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Tue Jul 24, 2018, 06:40 AM Jul 2018

Here's Details on Bain Cap., Ripping Off Toys & R Us [View all]

These facts, detailed below, and in many underground and main stream articles, are known, by me - personally; because I was the Delaware Federal Court appointed top executive of eToys.com, in 2001.

It is also a fact (testified to under penalty of perjury) that Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital have been partners, for 20 years; which began, at the barest of minimums, when MNAT law firm (working for Sachs, Bain and Mattel) merged - " The Learning Company" - with Mattel.

Apparently, of probable cooked books fraud, Mattel had instant catastrophic lost $4 billion.

No main stream.media outlet has been brave enough to report the fact it was Romney/ Bain and Goldman Sachs involved in The Learning Company dealings.

At that time, in Delaware (where Mattel was merged with Learning) then, Colm Connolly, as Assistant United States Attorney, switched sides, becoming a partner of the MNAT law firm (see Colm's DOJ resume, https://www.justice.gov/archive/olp/colmconnollyresume.htm )

Resultant of this gamesmanship (betraying of the public's trust), there was no investigation or prosecution of the Learning Company/ Mattel public company frauds.

Colm remained a partner of MNAT, from 1999, until August 2001; which is when Colm "revolved door" (switched sides - again) back to the United States Attorney's office (see Colm's resume https://www.justice.gov/archive/olp/colmconnollyresume.htm )

Mr. Connolly has never, to this very day, disclosed the fact that he was a partner of the MNAT law firm.

Also around that time, Goldman Sachs took eToys public, where the stock price went to $85 per share; but Goldman Sachs only permitted eToys to receive less than $20.

NY Times article, in March 2013, reveals some glaring details.

Meanwhile, in 2001, Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital law firm of MNAT, falsified documents, concealing from me and the court, the fact MNAT was commiting perjury, to be both my attorney and eToys bankruptcy counsel, in order for MNAT to help Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital schemes & artifice to defraud, succeed.

It was the plan of MNAT, as eToys counsel, colluding with Paul Traub (eToys case Creditors counsel) to sell eToys bankruptcy assets, as cheap as possible, to Romney's Bain Capital entity of Kay Bee (with Michael Glazer as CEO of Kay Bee).

During the same period of time, Romney owned Stage Stores; which is in bankruptcy, prior to eToys case.

Michael Glazer was a Director for Stage Stores and Barry Gold was the Stage Stores Director's assistant.

Paul Traub's law firm was hired for Stage Stores, by Barry.

Then Barry Gold, Paul Traub, Michael Glazer and MNAT move over to eToys, lying under oath, by malfeasance & malfeasance, pretending to be - arm's length - from each other.

When my efforts drove the bid prices, to Bain/ Glazer/ Kay Bee, up into the 10s of millions, the bad faith parties offered me a million dollars, to be a partner of Mitt.

But I turned it down and reported it; which is when Colm Connolly left MNAT, to return to the Delaware Dept. If Justice, where Colm became THE United States Attorney.

After that rigging of Sachs & Romney owning a federal prosecutor, the ante was upped in many ways.

Colm continued to bury the cases from federal prosecution; and Mitt became Governor of Massachusetts.

My turning down and reporting the million dollar bribery, in eToys, combined with Romney's elevated political status, caused the price of bribery to escalate in the Kay Bee Case.

Michael Glazer paid himself $18 Million and Bain Capital $83 Million, prior to Glazer filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee.

You can see some of the details in Rolling Stone cover story, by Matt Taibbi, titled "Greed and Debt"

.Taibbi fails to note, in his "Greed and Debt" article, of the facts that Glazer was both CEO of Kay Bee and Director at Stage Stores.

As a matter of fact, Glazer us now CEO of Stage.

Though I gave Taibbi permission to leave my name out of his Romney story, he and Rolling Stone were supposed to discuss the eToys case.

IMO the fact that Taibbi left out facts apropos, he cost himself a Pulitzer.

Including the facts that MNAT was representing Bain if the $83 Million (fraudulent conveyance) and Paul Traub was in the Kay Bee Case as Creditors counsel - illegally.

Traub was required - by law - to disclose the fact he worked for Romney, Glazer, Barry Gold, at Stage Stores.

By law, Traub was supposed to be disqualied and referred for prosecution to the Delaware United States Attorney's office.

Which, by the way, was Colm F.rigging Connolly.

At that same time, of Colm Connolly protecting many cases from prosecution, Paul Traub was "control" partner of Tom Petters Ponzi; and Traub also was partners of Marc Dreier.

Dreier is doing 20 years in prison and Petters is doing 50.

Traub is not even investigated or indicted.

Compounding the crimes, because I was getting tens of millions of dollars in bids (despite the fact that Debtor counsel MNAT and Creditors counsel Paul Traub were trying to sabatoge me) MNAT and Traub illegally locked me out of eToys; and they replaced me with Barry Gold (who also is Traub's law firm employee and partners with Traub)

Then Barry and MNAT nominate Trraub to sue Goldman Sachs in NY Supreme Court (which means Goldman Sachs was, in essence, suing, Goldman Sachs).

Traub settled the billiin dollar eToys v Sachs case, as Marc Dreier (while Dreier was in prison) for a mere $7.5 Million.

And, Taibbi also missed the fact, in Kay Bee, that Traub asked to be the one to prosecute Glazer and Bain for their $18 million and $83 million fraud.

When I filed a paper about this, in the Kay Bee Case, Colm Connolly's Dept of Justice had my evidence - stricken and expunged.

Years later, I found proof that Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT; and I filed a paper, on December 7, 2007, with the Public Corruption Task Force. https://docslide.us/documents/clocked-18-usc-3057-a.html

Several weeks later, GW Bush guy - Shut Down the Public Corruption Task Force; and that corrupt US Attorney (Tom O'Brien), actually threatened to destroy career federal prosecutors, unless they kept silent on the real reasons why.

There after, Kay Bee and eToys were in bankruptcy, multiple times; but still wound up back at Bain under Toys R Us; which us now in bankruptcy.

Traub was also involved in Zainy Brainy / FAO Schwartz; which wound up in Bain Capital.

Toys R Us was killed - illegally - but no one will investigate or prosecute; because the cui bono is for Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital; which - Donald the Great - is protecting.

Trump's DOJ will never touch Romney or Sachs..

..unless we Force him to do so.

This is the link to the article, out today.

If you can tolerate computer generated voice programs, this is the article in audio format


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