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Fri Aug 3, 2018, 03:31 PM Aug 2018

A sold-out house for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in San Francisco proves... [View all]

This is an interesting article, I am going to post snippets from it.
The entire article can be found here https://www.salon.com/2018/08/02/a-sold-out-house-for-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-in-san-francisco-proves-shes-touched-a-national-nerve/

A sold-out house for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in San Francisco proves she’s touched a national nerve
Whether or not you call her “radical,” her popularity shows how millennial politics are now everyone’s politics

Since Millennials have graduated college, these issues that Ocasio-Cortez champions — student loan debt, unlivable salaries, no access to healthcare—have been at the forefront for Millennials, meaning those those born between 1981 and 1996, according to Pew Research Center. In 2016, the average income for someone who was 29 was reportedly around $35,000 in the United States. According to the Federal Reserve, the amount of student debt owed by Americans has more than tripled from 2001 to 2016, accumulating to more than $1.3 trillion. And in 2015, 24 million American between the ages of 18 to 34 reported to have lived under their parents’ roof.

Millennial politicians are the future of America, and Ocasio-Cortez's popularity is an indication of what they very well may look like. According to Pew Research Center, there is a wide generational divide in partisanship among Millennials. Despite the adage that people get more conservative as they age, the Millennial generation has only tilted more to the left as they’ve come of age.

Many Millennials are not buying real estate, saving for retirement, getting married or having kids — and it is not because they are lazy or narcissistic or can’t grow up, but because the government and economy has failed them. Millennials came of age in an era of outrageous income inequality, staggering student debt, static wages, and a decaying social safety net unable to catch them. Millennial gripes have often been dismissed by older generations and entitled conservatives who mock our generation as punchlines — but in truth, a quarter of Americans are millennials, while these struggles extend far beyond the bounds of those born in that aforementioned 15-year span.

“I’m very excited about this very young woman who was able to win in the Bronx, she’s part of this wave of progressive young people,” Brigid Acuña, of Albany, Calif., told Salon at the event. “She’s young, she’s really cool... I have a 13-year-old and I’m from a bicultural family and it’s really inspiring, she’s very articulate and very passionate.”

Article continues at link.

