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139. I guess you're helping Bernie with his campaigning, then.
Sun Jul 1, 2018, 10:29 PM
Jul 2018

The first I heard of his appearance at a rally yesterday was from people on DU criticizing him today. Thanks for helping to keep him in the news! Glad you and others are behind him now!

Is it me or does Bernie seem self-absorbed. njhoneybadger Jun 2018 #1
He does his job, elleng Jun 2018 #2
Really? sheshe2 Jul 2018 #167
His job should have been to work his ass off to get three more votes for a pathway to citizenship. NCTraveler Jul 2018 #186
It's not just you, nyhoneybadger. Cha Jun 2018 #4
At least it is in his own state. murielm99 Jul 2018 #6
Oh is that where it is? lol Cha Jul 2018 #8
It's not you. smirkymonkey Jul 2018 #17
It's not just you. calimary Jul 2018 #158
Bernie is about Bernie. kstewart33 Jul 2018 #217
Right....and my first reaction(stupid I know given the poster) was that people don't have to be JCanete Jun 2018 #3
"people don't have to be involved every day at every protest" Seriously? lunamagica Jul 2018 #16
Did Hillary march? The Obamas? The Bidens? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #46
Well, umm, ah hmmm. That's different.! Lol. Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2018 #53
LOL Of course. I imagine they did not... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #56
ah hmmm sheshe2 Jul 2018 #92
She is amazing. Kath2 Jul 2018 #126
She brought me to tears with that speech. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #133
Were minority party leaders Pelosi and Schumer in attendance? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #191
... betsuni Jul 2018 #193
Is that the official Democratic Party position on abolishing ICE? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #199
As you know, I am a troll paid by David Brock. betsuni Jul 2018 #229
Agreed Gothmog Jul 2018 #208
Cory Booker! We the People. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #103
Of course!! (Un-freakin-real!!) InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2018 #156
Big difference - they're not running in 2020. kstewart33 Jul 2018 #218
Are they sitting politicians? sheshe2 Jul 2018 #64
Don't they know what's at stake, as asked by another below? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #74
Whataboutism. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #81
What difference does it make? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #102
No. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #162
Bernie "left the children alone to cry"? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #188
LOL betsuni Jul 2018 #192
"The parade was for himself?" sheshe2 Jul 2018 #216
Annual Independence Day parade... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #219
Correction my dear, SMC. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #222
Yeah, a certain delightful DUer can pull that off... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #223
I sad. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #224
Did those Democrats "leave the children alone to cry"... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #225
I am out of control? sheshe2 Jul 2018 #226
+1000. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2018 #214
Senator Ron Wyden was at the Portland rally. calimary Jul 2018 #157
Boom. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #161
That shows BOTH of Oregon's senators on the side of the light. calimary Jul 2018 #206
A true leader.(nt) ehrnst Jul 2018 #215
His name is Senator Jeff Merkley (not Markey) and he's from Oregon trueblue2007 Jul 2018 #168
My Senator from MA is Edward Markey along with Elizabeth Warren sheshe2 Jul 2018 #169
.... George II Jul 2018 #179
what a ... what a remarkable co-incidence!! My Sen Merkely went to the border too. trueblue2007 Jul 2018 #184
Bookmarking. n/t rzemanfl Jul 2018 #88
Hillary Clinton has done more than march. She has collected over one million dollars lunamagica Jul 2018 #145
1.5 million! Thanks, Hillary! And everybody who has been vocal about immigration reform. betsuni Jul 2018 #151
This is so much like her, betsuni. She has fought her entire life for children and families lunamagica Jul 2018 #172
Yes! The way she's been demonized is obscene. betsuni Jul 2018 #173
None are elected officials at the moment...Sen Sanders is a sitting Senator. I just think with all Demsrule86 Jul 2018 #171
