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Wed Aug 8, 2018, 07:50 PM Aug 2018

I had understood, perhaps incorrectly, that there was more or less a consensus here that [View all]

this coming mid-term election was so important --- so crucial --- that we were willing to support ALL Democrats, even those with whom we have strong differences. Yet --- for example --- some are teeing off on Democrats who DO support Nancy for Speaker and others are criticizing Democrats who DON'T.

Now, before someone turns this into "how dare you presume to tell us who we should support", please, put a cork in that bullshit. It is your right to support or criticize anyone you choose to. I am just echoing what others have recently posted: please, just for the next 90 days, suck it up; bite your tongue; let it ride. Do not give aid and comfort to the enemy. Choose to support a candidate you view as flawed over one who will actively support the most incompetent, corrupt and dangerous man ever to reside in the White House.

Just a suggestion.

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Everyone has to be a yellow dog 🐕 in November. Funtatlaguy Aug 2018 #1
Well said. nt Atticus Aug 2018 #3
Well, I don't think your post is. If you don't want Hortensis Aug 2018 #25
I am sorry you think the OP inappropriate because I do respect your opinion. But, what Atticus Aug 2018 #32
Thank you Atticus Haggis for Breakfast Aug 2018 #39
This is exactly how they win. forgotmylogin Aug 2018 #24
In the primary, fall in love. In the general, fall in line. Funtatlaguy Aug 2018 #27
Yellow dog here. ooky Aug 2018 #34
Arf, arf. lark Aug 2018 #57
All aboard the Yellow Dog Railroad . . . Tactical Peek Aug 2018 #55
I am an Independent. bullsnarfle Aug 2018 #59
+1 ck4829 Aug 2018 #99
Sadly this will go unheeded is my guess. mythology Aug 2018 #2
It's all about purity, baby! ProudLib72 Aug 2018 #4
I don't think there is one I don't support. NCTraveler Aug 2018 #5
Exactly... Don't tell me I can't criticize, even if my support is complete at the ballot box. hlthe2b Aug 2018 #7
Couldn't find a cork, eh? nt Atticus Aug 2018 #9
Don't be rude. Dems support their candidates but they don't do so as blind sycophants. hlthe2b Aug 2018 #11
Lemme see if I have this right--- I "suggested" that you "choose" to support all Democrats in this Atticus Aug 2018 #13
You tell everyone here you disagree with to "put a cork in it" Really? hlthe2b Aug 2018 #14
Atticus just wanted to make sure his point would be understood. Obviously it wasn't. Nitram Aug 2018 #68
What you said. Magoo48 Aug 2018 #82
I think that the point is Curmudgeoness Aug 2018 #84
I wouldn't consider holding certain criticism. NCTraveler Aug 2018 #85
Thank you. Lots of posters here trying to stir up division on a daily basis. blue neen Aug 2018 #6
+1 Kaleva Aug 2018 #8
True that! WinstonSmith4740 Aug 2018 #19
Judging by post count SCVDem Aug 2018 #45
I know what you mean. WinstonSmith4740 Aug 2018 #52
Good points... IthinkThereforeIAM Aug 2018 #61
That's nice Sherman A1 Aug 2018 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Squinch Aug 2018 #12
Unity Is Critical LandOfHopeAndDreams Aug 2018 #15
I am a Yellow Dog Liberal Democrat. Lady Freedom Returns Aug 2018 #16
Agreed 100% SemiHalfling Aug 2018 #18
. emmadoggy Aug 2018 #20
Me too. geardaddy Aug 2018 #75
Discussion is good. Voicing an opinion is good. Declaring s/he won't vote for a Democrat-not good. Honeycombe8 Aug 2018 #17
Have We Learned NOTHING From the Susan Sarandon Turncoats in 2016? DoctorJoJo Aug 2018 #21
Vote Blue! djacq Aug 2018 #22
I agree, but.... Adrahil Aug 2018 #23
Um, If Nancy Pelosi is in position to be Speaker, then a Republican would not be eligible. blue neen Aug 2018 #29
Not true. brer cat Aug 2018 #50
That's not the way it works.... Adrahil Aug 2018 #56
+1 2naSalit Aug 2018 #98
