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In reply to the discussion: Al Franken [View all]
Al Franken [View all] babylonsister Jul 2018 OP
I still love Al. no_hypocrisy Jul 2018 #1
Me too DownriverDem Jul 2018 #96
Nixon came back? I'd love to see Al in Congress again too...n/t Upthevibe Jul 2018 #152
I miss him and I will never get over how he was treated BigmanPigman Jul 2018 #183
:CrossesFingers: demmiblue Jul 2018 #2
maybe he can try for governor of Minnesota NewJeffCT Jul 2018 #31
Just what I was thinking. True Blue American Jul 2018 #32
It's too late for that, since the election is this year and MineralMan Jul 2018 #56
+1 geardaddy Jul 2018 #112
I have trouble not being angry still at what happened to Franken. hlthe2b Jul 2018 #3
Agree 100% cubbies01 Jul 2018 #4
Yep. Inappropriate sexual behavior was wrongly lumped in as sexual assault. Funtatlaguy Jul 2018 #5
The party needed to keep the image clean, and had to do it. lindysalsagal Jul 2018 #7
because the corporate media wouldn't stop adding Al to every discussion about the real abuse rainy Jul 2018 #21
But also dems... B Stieg Jul 2018 #108
Corporatist media balances the beam with the speck. n/t MarcA Jul 2018 #173
Oh bullshit RandomAccess Jul 2018 #138
Not by succumbing to obvious railroading pandr32 Jul 2018 #161
That's a position that's easy for enemies to take advantage of. Beartracks Jul 2018 #181
Given the situation in which it happened, I still have trouble calling it Neema Jul 2018 #10
There are levels of wrongdoing in our society. Funtatlaguy Jul 2018 #13
Who fell for it? Kirsten Gillibrand. calimary Jul 2018 #154
There's no inappropriate behavior at a USO show LakeArenal Jul 2018 #145
It wasn't even that... lame54 Jul 2018 #170
my take ProfessorPlum Jul 2018 #192
Yep. The GOP played that one perfectly. Let the Dems shoot themselves in the foot. Neema Jul 2018 #11
Yep! She did and I will never forgive her for that. LittleGirl Jul 2018 #30
I agree with you LittleGirl HelenWheels Jul 2018 #165
she didn't "fall for it" .... i think she jumped into it willingly. trueblue2007 Jul 2018 #171
This ++++ ReformedGOPer Jul 2018 #24
I can not vote True Blue American Jul 2018 #33
Thirty-two Democratic senators called on Franken to resign oberliner Jul 2018 #42
Because she used it as a cynical political prop maybe? johnnyknj Jul 2018 #59
Because she led the effort. MineralMan Jul 2018 #60
i remember. and my two senators from illinois orleans Jul 2018 #83
The effort was led and coordinated by 6 female Democratic senators, including Kamala Harris oberliner Jul 2018 #84
Fortunately for them, none are running in my state. MineralMan Jul 2018 #100
She also went to Franken's office Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #101
It was a miscalculation on her part. MineralMan Jul 2018 #103
Franked decided to resign Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #109
My opinion in the matter is different from yours. MineralMan Jul 2018 #116
Post removed Post removed Jul 2018 #118
It is my opinion. What you think it is based on MineralMan Jul 2018 #120
As a truly great Senator once said Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #123
Use caution. That's my suggestion to you regarding MineralMan Jul 2018 #124
Maybe you should look in the mirror Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #128
.. MineralMan Jul 2018 #131
So you admit that you have no facts Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #132
.. MineralMan Jul 2018 #134
Still not posting any facts Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #137
.. MineralMan Jul 2018 #158
Thank you, MineralMan. kag Jul 2018 #177
Had Al stayed we wouldn't be voting for him in 2018. dflprincess Jul 2018 #193
Yes. All around the situation is a bad one. MineralMan Aug 2018 #197
She was the one leading the charge. She was the one that hit the talk shows. pazzyanne Jul 2018 #61
Gillibrand, McCaskill, Hassan, Hirono, Harris, Murray and Baldwin put out statements together oberliner Jul 2018 #75
My opinion, my vote. Thanks for playing. pazzyanne Jul 2018 #179
Asked and answered dozens of times BannonsLiver Jul 2018 #115
Not true. LakeArenal Jul 2018 #146
Do you also find it funny that there aren't continuing accusations against Roy Moore? mythology Jul 2018 #43
I'm still absolutely livid. I think I get angrier the worse things get in this country. Neema Jul 2018 #6
Exactly onlyadream Jul 2018 #8
Exactly. appal_jack Jul 2018 #20
Thirty-two Democratic senators called on Franken to resign oberliner Jul 2018 #44
Yep, all of them. onlyadream Jul 2018 #54
Oh please. You know the answer to your posts on this just as we all do. brush Jul 2018 #68
There were six female Democratic senators who coordinated the initial statements together oberliner Jul 2018 #88