What difference does it make, sitting or non-sitting? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #211
There's always a excuse for Bernie, isn't there? EffieBlack Jul 2018 #22
Always and without fail. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #24
Always an excuse for Hillary and Obama, too. We need to stop this and work together. mucifer Jul 2018 #57
Oh Yeah.. What About HILLARY!!!! Cha Jul 2018 #63
They are no longer sitting politicians now are they? sheshe2 Jul 2018 #65
Hillary has collected over a $ 1 million.5 to help migrant children lunamagica Jul 2018 #146
Hillary and Obama are not sitting Senators or politicians. George II Jul 2018 #180
So what? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #212
Whataboutism. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #58
You clearly don't understand what that word means. redgreenandblue Jul 2018 #194
Your response is in the context of me saying I thought it was silly that somebody was JCanete Jul 2018 #68
always heaven05 Jul 2018 #128
Yup. People with an certain agenda somehow always find an excuse to single him out. nt redgreenandblue Jul 2018 #198
The demonstrations yesterday (more than 700 of them in small towns to large cities) .... George II Jul 2018 #107
many prominent democrats did. were all those who didn't mentioned here? Do we feel the same way JCanete Jul 2018 #196
A few points to consider: George II Jul 2018 #205
Wow. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #170
Thank Goodness for the those who were able to get out and March for #FamiliesBelongTogether! Cha Jun 2018 #5
Is it possible . . . ? gratuitous Jul 2018 #7
Thank you. It's a centennial celebration - a once in 100 years event. scarletwoman Jul 2018 #9
Slagging on Sanders is a blood sport for some gratuitous Jul 2018 #10
I know the OP does a lot of reporting on DU.. he's Cha Jul 2018 #15
BS has REPEATEDLY said heaven05 Jul 2018 #129
Yeah, I don't really care that he's Cha Jul 2018 #132
Really. Sad. It never stops. SammyWinstonJack Jul 2018 #33
Beyond sad, especially when we should be uniting against our common enemy... but no surprise there. InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2018 #155
It's almost as if some want to depress turnout. SMC22307 Jul 2018 #47
Depress turnout? OilemFirchen Jul 2018 #77
435 House and 35 Senate...or have you not heard? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #91
Sanders is running for 470 seats? OilemFirchen Jul 2018 #119
I'm not as cavalier about the midterms... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #121
"Our Side" sheshe2 Jul 2018 #143
What other side could there be? betsuni Jul 2018 #154
I am not sure betsuni. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #159
The Mystery of the 'Our Side' Comment. betsuni Jul 2018 #160
2018 perhaps. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #164
What part of that post do you not comprehend? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #185
"Stop trashing those on our side." betsuni Jul 2018 #187
You too, huh? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #189
Don't even pretend. I know who you are. betsuni Jul 2018 #190
LOL Wow, I'm honored... I've been bookmarked! SMC22307 Jul 2018 #197
Not bookmarked. Search engine. You don't think people remember? betsuni Jul 2018 #228
Good advise. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #227
Holding back a lol. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #136
Hmmm... sheshe2 Jul 2018 #138
he "slags" on heaven05 Jul 2018 #135
That excuse doesn't fly when applied to other people who don't do something Bernie does EffieBlack Jul 2018 #23
Lol. Read what you wrote. Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2018 #51
I read what she wrote and Cha Jul 2018 #116
BS is a minor figure heaven05 Jul 2018 #137
I can imagine that was on his mind when he jumped on board the ehrnst Jul 2018 #213
Yes, attending a centennial celebration with his constituents... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #108
Ignoring the children. It amuses you. You think a parade for ones self is self-absorbed. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #166
There are 6000 unaccompanied migrant children lost in the system, 4500 residents of Newport VT George II Jul 2018 #182
Being torn from one's mother or father is a once in a LIFETIME event! Do you realize.... George II Jul 2018 #181
