemanfl Apr 2018 #113
And trump* would rather push him out of a building, than to risk him turning Siwsan Apr 2018 #3
Amen. Trumps loyalty is about an inch deep. Why do these assholes commit to this guy? anneboleyn Apr 2018 #34
That's a question for the ages. Siwsan Apr 2018 #36
He is saying that he will suicide himself first. nt Blue_true Apr 2018 #99
Just wait until the consequences are square in his face Siwsan Apr 2018 #102
Simple. They're all mobbed up together. thegoose Apr 2018 #77
Ha.. thats the best! and sooo true Thekaspervote Apr 2018 #54
Cohen Is Going To Go The Manafort Route SoCalMusicLover Apr 2018 #4
Same result either way. dameatball Apr 2018 #5
I'm cool with either choice eom Maeve Apr 2018 #6
Does he think he'll get a pardon MontanaMama Apr 2018 #7
That's the only reason I think he's saying this. smirkymonkey Apr 2018 #107
Trump may arrange the opportunity there, Michael Cohen rurallib Apr 2018 #8
No need to jump, just move into one of his buildings... Behind the Aegis Apr 2018 #9
"I'd rather drink urine than turn on Donald Trump." trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #16
That could be a twofer. Donald is weird. Just sayin' n/t rzemanfl Apr 2018 #33
"I'd rather replace my Nutella with his poo." SummerSnow Apr 2018 #52
he could not see the difference on his morning toast. HE IS TOO STUPID to see it was poop. trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #60
He'd probably sell it on eBay like a holy relic dalton99a Apr 2018 #130
Oooh! PJMcK Apr 2018 #25
No need to get all fired up Cohen! nt ProudLib72 Apr 2018 #43
Living in a Trump building has been known to cause death. keithbvadu2 Apr 2018 #80
"I'd rather eat worms than turn on Donald Trump." trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #10
"I'd rather eat dog poop than turn on Donald Trump." trueblue2007 Apr 2018 #12
Jump mutha fukka we can do it Apr 2018 #11
The only... Mike Nelson Apr 2018 #13
And if he did jump MyOwnPeace Apr 2018 #14
Adios, Cohen Cha Apr 2018 #15
😂 sheshe2 Apr 2018 #91
+1 BootinUp Apr 2018 #121
Might equate to the same thing. nt. NCTraveler Apr 2018 #17
IMHO, you can take that two different ways. Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2018 #18
If it's two, it's the latter half. BlueStater Apr 2018 #57
Sounds like your basic mobster lawyer. n/t pnwmom Apr 2018 #19
Allow me to show you to the window. JDC Apr 2018 #20
Is it wrong to ask him to "prove it!"? Behind the Aegis Apr 2018 #21
Translation: "I'll buckle in 3 weeks, get me a good offer" (nt) apnu Apr 2018 #22
Does he have a wife or children? That's got to make them feel loved. rainin Apr 2018 #23
Yes. Donny Duetsch talked to him about this. Ilsa Apr 2018 #45
Lawrence had a woman on last night SonofDonald Apr 2018 #50
Yup, Cohen's a real sweetheart Poiuyt Apr 2018 #103
I wouldn't walk on the same side of the street with cohen. Ilsa Apr 2018 #125
Here's your sign: ret5hd Apr 2018 #24
In a movie this would be considered foreshadowing lame54 Apr 2018 #26
LOL volstork Apr 2018 #75
Lol! I keep trying to post another word but autocorrect changes it. yardwork Apr 2018 #104
Spoken like a true criminal C_U_L8R Apr 2018 #27
He's more afraid of concrete shoes if it looks like he will snitch...... ollie10 Apr 2018 #28
He may get to test that thought out if Trump makes a little phone call to Clyde... Frustratedlady Apr 2018 #29
Probably worried about getting the Putin Treatment Reader Rabbit Apr 2018 #30
If he turned on Donald Trump, 3Hotdogs Apr 2018 #31
OK, but take him with you, please. nt MANative Apr 2018 #32
Blind loyalty? Or Abject fear? NurseJackie Apr 2018 #35
Omerta. nt Maven Apr 2018 #37
Done KansasKali Apr 2018 #38
Well that would be an interesting turn of events....jumping out of a building. BoneyardDem Apr 2018 #39
Please do you have a favorite window? Here bluestarone Apr 2018 #40
i hear trump tower due to the fire has an apt with a window missing....hey mike be my guest dembotoz Apr 2018 #41
Trump Tower? malaise Apr 2018 #42
Ted Knight in Caddyshack.... louis-t Apr 2018 #44
nt SoCalMusicLover Apr 2018 #55
!!! louis-t Apr 2018 #59
Keep it fair, keep it fair. LS_Editor Apr 2018 #63
So he'd rather spend GallopingGhost Apr 2018 #46
