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K&R n/t. rzemanfl Apr 2018 #1
K&R. Sarah needs calling out wasupaloopa Apr 2018 #2
Yep, and as I read downthread, I see that some people just have to rag about something. . . TheBlackAdder Apr 2018 #69
about time somebody did rurallib Apr 2018 #3
So do I MustLoveBeagles Apr 2018 #4
K & R. MaryMagdaline Apr 2018 #5
I would love to K&R this a thousand times. onecaliberal Apr 2018 #6
The bigger laugh? colorado_ufo Apr 2018 #7
She was careful to say "get stuck under a tree", not injure her. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2018 #10
True dat! colorado_ufo Apr 2018 #12
I read she, and other dRumpf loyalistas, walked out...? Hulk Apr 2018 #70
K & R Ferrets are Cool Apr 2018 #8
I thought she was terrific! calimary Apr 2018 #9
K&R burrowowl Apr 2018 #11
All of the media sitting there who don't have the backbone, and ONE woman stands up. rwsanders Apr 2018 #13
Yes. Absolutely! bsiebs Apr 2018 #14
I applaud the Handmaids Tale reference. JohnnyRingo Apr 2018 #15
Michelle accomplished the impossible ollie10 Apr 2018 #16
Sanders is a lying POS JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #18
Sanders is a significant part of undermining democracy in America due to her constant lying. S.E. TN Liberal Apr 2018 #20
Michelle waa a bully because she called Sanders out on her lying? TexasBushwhacker Apr 2018 #29
Making fun of someone's physical appearance is school yard crap ollie10 Apr 2018 #31
Someone should explain that Scarsdale Apr 2018 #32
Yes, trump is grotesque. He has poisoned the environmnent. I get it. ollie10 Apr 2018 #33
How'd she make fun of her appearance? - JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #34
You really believe that? ollie10 Apr 2018 #35
Can you not read? JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #36
Her makeup is part of her appearance ollie10 Apr 2018 #37
Oh, please. A perfect smoky eye. JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #38
She complimented it JustAnotherGen Apr 2018 #81
Calling that a compliment ain't exactly....er....honest ollie10 Apr 2018 #83
Smokey eyes are meant to look like ashes JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #89
Nonsense JustAnotherGen May 2018 #99
Why is make up an issue? ollie10 May 2018 #100
Actually - Scaramucci did it first JustAnotherGen May 2018 #105
Exactly. For three days I've been trying to find his comments right after he was hired.... George II May 2018 #109
Here it is JustAnotherGen May 2018 #112
Why is makeup a trigger for you? ehrnst May 2018 #107
You insult Sarah Huckabee Sanders more than Wolf with your "concern" that a "working mother" ehrnst May 2018 #114
In what way did... tonedevil Apr 2018 #46
Yes it is OriginalGeek Apr 2018 #86
Where did Michelle make fun of Sarah's personal appearance? yardwork May 2018 #101
Post removed Post removed May 2018 #102
leading question....and misrepresenting what I said ollie10 Apr 2018 #54
ollie10, S.E. TN Liberal Apr 2018 #56
She said.... ollie10 Apr 2018 #57
Now, you are switching to attacking what the author said, not what Michelle Wolf said. S.E. TN Liberal Apr 2018 #59
so when your wife wears makeup, you tell her it looks like ash? ollie10 Apr 2018 #63
Lol. MrsCoffee Apr 2018 #64
ollie10, S.E. TN Liberal Apr 2018 #65
Ollie has been told this several times on several different threads ehrnst Apr 2018 #93
For the third time....Here's the response to your posts that say "report back." Makeup named Ash.... ehrnst Apr 2018 #92
Smokey eye is an eye makeup technique: George II May 2018 #111
One again - here's a your report: ehrnst May 2018 #115
