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72. k, but sarcasm is the nature of the internet. If what you're talking about here is based upon the
Sun Aug 5, 2012, 07:42 PM
Aug 2012

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internet, where you/someone is butting heads with that "smarter-than-thou" crowd, surely you can perceive my objection to taking everything that happens on the internet at face value. There are trolls and there are double-crossers and there are triple and quadruple crossers. All stimulated by this anonymous environment and superPAC money and by being at a very definite crossroads as a nation in so many different ways.

A word more about that "smarter-tan-thou" crowd, authentic persons OR OTHERWISE: . . . SOME people, who, since you brought it up, may or may not be as-smart-as-some, AGAIN authentically so OR OTHERWISE since we are talking mainly about the internet here, that is, SOME people are way way tooooooooooooooooooo reactive to perceived differences in what is referred to as "intelligence". WHY is that??? Some of that over reaction to the "smarter than thou" crowd is authentic, some of it is coming from those double-triple-quadruple po$$$er$$$$s.

Think of echoes of echoes of echoes . . . here. That's the internet.

So, that means some reactions are authentic reactions from authentic people reacting to authentic people who are making the authentic mistake of thinking that they are "smarter than thou" and some of it is the complete opposite of all of that and then there is also everything in between those two extremes going on too.

The reason all of that is so important is that, because, as you imply, there is a DEAL that needs to be made and the authentic functionality of that deal IS AFFECTED by all of the bullshit being dealt from ALL quarters. The REAL DEAL must, in order to be functional, be made by the REAL people about their REAL issues, not by a bunch of socially, financially, psychologically, emotionally, and politically ambitious operatives operating in secret, because of campaign finance non-transparency and corporate personhood.

All of which brings me to my main, not so "smarter than thou" but definitely paying attention, point:
and it doesn't take very many goddamned smarts at all to know that that is NOT TRUE, especially since the Gun Ownership Advocacy group ran a fracking SECESSIONIST for VP in the last election cycle.

This demonstrates that Gun ownership advocates ARE resistant to policing themselves. They appear to be rejecting the fact that the 2nd amendment places "A well regulated Militia" as the super-ordinate clause upon which "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms" IS DEPENDENT. Please count the commas in the original amendment and see what I am referring to and remember that our founding fathers were educated men who, if they weren't "smarter than thou" at least knew what they were doing.

So, tell me how all of the falseness and mis-understanding that is going on between the "smarter than thou" class and gun ownership advocacy can even begin to be breached when it seems more than just a little obvious that the gun ownership advocacy group, despite how much some of us might wish to agree with them/you on what we might be able to agree upon, CANNOT or REFUSES to recognize the presence of a trojan horse in your midst? - i.e. armed insurrection - And yet the gun ownership advocacy group makes ACCEPTANCE of that fact a precondition of getting to any other aspect of the issues.

We're supposed to talk about what we agree upon, without recognizing that the other side's demands are based upon somekind of "right" to wreak, "states' rights" VIOLENCE on this entire nation in the name of something that they clearly demonstrate that they know little or nothing about.


