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Laura PourMeADrink

(42,770 posts)
Tue Apr 17, 2018, 09:21 PM Apr 2018

No blind poll here but simple.. Pelosi in or out? [View all]

55 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Yes..love her but time for new blood
20 (36%)
No, love her, stay the course
33 (60%)
2 (4%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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All due respect, admiration, and appreciation to her nt Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #1
Uh-huh. NurseJackie Apr 2018 #3
Huh? Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #4
Curious ..how can anyone be "other" ? Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #2
Other sometimes means... NurseJackie Apr 2018 #5
Thanks nj. For the shitty reply Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #9
You're welcome. NurseJackie Apr 2018 #11
Always a warning sign... suppression of ideas Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #16
LOL NurseJackie Apr 2018 #18
K & R NurseJackie 😝 Wwcd Apr 2018 #30
+1000 JustAnotherGen Apr 2018 #77
Indeed Maxine would be a strong similar next-in-line for Pelosi. Wwcd Apr 2018 #83
Im an other voter Nevernose Apr 2018 #52
What have we done to appease swing voters Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #58
Backed off on gun control Nevernose Apr 2018 #71
She gets things done... S.E. TN Liberal Apr 2018 #6
Well to me her age had zero to do with it. You could be 21 Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #12
I'll trust the consensus of the caucus HopeAgain Apr 2018 #7
The canned responses to your question is off BoneyardDem Apr 2018 #8
What? Thought extremely simple...you either lean Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #10
When I hear we need new blood in relation to an older woman I get angry. emulatorloo Apr 2018 #13
No absolutely not....but haven't we advanced Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #19
Shes not costing us. She does a hell of a good job. Which is why the caucus keeps electing her emulatorloo Apr 2018 #23
Repukes running are scaring people with her visage! Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #25
Wth does that mean? I hope you're joking Wwcd Apr 2018 #31
Simple concept...we HAVE to win the House back. Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #35
Yes it is worth it. Seriously, you think Pukes intend to be kind to ANYONE but their own? Wwcd Apr 2018 #40
And how's that been working out so far? Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #48
They ran........ MyOwnPeace Apr 2018 #80
So what? They lie about and demonize every strong Democrat that scares them emulatorloo Apr 2018 #36
People who are scared/angry at the mention of Pelosi don't vote Democratic. betsuni Apr 2018 #54
I agree... that's how I feel when they say Bernie is too old to run for President a 2nd time InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2018 #64
look at yourself in a mirror and ask, "Pelosi in or out" BoneyardDem Apr 2018 #17
Sorry not getting your drift. Easy for me yes. Please Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #20
ok, answer this question with a yes or no.....how old are you? BoneyardDem Apr 2018 #21
It doesn't matter Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #24
your deliberate obtuse-ness is not all that endearing BoneyardDem Apr 2018 #27
Lol....how old are you y or n? Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #38
it's a very simple question and a prime example of comprehension issues BoneyardDem Apr 2018 #82
Scaring people! Well duh, that's what they do with everyone who isn't a Repuke! Wwcd Apr 2018 #33
Think scaring with known quantity different than Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #41
The way you posed the question is out of synchronized with the responses. yardwork Apr 2018 #75
It's "yes" if you want one or the other and "no" if you want something else. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2018 #55
Have Pelosi in the first year to show the ropes to her next Speaker. kimbutgar Apr 2018 #14
Ok you skipped a year but get your drift. I was Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #22
Corrected I was thinking election year not the actual year. kimbutgar Apr 2018 #29
No matter...like the concept Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #37
These times call for experience and proven ability GulfCoast66 Apr 2018 #15
This! Exactly this! Docreed2003 Apr 2018 #32
That! no text sprinkleeninow Apr 2018 #39
Pelosi defines leadership... we need a steady hand at the wheel. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2018 #65
Its time for... Snackshack Apr 2018 #26
Ya that old campaign meme worked so well in 2016. Hello Trump! Wwcd Apr 2018 #34
Someone new as... Snackshack Apr 2018 #43
Thanks for your braveness! Hard to have reasoned Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #42
Thanks. Snackshack Apr 2018 #44
Yes...and why is it always a topic where there should Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #46
GOP always attack our strengths. That is why they go after Kamala Harris applegrove Apr 2018 #28
Totally agree! But there are degrees. Remember these Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #45
Nancy is likeable. If we picked another Dem. House leader they would applegrove Apr 2018 #47
Of course she is.. but I live now in a red state and Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #49
We will have to disagree. You do not throw away your political stars. applegrove Apr 2018 #50
Thanks for at least trying to perhaps seeing another Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #53
Absolutely! She is an awesome leader and has earned our support. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2018 #59
Nancy is extremely likeable... don't understand why she has yet to run for President. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2018 #56
Yeah she would...but trust me...being in Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #60
Common ground? How's that gonna work? InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2018 #62
Well for Beto his approach is not to slam trump but Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #67
I hear ya... obviously, our message needs to be fine-tuned at the local level. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2018 #69
Even if Pelosi stepped down tomorrow, they'd still use her. People don't read. They wouldn't know. betsuni Apr 2018 #61
Good point Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #63
I support higher than average turnover in regular membership and leadership Tiggeroshii Apr 2018 #51
Maybe you hit the nail on the head..she should Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #57
She would similarly win a vote in House if Dems regain control blake2012 Apr 2018 #66
True Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #68
JFK talked of turning over the torch to a 'new generation' left-of-center2012 Apr 2018 #70
Pelosi's done a wonderful job. She's been outstanding. Who is coming up behind her? KPN Apr 2018 #72
How about Marsha Blackburn instead? LuvLoogie Apr 2018 #73
Nancy should stay duforsure Apr 2018 #74
Sorry but this is war JNelson6563 Apr 2018 #76
We are stronger & better with her than without her. TheSmarterDog Apr 2018 #78
She is opposed to impeachment Soxfan58 Apr 2018 #79
As anyone might have been five months ago... Orsino Apr 2018 #85
Why aren't we more worried about winning the majority first? TheDebbieDee Apr 2018 #81
Insignificant. She isn't running again. nt. NCTraveler Apr 2018 #84
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