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13. There are more than 4,000 American families
Tue Jul 31, 2018, 12:16 PM
Jul 2018

whose Thanksgiving dinner tables would still be fully seated. Instead, every single one of those families faces an empty chair. Forever.

War dead from the Iraq War that NEVER would have happened.

One of the last things the Clinton administration did for bush/cheney was to advise them about how critical an issue terrorism was going to be. And they turned up their noses at those urgings. Because - eeuwww! Democrats! They’re the OUTGOING. Who needs to listen to THEM anymore? And besides, Sore Loserman. Sucks to be them. Or as cheney himself had the gall to say, “the adults are back in charge.”

And those “adults” left wreckage, ruin, sky-high unemployment, a devastating recession, an increase in poverty, screwed-over workers, war crimes, and a destabilized Middle East behind as they were walking out the door (unpunished and NEVER having been held to account for the damage they did).

and donnie would call him stupid for having done so. unblock Jul 2018 #1
given where we are now, cab67 Jul 2018 #15
It is REALLY hard for a leopard to change it's spots. n/t Stonepounder Jul 2018 #16
Would we really be better off if gore won and was then impeached for electoral shenanigans? unblock Jul 2018 #20
I doubt he'd have been impeached. cab67 Jul 2018 #21
Always hard to speculate. My guess though, is unblock Jul 2018 #23
White wingers would just laugh at his integrity. Of course, bush's prep book was mostly blank with Hoyt Jul 2018 #2
Would? Did. It was "playing hardball" when they stole and used Carter's JHB Jul 2018 #6
But but but. Both sides are the same! Roland99 Jul 2018 #3
Emphasis: IMMEDIATELY no_hypocrisy Jul 2018 #4
and, the Bush material probably didn't matter that much NewJeffCT Jul 2018 #11
Democrats care about America. Republicans care about republicans. spanone Jul 2018 #5
+1 ffr Jul 2018 #8
Why would Trump Jr have contacted the FBI?! jaxind Jul 2018 #7
Al was an honorable, decent, smart man karin_sj Jul 2018 #9
Me, too. Harker Jul 2018 #10
There are more than 4,000 American families calimary Jul 2018 #13
& when CARTER's material was sent to RAYGUN, George WILL kept it & used it!1 UTUSN Jul 2018 #12
It was probably a setup by the Bush campaign, anyway. C Moon Jul 2018 #14
Thanks for a reminder of my political awakening. saidsimplesimon Jul 2018 #17
is there any chance keepleft101 Jul 2018 #18
saw this Petition to get Al Gore to run in 2020 keepleft101 Jul 2018 #19
And I'm sure he didn't exclaim, "I love it!" George II Jul 2018 #22
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