Atticus: SCantiGOP Aug 2018 #26
Beware of trollsters seeking to 2naSalit Aug 2018 #28
Exactly. How do we know these "opinions" aren't trolls? Auggie Aug 2018 #31
I just watch how I interact 2naSalit Aug 2018 #33
Just because someone does not agree The Liberal Lion Aug 2018 #78
Recommended Hekate Aug 2018 #30
I thought DU policy was to support Dems before elections. McCamy Taylor Aug 2018 #35
Agree completely. DU please label,warn us not to click on, support these anti Dem Nominee threads stuffmatters Aug 2018 #88
So how do we respond to Democratic politicians who are attacking other Democrats? n/t pnwmom Aug 2018 #36
Thank you EffieBlack Aug 2018 #58
The OP contained no ""instructions". I referenced Pelosi only because those criticisms were the Atticus Aug 2018 #64
Attacking Democratic candidates as "obeying orders from Pelosi" is a GOP strategy right now. Nitram Aug 2018 #69
I think it depends on why they are "attacking" other dems hueymahl Aug 2018 #62
The problem with "taking away a GOP talking point" is that it's a myth EffieBlack Aug 2018 #70
I'm not sure I agree with that. hueymahl Aug 2018 #73
Can you name a recent anti-Democratic GOP talking point that Dems diffused by adopting it ourselves? EffieBlack Aug 2018 #83
With your vote, maybe? Act_of_Reparation Aug 2018 #65
I will NOT stop exposing and calling out those who have a goal of hurting my party ... nini Aug 2018 #37
If you are "exposing" the Dem nominee going into the General, you're hurting my party stuffmatters Aug 2018 #86
I always support Democrats nini Aug 2018 #93
If they won the Democratic nomination fair & square, they are OUR candidates not "fake instigators" stuffmatters Aug 2018 #96
you are missing my entire point nini Aug 2018 #97
AGREE 100% with you Perseus Aug 2018 #38
Thank you and well said. obnoxiousdrunk Aug 2018 #40
Hear hear! defacto7 Aug 2018 #41
KR NT ProudProgressiveNow Aug 2018 #42
We can bicker after we win. marble falls Aug 2018 #43
Unfortunately, primaries come before the general. Act_of_Reparation Aug 2018 #66
One election at a time. We can do it. marble falls Aug 2018 #71
Whatever happens between us internally probably won't affect the GE significantly. Act_of_Reparation Aug 2018 #79
Every vote counts and every group of voters count. The energy is what will make the Blue Wave ... marble falls Aug 2018 #80
Not disputing that. Act_of_Reparation Aug 2018 #81
no problem here heaven05 Aug 2018 #44
I'd vote for someone who supports me 50% over someone who fights me 100%. n/t Beartracks Aug 2018 #46
I would prefer a Unicorn. gibraltar72 Aug 2018 #47
K&R! orangecrush Aug 2018 #48
The worst day fishing SCVDem Aug 2018 #49
That's reasonable njhoneybadger Aug 2018 #51
Republicans are our enemies. They MUST be defeated. dalton99a Aug 2018 #53
Really like this. hueymahl Aug 2018 #63
"We must hang together or we will most assuredly hang separately" oasis Aug 2018 #54
I'm with you. Iggo Aug 2018 #60
Hear, hear! Nitram Aug 2018 #67
We definitely need to vote and vote Dem ut oh Aug 2018 #72
You know, there are a few on this site who nitpick. PatrickforO Aug 2018 #74
Nothing written here matters zipplewrath Aug 2018 #76
I was going to put a "cork in it" The Liberal Lion Aug 2018 #77
Vote like your life depends on it! Heartstrings Aug 2018 #87
you're conflating Primaries with Elections..... druidity33 Aug 2018 #89
Obviously, you will believe what you choose to believe and interpret my post as doing Atticus Aug 2018 #94
Every vote should be crucial. Every election should be crucial. Discussion and debate, also... Caliman73 Aug 2018 #90
What side are they on? DownriverDem Aug 2018 #91
Unity of purpose Olafjoy Aug 2018 #92
The irony is that 99% of the rancor on DU is at its heart caused by someone who is not even a member GulfCoast66 Aug 2018 #95
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