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Thu May 24, 2018, 11:38 AM May 2018

Schiff will now attend BOTH briefings, including the Nunes/Gowdy/Ryan briefing at noon, [View all]

Yet another change of plans to briefing over confidential FBI source: Pelosi says that Schiff will now attend BOTH briefings, including the Nunes/Gowdy/Ryan briefing at noon, per @ElizLanders


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Good. nt Ilsa May 2018 #1
yes! CatWoman May 2018 #11
All signs of Democratic and institutional power at work. Hortensis May 2018 #31
If This is True itcfish May 2018 #89
I heard Ryan won't go is that true...maybe afraid of criminal charges? Demsrule86 May 2018 #39
I think Ryan is hoping to slink away, hoping Ilsa May 2018 #41
He is a coward...there must be some serious shit going down. Demsrule86 May 2018 #43
The "official" story is that he has had long standing plans BigmanPigman May 2018 #53
Lunch with Donnie.... SergeStorms May 2018 #91
hahah...funny stuff. +1 Demsrule86 May 2018 #99
Sure...get out of dodge...he doesn't want any part of this. Demsrule86 May 2018 #98
He's probably afraid someone will ask him why, when Kevin McCarthy said Tanuki May 2018 #67
Ryan is counting his days. forgotmylogin May 2018 #80
You think he fears that some like Nunes and others who do this shit could in the end be indicted? Demsrule86 May 2018 #97
He's probably eager to keep his name out of anything vaguely Trump-shaped. forgotmylogin May 2018 #100
Those who were Trump's toadies like Nixon's folks will be forever tarnished. Demsrule86 May 2018 #102
Hope he talks about all their BS afterwards. BSdetect May 2018 #2
I want to hear after both briefings leftynyc May 2018 #10
:) No need to wait: The Republicans found shocking Hortensis May 2018 #35
Exactly. Kurt V. May 2018 #40
They should all just walk into the first meeting. This is ridiculous. n/t livetohike May 2018 #3
Yes, absolutely! Crash the place and knock down the door. PearliePoo2 May 2018 #6
Yes this should happen. It is weakness to not do this. triron May 2018 #16
yes (a la Brooks Brothers) CharleyDog May 2018 #49
Exactly. zentrum May 2018 #59
Amen to that. Ilsa May 2018 #84
There ya go! That's it exactly. zentrum May 2018 #96
Wow! This is great news! I wonder what happened to allow this? PearliePoo2 May 2018 #4
Agree notdarkyet May 2018 #5
Good news strangedaysindeed May 2018 #7
Agreed JoeOtterbein May 2018 #8
More Dems zentrum May 2018 #60
Except Schiff won;t have any 'witnesses' to back up what he may report pangaia May 2018 #71
Exactly my point. He's zentrum May 2018 #85
I thought Ryan culdn't make it.??? triron May 2018 #9
GOOD! spanone May 2018 #12
Awesome!!!!!! manor321 May 2018 #13
I feel better knowing this. Again, the Democrats were working behind the scenes. sunRISEnow May 2018 #14
I think you are right. Bradshaw3 May 2018 #48
Too often I see some reactions hair on fire when I observe the Democratic Leaders sunRISEnow May 2018 #54
I also appreciate what they have done.. BUT... pangaia May 2018 #73
"maybe it IS time for some loud in the face" We have that with Trump. We have it with OR. sunRISEnow May 2018 #78
Shouldn't be quiet at all. zentrum May 2018 #63
Equal number, like team sports or something? I want to know what is happening in a meeting. sunRISEnow May 2018 #81
The camera matters a lot. zentrum May 2018 #86
Ya..., no. I do not agree taking this to playground behavior is the answer. sunRISEnow May 2018 #88
There may be delays during the first meeting Sneederbunk May 2018 #15
Yeah, the panting, sweating, lap-dog Nunes running to his Master for a pat on the head! PearliePoo2 May 2018 #47
Don't insult lap dogs! robbob May 2018 #69
Oh GOOD one! Something resembling a stinking pile of ORANGE in the grass! PearliePoo2 May 2018 #79
Give your dog a pat on the head for me! robbob May 2018 #93
I hope someone will dish on why they changed their minds to allow a representative Grammy23 May 2018 #17
My guess would be the DOJ. n/t janx May 2018 #36
Having the Democrats there also offers some plausible deniability Buns_of_Fire May 2018 #46
Good. Now someone trustworthy can verify the same info presented at both meetings. (nt) JaneQPublic May 2018 #18
Thank God Me. May 2018 #19
They should have known who they were dealing with. madaboutharry May 2018 #20
Goblins take power when nice people abstain from politics. DemocracyMouse May 2018 #61
Good but also bad. Had the WH and GOP gone ahead with their plan to exclude Dems KPN May 2018 #21
Excellent. Nunes will be very upset. Which is also excellent. ooky May 2018 #22
Good dalton99a May 2018 #23
This is definetly how... tonedevil May 2018 #24
Rep. Schiff is outmaneuvering Devil Nunes at every turn meow2u3 May 2018 #25
True, when the meeting is over one guy will obstruct justice, the other wont. Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #27
A shot in the dark over the change but... icnorth May 2018 #26
I just mentioned something similar above. janx May 2018 #37
That's something of a relief Cary May 2018 #28
Trump better watch out for Gowdy. NCTraveler May 2018 #29
A "presidential-type" decision kentuck May 2018 #30
Oh, thank GAWD! Hugin May 2018 #32
And yesterday weak-kneed DU members were claiming Democrats do nothing. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2018 #33
Bazinga! George II May 2018 #76
Boom! mcar May 2018 #90
good. As bad as Gowdy is, I suspect it was Gowdy who agreed to this. I doubt Nunes would have still_one May 2018 #34
Your damned right he will!! PubliusEnigma May 2018 #38
im hoping theres an 'oh shit' moment that makes trump resign... TalenaGor May 2018 #42
did Nancy pull a fast one? Kurt V. May 2018 #44
will there be a third meeting we don't know about? unblock May 2018 #45
K&R! R B Garr May 2018 #50
I wouldn't be surprised Catherine Vincent May 2018 #51
Great move by Schiff. Vinca May 2018 #52
Now it's not just a coven of co-conspirators. BadgerMom May 2018 #55
If need be Mr. Schiff, wear an adult diaper, seriously! Iliyah May 2018 #56
I bet Cheeto has already arranged for a secret, third meeting. sandensea May 2018 #57
Perfect. Schiff 2020! zentrum May 2018 #58
I agree with you on this!!!!! onecent May 2018 #72
That's great. I guess all the gnashing of teeth and claims that Democrats "are weak", etc., etc.... George II May 2018 #62
Where are the rest of the Dems zentrum May 2018 #66
Unbelievable!!! Did you see anything about what's going to happen (or did happen) this afternoon?? George II May 2018 #68
Clearly not. And... NurseJackie May 2018 #74
Exactly, I think that's the ulterior motive. None of these "Dems" have acknowledged that maybe.... George II May 2018 #75
I'm An Outsider? ProfessorGAC May 2018 #101
No but as you can see a MEME of ATTACKING democrats is what happened there Eliot Rosewater May 2018 #82
"Unbelievable!!! " Right? sunRISEnow May 2018 #83
That's good news. Nitram May 2018 #64
Good man Hekate May 2018 #65
Schiff is a trooper bucolic_frolic May 2018 #70
Love that Schiff C_U_L8R May 2018 #77
Speaker Of The House! True Blue American May 2018 #95
I Guess itcfish May 2018 #87
Good! nt Honeycombe8 May 2018 #92
McConnell said True Blue American May 2018 #94
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