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I don't know what it proves gratuitous Aug 2018 #1
Rallies are ok if there is vote registration done and the attendees... brush Aug 2018 #6
I agree with Brush and Gratuitous! lagomorph777 Aug 2018 #20
There's nothing sexy about door-to-door canvassing and phone banking... bearsfootball516 Aug 2018 #55
I'll sign on to that! SkyDancer Aug 2018 #7
the kids from MSD High School are going to those places Beaverhausen Aug 2018 #26
She covered 2 cities in Kansas MuseRider Aug 2018 #34
I don't know that anything needs to be proven. Texin Aug 2018 #47
A "SAFE D" district in SF likes a candidate from a "SAFE D" district in NYC... brooklynite Aug 2018 #2
It proves Jack shit ismnotwasm Aug 2018 #3
"That woman" SkyDancer Aug 2018 #5
Is she not a woman? EffieBlack Aug 2018 #9
The use can be interpreted dismissively, such as referring to theaocp Aug 2018 #11
You mean like "I'm very excited about this very young woman ..."? EffieBlack Aug 2018 #24
No, it's not on me. theaocp Aug 2018 #45
It's absolutely meant to be dismissive melman Aug 2018 #31
You. ismnotwasm Aug 2018 #38
Not explaining melman Aug 2018 #77
You are a hater now when you don't write out her full name? sheshe2 Aug 2018 #72
Full name? melman Aug 2018 #76
Here sheshe2 Aug 2018 #78
Aaaah... sheshe2 Aug 2018 #15
Last week you were supposed to call her "woman" sarah FAILIN Aug 2018 #23
Seems to me the OP sheshe2 Aug 2018 #29
I thought it was a combination of both words sarah FAILIN Aug 2018 #36
It's actually my normal speech syntax ismnotwasm Aug 2018 #44
An admirer is quoted in the article in the OP calling her a "woman" but I guess that's ok EffieBlack Aug 2018 #48
I don't have a problem with what you said. sarah FAILIN Aug 2018 #49
Citing a sitcom from 1966? SkyDancer Aug 2018 #66
My aren't we fiesty. ismnotwasm Aug 2018 #74
Love ya, ism. sheshe2 Aug 2018 #81
Sorry SkyDancer Aug 2018 #83
Really? sheshe2 Aug 2018 #80
Oh for sure SkyDancer Aug 2018 #85
Wow such anger toward a rising star in our party. Voltaire2 Aug 2018 #16
Yeah it's pretty gross isn't it? melman Aug 2018 #32
Very. InAbLuEsTaTe Aug 2018 #52
Well, she hasn't been elected yet (not that I doubt that she will be) LisaM Aug 2018 #42
Exactly! justie18 Aug 2018 #51
Some fun with numbers Retrograde Aug 2018 #71
And don't forget she teamed up with Bernie in KS to promote a male candidate over Thekaspervote Aug 2018 #79
I think it is very common when folks take secondwind Aug 2018 #22
The person has a sold out event, attended by that person's supporters, and what it proves is that still_one Aug 2018 #70
I mean good for her qazplm135 Aug 2018 #4
An 800 seat sell-out crowd for a Democrat in San Francisco DFW Aug 2018 #13
Packed the house in Kansas - though it was with Bernie. nt Lucky Luciano Aug 2018 #41
Yes, that was given enough publicity DFW Aug 2018 #62
She hasn't even won her seat. sheshe2 Aug 2018 #82
Not sure how a sold out house in San Francisco shows anyone has "touched a national nerve" EffieBlack Aug 2018 #8
It's hype, and I suspect it's meant to further divide us. n/t Tarheel_Dem Aug 2018 #10
Also, be careful what you wish for, very careful. Eliot Rosewater Aug 2018 #33
AOC is on a fundraising tour. lapucelle Aug 2018 #39
It's because it's from salon.com, and the people there are idiots. hughee99 Aug 2018 #60
While I do believe her politics are the Democratic Party's future wonkwest Aug 2018 #12
Democratic Party politics evolve and will continue to evolve. brush Aug 2018 #19
It will be interesting to see what coalitions she forms wonkwest Aug 2018 #25
It is what you can get passed that is important...however, you will never get anything passed that JCanete Aug 2018 #37
And sheshe2 Aug 2018 #57
Of course not. But then you and I would differ on what kind of candidates should get the JCanete Aug 2018 #64
The actual bottom line is to get out the votes. That's the way things work. brush Aug 2018 #59
Yes, get them out in the primary and then get them out in the GE, but clearly, the primary matters. JCanete Aug 2018 #63
Door to door canvassing SkyDancer Aug 2018 #86
I doubt she'd have a sold-out house in Wisconsin, or Florida, or Ohio, or Pennsylvania... VOX Aug 2018 #14
Shes been all over the Midwest campaigning for Voltaire2 Aug 2018 #18
"All over"? Google specifies Kansas and Michigan. VOX Aug 2018 #35
Michigan is a very important state for Democrats oberliner Aug 2018 #73
How about Michigan? oberliner Aug 2018 #21
She would. joshcryer Aug 2018 #54
Great to see! Bravo Ms.Ocasio-Cortez. jalan48 Aug 2018 #17
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2018 #27
bullshit still_one Aug 2018 #28
What is "bullshit" exactly? SkyDancer Aug 2018 #67
It means that a person having a sold-old event, that is attended by that person's supporters is no still_one Aug 2018 #69
Bring on the Ivory Towers! Sanders-Ocasio-Cortez 2020!! PubliusEnigma Aug 2018 #30
Sorry. sheshe2 Aug 2018 #65
If rallies translated to votes.... Adrahil Aug 2018 #40
Good for her! chwaliszewski Aug 2018 #43
Welcome to DU... SidDithers Aug 2018 #46
proves nothing itsrobert Aug 2018 #50
Exactly. I'd be stunned if she didn't have a full house.. DonViejo Aug 2018 #56
She'll be in Alabama next week awesomerwb1 Aug 2018 #53
This is an excellent article. Uncle Joe Aug 2018 #58
Ocasio-Cortez represents a breath of fresh air and I wish her continued success! K & R! Devil Child Aug 2018 #61
This message was self-deleted by its author nini Aug 2018 #68
She should be working NY-14 IMO struggle4progress Aug 2018 #75
Young people are looking for their own heroes. Let them promote their heroes. UCmeNdc Aug 2018 #84
That she took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and can't find the Bronx. RandySF Aug 2018 #87
She will win the seat and it won't be close oberliner Aug 2018 #88
And let's see what happens in the 2020 primary if she keeps up her schedule. RandySF Aug 2018 #89
No matter what happens in the 2020 primary, that seat is not going to a Republican oberliner Aug 2018 #90
Right, and I'm not talking about Republicans. RandySF Aug 2018 #91
Well, she's already won the Democratic primary for 2018 oberliner Aug 2018 #92
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