Oh please again. Gillebrand was first out of the gate on this. brush Jul 2018 #95
Also, She went to Franken's office Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #121
Nice fiction, bro. Mine is fact though. Google it. brush Jul 2018 #144
Every GOP Senator defends Trump, so they are correct also? nt USALiberal Jul 2018 #188
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2018 #15
Amen. (nt) Paladin Jul 2018 #26
Can't blame Al for leaving the Senate The Wizard Jul 2018 #35
Exactly BigOleDummy Jul 2018 #40
Why the focus on KG? oberliner Jul 2018 #45
Have you read any of the posts on this thread? pazzyanne Jul 2018 #66
6 female senators call on fellow Democratic Senator Al Franken to resign oberliner Jul 2018 #89
It's her history in this debacle, pure and simple. pazzyanne Jul 2018 #91
Kamala Harris called on Franken to resign at the same time as Gillibrand oberliner Jul 2018 #94
She wasn't leading the charge. pazzyanne Jul 2018 #97
Plus She went to Franken's office Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #111
It was actually Schumer who met with Franken and told him to resign oberliner Jul 2018 #182
Cuz she keeps doubling down, tripling down on her self righteous decision LakeArenal Jul 2018 #180
Wow, that horse dead yet? LakeSuperiorView Jul 2018 #71
KG was one of six Democratic senators who coordinated the initial call for him to resign oberliner Jul 2018 #92
Don't confuse them with facts Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #114
"Gillibrand was the first woman in the Senate to call on Franken to quit, Demit Jul 2018 #148
Sounds strangely like a whataboutism. LakeSuperiorView Jul 2018 #155
This x 1000 Ferrets are Cool Jul 2018 #57
Yes ... spot on. That extends as well to the fear of being labeled socialists because we want KPN Jul 2018 #58
Same here kcr Jul 2018 #36
MSM and even here heaven05 Jul 2018 #41
this kind of shit will keep happening as long as the left/dems ignore talk radio and certainot Jul 2018 #51
+1! KPN Jul 2018 #65
Yes! 1000x's!!!!! Tumbulu Jul 2018 #80
Republicans run circles around us because of stuff like this IronLionZion Jul 2018 #63
IDK. Nobody has any kind of "right" to be a Senator Recursion Jul 2018 #164
First he didn't hold office "by right" but by the expressed democratic "viewpoint" of the voters. hlthe2b Jul 2018 #166
He had the "right" to be Senator by virtue of all those, including me, who voted for him. scarletwoman Jul 2018 #184
This dflprincess Jul 2018 #194
the best senator we had. i miss him. JI7 Jul 2018 #9
How so? Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #72
Find the links yourself. Just google his grilling of perjurer Sessions. brush Jul 2018 #98
OK That is one thing Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #99
Asking for others to provide links proves nothing when you can easily google... brush Jul 2018 #102
That's called moving the goalposts. Demit Jul 2018 #150
And don't forget disndat Jul 2018 #162
That's right. He knew how to cut to the quick with his questioning of lying repugs. brush Jul 2018 #167
There will be a job opening Soxfan58 Jul 2018 #12
Franken/Harris. That's the ticket. Funtatlaguy Jul 2018 #14
Yes Soxfan58 Jul 2018 #16
love Al miss Al steventh Jul 2018 #23
Didn't know that about Harris Funtatlaguy Jul 2018 #27
Oh, I made my feelings clear to Brown. True Blue American Jul 2018 #34
Harris: I believe the best thing for Senator Franken to do is step down. oberliner Jul 2018 #47
Keep trying. Still not working as you can tell from the REC count. nt USALiberal Jul 2018 #189
Every GOP Senator defends Trump, so they are correct also? nt SFnomad Jul 2018 #190
Or Franken/Warren -- I'd love to see either of those pairings. KPN Jul 2018 #67
Franken was railroaded without due process. NurseJackie Jul 2018 #17
Did someone put a gun to his head Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #81
Metaphorically, Yes ProfessorGAC Jul 2018 #135
Metaphorically??? Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #136
A gun? Oh, please. GMAFB! NurseJackie Jul 2018 #147
he should run again, we need him back scarytomcat Jul 2018 #18
When can we get him back, Governor of Minnesota at least? marble falls Jul 2018 #19
Our Party's image already WAS clean--as was Al Franken's DFW Jul 2018 #22
Well said! nt c-rational Jul 2018 #62
I miss him, too! nt Heartstrings Jul 2018 #25
Given what happened to Sen Franken Docreed2003 Jul 2018 #28
+1 dalton99a Jul 2018 #38
Yes! And, jimmy jordan. Cha Jul 2018 #48
Only Democrats fold like cheap card players RhodeIslandOne Jul 2018 #174
Al Franken - a casualty of friendly fire. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2018 #29
Like to think of it as jumping on a grenade to save his comrades bigbrother05 Jul 2018 #39