Yep, Ollie is doing this on several threads where Michelle Wolf is praised. ehrnst Apr 2018 #94
So you think that women can't handle being in the public eye and being joked about like men ehrnst May 2018 #113
You did this crap today on another thread. Oppaloopa Apr 2018 #62
You are all over DU trashing Michelle Wolf. ehrnst Apr 2018 #91
Why do you accuse anyone that calls you out or corrects you "misrepresenting?" ehrnst May 2018 #108
Seems yours is the bullet-point hand-out for the week. LanternWaste Apr 2018 #52
as most people have understood, Michelle was calling shs out for her LYING. niyad Apr 2018 #75
When you sympathize with the enemy you lose nini Apr 2018 #95
Soooo....lock her up? Sounds familiar..... ollie10 Apr 2018 #96
there are actual reasons to lock those people up. nini Apr 2018 #98
When you have no reply, you have to make up something that someone said? ehrnst May 2018 #110
Thanks Michelle for putting it to words so elegantly Thekaspervote Apr 2018 #17
K & R leanforward Apr 2018 #19
It's a television series on Hulu, and is well worth watching! Silver Gaia Apr 2018 #22
Absolutely. The repubs are finally reaping what they sowed. NRaleighLiberal Apr 2018 #21
I'm really looking forward to their reaper, a grim one. So far they haven't paid the price. erronis Apr 2018 #82
#SarahLies More_Cowbell Apr 2018 #23
Brilliant and true of Sanders, Trump and MSM Pepsidog Apr 2018 #24
Rec! rusty fender Apr 2018 #25
R&K.. chillfactor Apr 2018 #26
Yep. I'm in. EricMaundry Apr 2018 #27
Yes Laura PourMeADrink Apr 2018 #28
About time some one spoke out! True Blue American Apr 2018 #30
About someone called out old stink eye. Historic NY Apr 2018 #39
K&R HAB911 Apr 2018 #40
In the words of Handsome Dick Manitoba... vicman Apr 2018 #41
She was so spot on the perps were squirming WhiteTara Apr 2018 #42
Republicans don't understand her jokes because they think about people's looks IronLionZion Apr 2018 #43
I agree. Meanwhile the WHCA is donning kneepads and groveling before trump. Paladin Apr 2018 #44
Michelle Wolf is a brave woman and a true patriot. greatlaurel Apr 2018 #45
I agree! lunatica Apr 2018 #47
She did what every reporter in the room wanted to do. kentuck Apr 2018 #48
what makes you so sure... uriel1972 Apr 2018 #49
Exactly - she was calling THEM out JenniferJuniper Apr 2018 #50
K&R 100 times BlueJac Apr 2018 #51
If Sarah doesn't lie, she will be out looking for another job. dubyadiprecession Apr 2018 #53
True, an ethical person would never take that job. S.E. TN Liberal Apr 2018 #60
Sarah totally deserves what she got. mainstreetonce Apr 2018 #55
K&R greatlaurel Apr 2018 #58
Agree wholeheartedly. K&R. VOX Apr 2018 #61
K & R. Ligyron Apr 2018 #66
I'm not losing a millisecond of sleep... BobTheSubgenius Apr 2018 #67
K&R Politicub Apr 2018 #68
K&R n/t dajoki Apr 2018 #71
K&R workinclasszero Apr 2018 #72
K&R n/t dajoki Apr 2018 #73
315 and Counting Roy Rolling Apr 2018 #74
K&R Gothmog Apr 2018 #76
FUCKING A!!! Raster Apr 2018 #77
Sarah and the boss she idolizes just sent 200 women and children to their deaths Eliot Rosewater Apr 2018 #78
I wish she had spent a little more time roasting the originator of lies and made up shit... meadowlark5 Apr 2018 #79
K&R MaryMagdaline Apr 2018 #80
oh hell yes. And that takes guts. librechik Apr 2018 #84
K&R CelticWinter Apr 2018 #85
Michelle Wolf is an American heroine and patriot. greatlaurel Apr 2018 #87
Not just rec OriginalGeek Apr 2018 #88
Kick and Recommend benfranklin1776 Apr 2018 #90
Kicking it. VOX Apr 2018 #97
My good deed for the day. riversedge May 2018 #103
To her face! Soxfan58 May 2018 #104
K&R rock May 2018 #106
K&R smirkymonkey May 2018 #116
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