Here we go Kingofalldems Aug 2012 #1
Um, you mean Gungeon? freshwest Aug 2012 #56
If it was just the gungeon, it would be easy to ignore. Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #61
Reminds me of this hifiguy Aug 2012 #79
............... Curmudgeoness Aug 2012 #80
Who breaks down the gungeon doors? JustABozoOnThisBus Aug 2012 #85
Paid NRA scumbags villager Aug 2012 #2
If the answer is more gun control, I would genuinely like to hear any ideas on how to deal Flatulo Aug 2012 #73
1994 AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #3
So if people don't buy more guns it will be 1994 again? Kingofalldems Aug 2012 #4
How did you reach that conclusion? AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #8
I'm old and seem to rember something about safeinOhio Aug 2012 #11
No, no, no it was guns related nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #14
Selective history? safeinOhio Aug 2012 #16
Well yes...the AWB mobilized a few folks. nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #18
The Average White Band? n/t kurtzapril4 Aug 2012 #24
Obviously a subversive group pinboy3niner Aug 2012 #26
I was thinking of these guys, though: freshwest Aug 2012 #42
You're forgetting the influence of Rush vs. Hillary's Death Panels. I heard him live everyday... freshwest Aug 2012 #53
Which is the point a couple of us made nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #58
Naw, I was in KKKville then, no kidding. It was all about Hillary. freshwest Aug 2012 #60
I know... A few of us are trying to counter the new mythology nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #69
NRA motto: 'Resistance is Futile!' ;) freshwest Aug 2012 #74
Oh I knew about 1994 alright but it has nothing to do with the OP Kingofalldems Aug 2012 #21
We're being threatened with the loss of Congress if we don't help sell more guns. nt patrice Aug 2012 #29
That's not what happened in 1994. Not at all. AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #39
What the hell does that have to do with the OP? Kingofalldems Aug 2012 #46
Don't worry too much safeinOhio Aug 2012 #67
k, but sarcasm is the nature of the internet. If what you're talking about here is based upon the patrice Aug 2012 #72
"The solution to guns is more guns." agent46 Aug 2012 #5
You just gave me an idea for a new product.. Fumesucker Aug 2012 #9
Then people could really go shoot their mouths off dballance Aug 2012 #12
Going for the low hanging fruit, eh? Fumesucker Aug 2012 #13
I think the Mossad beat you to it TheMightyFavog Aug 2012 #19
More reasons NOT to answer the phone! nt patrice Aug 2012 #31
Wrong end doohnibor Aug 2012 #47
You could set your watch by it. Ruby the Liberal Aug 2012 #6
Low Information Citizens Strike Again cantbeserious Aug 2012 #7
Some here just a couple of short weeks too! DainBramaged Aug 2012 #10
That means only one thing nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #15
that's true 2pooped2pop Aug 2012 #17
+100nt Mojorabbit Aug 2012 #25
Disagree. People in countries with SANE gun control, have angry people too!! progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #35
And reinstating the fairness doctrine will get as far as the AWB DBoon Aug 2012 #76
Yep. Alduin Aug 2012 #20
You'd think they'd get sick of defending evil. But I guess as long as... Comrade_McKenzie Aug 2012 #22
Need some clarification Reasonable_Argument Aug 2012 #23
the cowards come out in force Skittles Aug 2012 #27
You better stay away from... ellisonz Aug 2012 #83
omg - I wear hoodies all the time Skittles Aug 2012 #84
Can you direct me to some of these posts? Thanks! nt Mojorabbit Aug 2012 #28
Don't forget the, "If only someone there had a gun to shoot back" fantasy. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2012 #30
Are you implying Reasonable_Argument Aug 2012 #36
Oh, for the love of... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2012 #43
A quick google search Reasonable_Argument Aug 2012 #45
That's not an answer. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2012 #48
I felt it was but... Reasonable_Argument Aug 2012 #51
None that I'm aware of off hand. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2012 #63
The two often cited were nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #68
After I posted the "statue" thing Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2012 #71
I hate those comments.. it truly is a fantasy of theirs. progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #37
Already snagged one by bringing it up. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2012 #49
guns are good and the negatives are few & far between..... Moltisanti Aug 2012 #32
26 posts,...eh? Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2012 #44
oh we have heard all the NRA propaganda Skittles Aug 2012 #70
Guns don't MAKE you safer. If/when things get to that point, it's AFTER THE FACT. It's too late for patrice Aug 2012 #33
Really... so many that it should be easy for you to post some links. aikoaiko Aug 2012 #34
Yup. Predictable as the next effing shooting. Chorophyll Aug 2012 #38
And another chance for me to fill up my ignore list! morningfog Aug 2012 #40
So. After Obama's election, gun sales have been through the roof. So more guns are on the streets. progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #41
Clearly, more people should take guns to church. tclambert Aug 2012 #50
Maybe we should just restrict worship services to firing ranges and nuclear arms depots? leveymg Aug 2012 #57
Only if I get the codes nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #62
You'll have to ask Dan Rather for those. ("What's the frequency, Kenneth?") leveymg Aug 2012 #65
This has been seriously proposed DBoon Aug 2012 #77
As if there weren't enough gun apologists already Major Nikon Aug 2012 #52
Gun Manufacturers and the NRA. It's all about the money. Blood Money Teamster Jeff Aug 2012 #54
True dat. Nt xchrom Aug 2012 #55
This place was just getting back to sane again. tjwash Aug 2012 #59
Methinks the terrorists at the NRA... 99Forever Aug 2012 #64
Yeah, the answer is more guns. pacalo Aug 2012 #66
"If all the Sikhs had been armed..." KamaAina Aug 2012 #75
I do not envy the MIRT. hifiguy Aug 2012 #78
Well, I'm going to....... GP6971 Aug 2012 #81
yup....happiness is a warm gun... madrchsod Aug 2012 #82
bang bang shoot shoot RetroLounge Aug 2012 #86
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