Isn't it possible, you know, just possible for him to attend both events? lunamagica Jul 2018 #11
Only if it's "an establishment" leader..... ehrnst Jul 2018 #174
Thank you. nt babylonsister Jul 2018 #20
Like someone said, NastyRiffraff Jul 2018 #35
All right gratuitous Jul 2018 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author AtomicKitten Jul 2018 #40
The Centennial Celebration in VT goes on for one full week! sheshe2 Jul 2018 #82
He and Welch (D) were there for the opening... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #111
Are you saying he was only there... sheshe2 Jul 2018 #115
The 100-float parade started at 10:40 am... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #120
and likely it's part of his JOB! elleng Jul 2018 #59
Oh, please EffieBlack Jul 2018 #141
+1 betsuni Jul 2018 #142
Read up on their Centennial Celebration. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #67
Oh well, in that case . . . gratuitous Jul 2018 #104
I just posted Kamala Harris and Cory Booker speeches here. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #109
The Newport kick-off was at 10:40 am... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #122
OMG OMG sheshe2 Jul 2018 #130
Of course. Thank you. mountain grammy Jul 2018 #101
From Newport (extreme northern point of VT) to Brattleboro (almost the southern point of VT).... George II Jul 2018 #117
Newport's kick off was at 10:40 am... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #124
. George II Jul 2018 #131
Not surprised at all. This is the guy who voted against immigration reform lunamagica Jul 2018 #12
I've said it before & I'll say it again. Sanders wants credit for doing something re: immigration. Tarheel_Dem Jul 2018 #13
Very good observation, he's not even subtle radius777 Jul 2018 #14
Progressive Vermont... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #48
Populism, whether it comes from the Trump-right radius777 Jul 2018 #60
Sure, that's why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ben Jealous... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #73
Most PoC voted for Hillary radius777 Jul 2018 #75
Check out the video from lunamagica above. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #69
This message was self-deleted by its author OilemFirchen Jul 2018 #80
Right? wonkwest Jul 2018 #207
Yes! Fits that demographic's concerns about immigrants R B Garr Jul 2018 #66
My local dem party marched in a pre 4th of July parade dembotoz Jul 2018 #18
For shame! SMC22307 Jul 2018 #49
I'm OK with this. At least it's in Vermont, these are his constituents and he was close with seaglass Jul 2018 #19
I lulz'd KG Jul 2018 #21
Again? betsuni Jul 2018 #25
... lapucelle Jul 2018 #26
sounds painful sheshe2 Jul 2018 #70
Every day is Bernie day dalton99a Jul 2018 #27
Post removed Post removed Jul 2018 #28
Bernie hatred is almost a full time job for some folks. democrank Jul 2018 #29
Not it's not. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #31
Funny, these same posters were silent when Bernie was on SOTU last week Bluepinky Jul 2018 #32
And somehow she manages to refrain from smearing fellow Democrats and denigrating the party. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #34
I don't know what you think is so funny, but I'm glad you can amuse yourself. Bluepinky Jul 2018 #36
Yet she's still an actual Democrat... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #37
Okay Bluepinky Jul 2018 #42
Well Said, Jackie!!! Cha Jul 2018 #134
Refraining from shitting on the Democratic party and insulting Dem leaders and candidates betsuni Jul 2018 #140
I love parades! sheshe2 Jul 2018 #144
They can't stand that he's right. SMC22307 Jul 2018 #54
Where are the threads reporting on the activities of the 47 Democratic Senators yesterday? mnhtnbb Jul 2018 #39
... NurseJackie Jul 2018 #41
It's sad how some people are unable to move on. Bluepinky Jul 2018 #44
Ah yup. AtomicKitten Jul 2018 #43
I keep hearing that criticism should be considered treestar Jul 2018 #87
We were told that holding feet to the fire and constructive criticism makes a candidate betsuni Jul 2018 #90
exactly! treestar Jul 2018 #230
All competing for the coveted Bernie Basher of the Year Award @the annual "Slammie Awards" dinner... InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2018 #150
To be fair, there were only 10 Families Belong Together Marches in Vermont, lapucelle Jul 2018 #30
Maybe only one location had those Bernie shirts...? nt R B Garr Jul 2018 #72