Kamala Harris called on Franken to resign, as did Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Bernie Sanders oberliner Jul 2018 #50
Ok, ok. We get the idea from your many posts. You have it in for Harris. brush Jul 2018 #153
When are we ever going to learn that eating our own is a huge minus -- for us and KPN Jul 2018 #74
I'm still stunned Harker Jul 2018 #37
Come back Al!! zentrum Jul 2018 #46
i hope he runs again samnsara Jul 2018 #49
I am still angry and very sad about what happened to Al. pazzyanne Jul 2018 #52
One of our strongest voices.. silenced by our own. mountain grammy Jul 2018 #53
I saw him interviewed yesterday on WCCO. MineralMan Jul 2018 #55
Well said! KPN Jul 2018 #77
Thank you. MineralMan Jul 2018 #106
The irony of the anti-Gillibrand rants in these threads is always entertaining... brooklynite Jul 2018 #64
If 2016 was any indication... yallerdawg Jul 2018 #69
The irony is that she is not a senator that I vote for. pazzyanne Jul 2018 #73
But nobody venting at her here will claim she doesn't deserve to be re-elected to the Senate... brooklynite Jul 2018 #76
I think my post explains my position. She is not my senator, Al was! pazzyanne Jul 2018 #79
No, we won't. It is not our decision who the people of New York MineralMan Jul 2018 #122
Wrong! She put self-interest over principle first, and any partisan advantage she may KPN Jul 2018 #82
So, you're saying that an unprincipled person like this SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be re-elected? brooklynite Jul 2018 #110
I'm saying I won't vote for her in a primary if she does run in 2020 -- and, as I'm in a deeply KPN Jul 2018 #129
Ahhh...you do realize most of the posters here critical of Gillebrand... brush Jul 2018 #86
One does not have to be a constituent to have an opinion on who should get elected... brooklynite Jul 2018 #107
OK, mine is she was a big reason we lost a strong Dem senator... brush Jul 2018 #117
I could care less what you think about the 2020 Presidential Election... brooklynite Jul 2018 #125
I just told you. It's about keeping our Dem numbers in the Senate. brush Jul 2018 #142
The thing is that she isn't a Senator from my state. MineralMan Jul 2018 #113
So, you won't be voting for Klobuchar this Fall? brooklynite Jul 2018 #149
I will be voting for her. She will be the Democrat on the ballot. MineralMan Jul 2018 #157
Why Kirsten gets a lot of heat cubbies01 Jul 2018 #70
Provide proof please Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #78
Give me a break cubbies01 Jul 2018 #140
Thanks for admitting you don't have any proof Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #143
I did no such thing cubbies01 Jul 2018 #159
+100! KPN Jul 2018 #87
Al and his family were very firm that he was not going to run for President wishstar Jul 2018 #93
Don't confuse them with facts. Trumpocalypse Jul 2018 #104
She had just introduced an anti-sexual harrassment bill in Congress oberliner Jul 2018 #126
Poetic justice that Gillibrand's presidential dreams are cooked. BannonsLiver Jul 2018 #130
She miscalculated, to her detriment. MineralMan Jul 2018 #133
100% cubbies01 Jul 2018 #141
Yes. It's a valid question of her judgment. Demit Jul 2018 #156
What I found especially craven about Gillibrand sacrificing Al to her ambitions dflprincess Jul 2018 #195
Yeah, I wish Al was still there, too. PatrickforO Jul 2018 #85
He should still be there karin_sj Jul 2018 #90
Meanwhile Gym Jordan is still in office SHRED Jul 2018 #105
He is a good man, and a great human being. Nitram Jul 2018 #119
This message was self-deleted by its author BannonsLiver Jul 2018 #127
President janterry Jul 2018 #139
What Gillibrand did to Sen. Franken reminds me of... drbtg1 Jul 2018 #151
She led the charge, but so many (too many) followed RVN VET71 Jul 2018 #185
Yes, Sanders and Warren were eventually among those calling for his resignation SFnomad Jul 2018 #187
Others followed Lieberman too, just like Gillibrand, but I don't see the others... drbtg1 Aug 2018 #196
Come back Al! workinclasszero Jul 2018 #160
Whelp cubbies01 Jul 2018 #163
Post removed Post removed Jul 2018 #168
Senator Al was one of the best things to happen in America librechik Jul 2018 #169
he should not have resigned. barbtries Jul 2018 #172
Post removed Post removed Jul 2018 #175
He should run again. Let the voters decide if they think his comedy photo on the plane Vinca Jul 2018 #176
We miss him, too. The Senate needs him. Maybe he can run again. May have to get a new leader in the Honeycombe8 Jul 2018 #178
Don't call it a comeback! Marcuse Jul 2018 #186
And, we're missing this guy because ROGER F*ING STONE decided we had to be rid of him? ProfessorPlum Jul 2018 #191
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