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why didn't we know this before the election !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trueblue2007 Jul 2018 #1
Would it have even mattered? He bragged about committing felonies on tape & enough catbyte Jul 2018 #14
I think it might have mattered NewJeffCT Jul 2018 #17
I think a deal was made mgardener Jul 2018 #25
It has to go deeper than that, or else they would've thrown Trump under the bus & installed Pence. catbyte Jul 2018 #31
We Did !! Haggis for Breakfast Jul 2018 #16
Trump dodges question over whether any past partners had abortions dalton99a Jul 2018 #2
Such a nauseating reply. BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2018 #36
If he got someone other than his wife pregnant BigmanPigman Jul 2018 #3
Evangelicals have warned us about the anti christ for 2000 years calguy Jul 2018 #9
Amen calguy. flying_wahini Jul 2018 #10
Yep. And they would volstork Jul 2018 #20
Well, it was predicted that he would fool many Christians LiberalLovinLug Jul 2018 #33
Everything A has said in the past about tapes has later come out as true. Squinch Jul 2018 #4
That's right. Just last week he was on cable with Dershowitz and stated that there... brush Jul 2018 #5
I know. I really don't understand that. We have a really Squinch Jul 2018 #6
Yes, the guy is on our side. It's as if there's envy involved. brush Jul 2018 #7
As long as he takes it to Dump..... dawnie51 Jul 2018 #8
I tend to agree with you. LisaM Jul 2018 #11
If more Democratic Congress members developed his style we would be so much stronger. calguy Jul 2018 #12
I agree. Keep an eye out for Rep. Swalwell. alwaysinasnit Jul 2018 #27
I have no proof and yet I have little doubt that Marie Marie Jul 2018 #13
The law of averages or just probability Haggis for Breakfast Jul 2018 #18
Why is this a surprise? colorado_ufo Jul 2018 #15
If Avenatti says it true, Haggis for Breakfast Jul 2018 #19
there will NOT be a run for 2020. Trump will be toast. The GOP eat their own. trueblue2007 Jul 2018 #21
OF COURSE there are some terminated pregnancies. Paladin Jul 2018 #22
#BASTA orangecrush Jul 2018 #23
Am I the only one skeeved out that he is still able to procreate? nadine_mn Jul 2018 #24
Ditto. He probably had help from the "little blue pills." alwaysinasnit Jul 2018 #28
I was so thinking the exact thing. Maggiemayhem Jul 2018 #32
Most of these happened over 10 years ago FakeNoose Jul 2018 #34
You are NOT alone. Haggis for Breakfast Jul 2018 #35
How cool would it be if he paid for an abortion? Jersey Devil Jul 2018 #26
The Religious Right would find a way to excuse it NastyRiffraff Jul 2018 #30
Toad enid602 Jul 2018 #29
money .... he pays for sex. trueblue2007 Jul 2018 #37
💰💸💰💲💎🏰🛥🚁👑 LakeArenal Jul 2018 #38
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