Red is such as interesting color choice. lapucelle Jul 2018 #76
Indeed! Hopefully one would not want to be confused with those R B Garr Jul 2018 #110
Where did Hillary March and/or get arrested? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #45
I suspect you won't get an answer Hassin Bin Sober Jul 2018 #55
Goodness gracious, don't they know what's at stake? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #61
I answered you above. sheshe2 Jul 2018 #71
Post removed Post removed Jul 2018 #83
He's had skin cancer. He should be careful. betsuni Jul 2018 #84
Yep. Since the Democratic Convention at least. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2018 #175
Why would an answer be warranted? Why bring up Clinton..... George II Jul 2018 #89
The stakes are so high... all hands on deck! SMC22307 Jul 2018 #93
I still don't get it. This is a discussion about what Sanders did yesterday. So why.... George II Jul 2018 #96
High-profile Dems have been mentioned... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #99
So, if the stakes are so high (as you've noted several times in this thread)..... George II Jul 2018 #118
Almost all hands on deck, I guess. betsuni Jul 2018 #123
Clinton? Obamas? Bidens? Chuck and Nancy? SMC22307 Jul 2018 #125
I can guarantee that whatever all of them did, at least six (seven if you pluralize Clinton)..... George II Jul 2018 #127
I guess you're helping Bernie with his campaigning, then. Bluepinky Jul 2018 #139
Hillary? Pelosi? Schumer? Biden? Obamas? betsuni Jul 2018 #100
Stakes are high! All hands on deck! SMC22307 Jul 2018 #113
That 1.5 million Hillary raised for civil rights organizations to help migrant families betsuni Jul 2018 #149
Hillary has done more than march. She has collected over a $ 1 million.5 to help migrant children lunamagica Jul 2018 #153
She raised $120,000 to reunite families. RandySF Jul 2018 #79
Excellent! SMC22307 Jul 2018 #95
What does what Hillary Clinton did yesterday have to do with a discussion of where Sanders was? George II Jul 2018 #86
The stakes are high, George... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #94
Hillary has done more than march. She has collected over a $ 1 million.5 to help migrant children lunamagica Jul 2018 #147
and the butthurt rages on ... AtomicKitten Jul 2018 #50
Does everything have to be turned into choie Jul 2018 #52
Yes, some just can't resist a chance to bash Bernie... really sad! InAbLuEsTaTe Jul 2018 #152
LOL, I saw Newport and thought he was here in California R B Garr Jul 2018 #62
He can. And back to Vermont for a centennial event... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #112
He can also prioritize which events are good for his political R B Garr Jul 2018 #114
oh FFS shanny Jul 2018 #78
Was Hillary there? Lunabell Jul 2018 #85
None of those were in Newport, Vermont. George II Jul 2018 #98
Hillary has done more than march. She has collected over a $ 1 million.5 to help migrant children lunamagica Jul 2018 #148
So the answer is "No". Thanks. nt redgreenandblue Jul 2018 #195
... SMC22307 Jul 2018 #200
Sorry, there is nothing funny about what's happening. Nothing at all lunamagica Jul 2018 #202
This thread is. SMC22307 Jul 2018 #210
The answer is that she is doing more as a private citizen to help these children than somer elected lunamagica Jul 2018 #201
The OP was about attending a march, wasn't it? redgreenandblue Jul 2018 #203
Sanders is seen by many as the front-runner for 2020 and an influencial leader lunamagica Jul 2018 #209
I see NOTHING wrong with this, it just a poor job of a callout. Agschmid Jul 2018 #97
Thank for showing that Bernie was on the job today. aikoaiko Jul 2018 #105
Sounds like he had been invited ahead of time and had made a commitment. torius Jul 2018 #106
I agree. A centennial celebration is a big deal - once in a century. Liberty Belle Jul 2018 #165
Sorry Bernie.... chillfactor Jul 2018 #163
He's got an election to think about. Parades are voter candy for candidates. ehrnst Jul 2018 #176
Bernie gets bashed by people like you for running around the country too much and ignoring VT BeyondGeography Jul 2018 #177
Every Bernie thread MuseRider Jul 2018 #183
Robin Kelly did ehrnst Jul 2018 #178
Had he marched, then right now he'd be crapped on here for doing that. nt redgreenandblue Jul 2018 #204
Yep. SMC22307 Jul 2018 #220
This is lame RhodeIslandOne Jul 2018 #221
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