Im thinking PunksMom Apr 2018 #93
David Lee Roth has a little advice for Cohen ProudLib72 Apr 2018 #47
Mmm hmm, and Sam Nunberg was willing to go to prison for Roger Stone. herding cats Apr 2018 #48
trump tower has a few broken windows around the 50th floor kacekwl Apr 2018 #49
Nothing a little ammonia and elbow grease wouldn't remove from the pavement in a jiffy Mr. Ected Apr 2018 #51
Please proceed Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2018 #53
+1 BootinUp Apr 2018 #122
Okay Hekate Apr 2018 #56
Can we show you Mr.Bill Apr 2018 #58
He may get that chance. nt shanny Apr 2018 #61
Mikey, it might be hard to do when the building windows have bars on them spanone Apr 2018 #62
either way, I'm good with it. n/t krispos42 Apr 2018 #64
Nicolle Wallace had a great response to this: EffieBlack Apr 2018 #65
Exactly how many floors are we talking? lindysalsagal Apr 2018 #66
Am I supposed to be impressed? Solly Mack Apr 2018 #67
Umm... he should be careful. I'm sure many other criminals ecstatic Apr 2018 #68
This Could Get Confusing.... global1 Apr 2018 #69
If he falls out of a window moving a bathtub, we'll know who pushed him Hassler Apr 2018 #70
Just remember, it's not the fall that kills ya. . . DinahMoeHum Apr 2018 #71
Why is he still talking? Corgigal Apr 2018 #72
I'm sure with the company they keep, that something like that would be a worry. n/t woodsprite Apr 2018 #73
Thats what she said... hopeforchange2008 Apr 2018 #76
Hey, Mike: Don't jump. It's never too late to put a pistol NCjack Apr 2018 #79
I'm sure Mr. Putin can have that arranged Sedona Apr 2018 #81
They're both good options... meadowlander Apr 2018 #82
We'll try them both.. magicarpet Apr 2018 #86
Nikolai Gorokhov "fell" from a 4th floor window. Golden Raisin Apr 2018 #83
Cohen is not a master lawyer, despite what the tRumpLickers say Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2018 #84
Isn't that just admitting he knows dt has committed a crime? docgee Apr 2018 #85
it absolutely is. Kurt V. Apr 2018 #88
Nope..,neither...you rot your corrupt ass in jail. There is enough evidence that we don't need his Kirk Lover Apr 2018 #87
A little off topic but... Crutchez_CuiBono Apr 2018 #89
He does have an office in Trump Tower. LiberalFighter Apr 2018 #90
He may want to avoid that and the Russian Embassy. Blue_true Apr 2018 #109
We'll see...when those jail bars close in front of your face, and you're standing there alone.... Honeycombe8 Apr 2018 #92
Have it Your Way... dlk Apr 2018 #94
Jump out of my house Bob Loblaw Apr 2018 #95
If he is offered a choice between 12 years in prison and 2 years in prison? kentuck Apr 2018 #96
"But in light of the 50 year sentence I'm facing, I feel as if I have no choice" Azathoth Apr 2018 #97
Hopefully soon he gets to make that choice. nt Blue_true Apr 2018 #98
Good. Cuz Putin is good at arranging for people blake2012 Apr 2018 #100
Beat me to it! orangecrush Apr 2018 #114
I'd rather have ice cream for dinner... JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #101
Counsel, you may proceed. (n/t) forgotmylogin Apr 2018 #105
Hi Bearsfootball516 syringis Apr 2018 #106
. RandySF Apr 2018 #108
He's signaling the mob that he won't snitch. He must be sacred. jalan48 Apr 2018 #110
My bet is he's just blowing smoke NastyRiffraff Apr 2018 #111
The ANSWER HAS to be ONE or the OTHER !! HEY, IT'S HIS EQUATION !! vkkv Apr 2018 #112
+1 BootinUp Apr 2018 #123
Than turn on Putin njhoneybadger Apr 2018 #115
As if Trump would ever put any money on his commissary MrScorpio Apr 2018 #116
Wow. tavernier Apr 2018 #117
Putin prefers the Polonium Cocktail ThoughtCriminal Apr 2018 #118
can't he do both? mnmoderatedem Apr 2018 #119
Then rot in prison for the rest of your scummy life, Cohen. roamer65 Apr 2018 #120
He's scared. Trump must have a lot on him. Tatiana Apr 2018 #124
That would probably be the end result. CentralMass Apr 2018 #126
If they got the incriminating documents on Trump first, knock yourself out! chuckstevens Apr 2018 #127
Hahahahaha KTM Apr 2018 #128
what does he mean - ". . . . than turn on Donald Trump" DrDan Apr 2018 #129
LOL klook Apr 2018 #131
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