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31. It doesn't just SOUND like it.
Sun May 13, 2018, 09:49 AM
May 2018

It is for 100% sure.
NOTHING comes anywhere near what this is. And it IS GOING to get worse.

It is the overthrow of American 'democracy,' such as it was.

I've been wondering about that, too. Time to invest in the orange jumpsuit factory. Vinca May 2018 #1
I think they DID know about it, and therefore the panic. shraby May 2018 #2
Yes, I am sure they knew. nt tblue37 May 2018 #24
And, if they DID know about it, why can't jrthin May 2018 #26
There will likely be a RICO charge placed against the GOP leadership. You're on the money. Eyeball_Kid May 2018 #34
I fully agree with this. Texin May 2018 #32
IIRC someone commented that the Orange Menace was in Putin's pay Pluvious May 2018 #40
I think so, too--most of them anyway. pandr32 May 2018 #36
Weren't they all on recess last week? BigmanPigman May 2018 #3
I know you're not excusing their silence cyclonefence May 2018 #7
the problem is they can choose to ignore the results of Mueller's probe mucifer May 2018 #4
Yep !! Civic Justice May 2018 #5
Doubtful oberliner May 2018 #6
It may be that they don't want to piss off Trump because... kentuck May 2018 #8
It all seems like political calculations to me oberliner May 2018 #10
True. Their silence is a vote for Trump and a vote for their own self-interest. kentuck May 2018 #12
Many probably received tainted money,, others are waiting to see which way the wind blows. dameatball May 2018 #9
Wasn't Cohen Deputy Finance Chair of the RNC? SallyHemmings May 2018 #11
He still is Deputy Finance Chair of the RNC. kentuck May 2018 #13
And don't super-pacs cyclonefence May 2018 #14
This sounds like the biggest scandal in American history. kentuck May 2018 #15
I think it is cyclonefence May 2018 #16
It doesn't just SOUND like it. pangaia May 2018 #31
The problem is vlyons May 2018 #17
We know Mitch and Ryan did True Blue American May 2018 #18
BINGO! ashredux May 2018 #19
Most of them are involved Perseus May 2018 #20
when all this began, i said to my gf... Javaman May 2018 #21
Torshin and the NRA alfredo May 2018 #22
You just now figured this out? DarleenMB May 2018 #23
I have been suspecting the same since the Republican convention randr May 2018 #25
They have been mum for the last 18 months. pangaia May 2018 #27
Lying, greedy, evil, vicious, shit-faced fucks of a feather... Beartracks May 2018 #39
Republicans were recorded in 2016 discussing Putin paying Trump JAD May 2018 #28
They knew all along where the money came from IMO JDC May 2018 #29
You are correct. I believe the GOP IS AWASH WITH RUSSIAN MONEY... Raster May 2018 #30
They also won't go up against Trump because if for some reason they do end up in prison, they smirkymonkey May 2018 #33
Except they did know. WhiteTara May 2018 #35
When in doubt remember malaise May 2018 #37
Put on front page of Democratic Underground and keep it there. Lest we forget! JAD May 2018 #41
And a large number of them are just soulless assholes. Guilded Lilly May 2018 #38
So how do we move forward? sellitman May 2018 #42
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