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44. Exactly. He's been criticized for his chintziness for a long time.
Sat May 5, 2018, 12:58 PM
May 2018

And now he is increasing the cost of prime. I sure wish there was a competitor.

Allen And Gates Give Billions To Charity - Bezos Nothing PaulX2 May 2018 #1
Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos to Fund 1,000 College Scholarships for Dreamers oberliner May 2018 #2
Bezos 33 Million - Gates 4.6 Billion - Get My Drift? Gates/Buffet Pledges 95% To Charity Bezos Nada PaulX2 May 2018 #7
So given that you admit you were inaccurate mythology May 2018 #20
Exactly. He's been criticized for his chintziness for a long time. AgadorSparticus May 2018 #44
Sorry, I haven't been following this, but B2G May 2018 #3
Not sure about this FakeNoose May 2018 #14
I have a brother inlaw who works for them Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2018 #26
No love loss for Amazon but... RealityChik May 2018 #50
What leads you to allege the OP blamed Amazon for creating the problem? LanternWaste May 2018 #16
"Make 20,000 homeless somewhere else with you(r) "market power" maxsolomon May 2018 #4
I Said And Your Friends PaulX2 May 2018 #5
Oh, well that makes your OP a well-reasoned statement. maxsolomon May 2018 #8
Amazon are not going anywhere...Seattle has become the upper west coast Silicon Valley. HipChick May 2018 #6
With Untaxed Corporations Calling The Shots And Construction Workers Running Cover For Them PaulX2 May 2018 #11
It's awful in Seattle now. LisaM May 2018 #9
Seattle has become a nightmare for housing and congestion The Blue Flower May 2018 #21
They're basically allowing Amazon a free hand. LisaM May 2018 #22
Rump hates Bezos...hmmm, wait. Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #10
Have you not heard of Amazon Smile? Sedona May 2018 #12
Bezos is a slave driver workinclasszero May 2018 #13
Honest question...isn't pretty much any warehouse hellish? Kirk Lover May 2018 #41
Do you work there? Demsrule86 May 2018 #47
Warehousing by its nature is demanding work Kilgore May 2018 #56
Sounds like Trump needs to attack him again Dreamer Tatum May 2018 #15
is this tax being applied to everyone who lives there and every business? nt msongs May 2018 #17
It would be applied only to large corporations Big Blue Marble May 2018 #19
Not surprised at some of the responses you're getting kcr May 2018 #18
+1 Hit it. Similar to Uber and maybe other new, shiny outfits. appalachiablue May 2018 #30
7 horrible things that could happen to cities if they win Amazon's HQ2 bid Henry Krinkle May 2018 #23
Amazon Will Need 2 Cities To Move To Once They Get Kicked Out Of Here PaulX2 May 2018 #24
From yesterday's Puget Sound Business Journal Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2018 #25
So you want Amazon gone. Soxfan58 May 2018 #27
They Can Move To The Next Chaotic Mess Amazon Moves To PaulX2 May 2018 #28
So you really don't give a shit about those employees on food stamps.. you just want them gone.. X_Digger May 2018 #32
It's Not About Sympathy PaulX2 May 2018 #33
And Bezos Has 110 Billion In Wealth And Pays No Income Tax PaulX2 May 2018 #34
You obviously don't live in Washington. Kilgore May 2018 #55
And his property taxes BannonsLiver May 2018 #35
Also it's Amazon gets their taxes cut, my business doesn't as a reply lunasun May 2018 #54
My guess is 40,000 people... Adrahil May 2018 #40
You don't care about the people who need the jobs... so what is your agenda? Demsrule86 May 2018 #48
Isn't Amazon an archenemy of tRump and the Republicans? Wednesdays May 2018 #29
Yes they are...this reads right wing to me. Demsrule86 May 2018 #31
Yes BannonsLiver May 2018 #36
Doesn't make them our ally though Calculating May 2018 #37
Bezos is truly despicable Calculating May 2018 #38
I worked two years for Amazon, best employer I ever worked for Saboburns May 2018 #39
Take your actual experience and get out of here Lee-Lee May 2018 #45
Don't keep us in suspense- Why did you leave? tavernier May 2018 #53
Let's boycott....EVERYTHING! nt Kirk Lover May 2018 #42
Did Amazon fire you? MyNameGoesHere May 2018 #43
No Amazon Didn't Fire Me - They Just Get All The Goodies From Government Create Problems Don't Pay PaulX2 May 2018 #46
That is not true... Demsrule86 May 2018 #49
Amazon Warehouse Employees' Message to Jeff Bezos -- We Are Not Robots nolabels May 2018 #51
Didn't Bezos donate over 30 million to DACA scholarships this year? JDC May 2018 #52
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