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Response to Equinox Moon (Original post)

I share your confusion caraher Aug 2018 #1
Some people think they are above the rules vlyons Aug 2018 #43
Trolls are crawling out from under the bridges now, spouting mythology. lagomorph777 Aug 2018 #126
comment and criticize are not automatically bashing nt msongs Aug 2018 #2
Why even go there? We are fighting for our democracy. Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #4
Well, she's not the *right kind* of Democrat for some people around here. nt scarletwoman Aug 2018 #3
Dingdingding Glamrock Aug 2018 #7
Say more Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #12
Here's one thread: Glamrock Aug 2018 #16
Thanks for the links Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #21
True Glamrock Aug 2018 #22
Just the whiff of "sexual" and "abuse" will turn voters off. Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #25
But IOKIYAR Beartracks Aug 2018 #28
Do people really know what this stands for? "IOKIYAR" Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #29
But that's why I spelled it out in the body of my post. Beartracks Aug 2018 #32
Oh, I see it now. Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #33
We need a Decoder Ring smilie. Beartracks Aug 2018 #35
Thank you! Rhiannon12866 Aug 2018 #42
Love how Sharice Davids was supported here. sheshe2 Aug 2018 #39
How did she get dragged into this. Glamrock Aug 2018 #40
Yes, he can "drag" the "Muslim Dem" into Cha Aug 2018 #41
The joy (maybe) of being gone for as bit rpannier Aug 2018 #45
No shit, but dont you dare bring it up, it could ruin an otherwise complete batch Eliot Rosewater Aug 2018 #134
We are a big tent. Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #8
Isn't that what she also says?? Not all Democrats are the same. R B Garr Aug 2018 #9
That's hardly an earthshaking statement. scarletwoman Aug 2018 #30
Ah, I must have missed the part where her ideas R B Garr Aug 2018 #36
I will criticize her for that Madam Mossfern Aug 2018 #78
She should, she should ..... - god I hate that phrase womanofthehills Aug 2018 #124
This is about the general election Madam Mossfern Aug 2018 #141
There have been annoying ones by others rpannier Aug 2018 #44
That about covers it Bettie Aug 2018 #77
word. KG Aug 2018 #123
! Voltaire2 Aug 2018 #149
Too often here it just goes back to the 2016 primary Bradshaw3 Aug 2018 #5
You hit it right on the head Bradshaw Power 2 the People Aug 2018 #138
Thanks. That last line is what we all need Bradshaw3 Aug 2018 #140
Repugnantscum rat fucking. Onyrleft Aug 2018 #6
All you have are Ugly Insults. Cha Aug 2018 #15
Speaking of "hogwash".. your post Cha Aug 2018 #49
Whoa...Cha Taking No Prisioners Me. Aug 2018 #153
.. Cha Aug 2018 #157
... Me. Aug 2018 #159
... betsuni Aug 2018 #55
lol Cha Aug 2018 #150
'Rat fucking'? kstewart33 Aug 2018 #81
Now you're getting it, THAT post is ..well I am not allowed to say, but you know Eliot Rosewater Aug 2018 #136
cool story bro ! stonecutter357 Aug 2018 #94
Isn't it just the coolest? Cha Aug 2018 #151
Hi Cha I hope all is well with you . stonecutter357 Aug 2018 #154
Mahalo, stonecutter! Cha Aug 2018 #158
There is criticism and there is bashing. All I've seen is criticism. I've criticized her... George II Aug 2018 #100
Her opinions and that of Sanders with whom she travels the county question everything Aug 2018 #10
The question is, this is DU and we support Democrats Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #14
But you ask why so many here question her opinions question everything Aug 2018 #19
Fair enough. Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #27
Oh, so if the GOP is using her to bias voters against KPN Aug 2018 #34
First, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters have decades of legislative experience.... George II Aug 2018 #121
That's a pretty broad statement. It doesnt KPN Aug 2018 #130
In response to a respectful answer to a simple question from Jake Tapper: George II Aug 2018 #135
I dunno. I think given Bernie's performance in those States, she and perhaps you are KPN Aug 2018 #144
I'm confused why she bashes her own party nini Aug 2018 #11
Yes, it's very confusing. nt R B Garr Aug 2018 #13
You are not being helpful Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #17
But she doesnt have to? nini Aug 2018 #18
Email, tweet or call her with your comments. Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #20
Exactly. Cha Aug 2018 #23
Lots of Democrats talk about how to improve the party oberliner Aug 2018 #57
hear! hear!!! Adrahil Aug 2018 #118
I'm not. To openly discuss why is dangerous to do, however. Eliot Rosewater Aug 2018 #137
I've seen nothing here that indicates radical noodle Aug 2018 #24
Hasn't quite reached Gabbard and Gillibrand levels oberliner Aug 2018 #58
Who goes out if there way create threads bashing Gillibrand ? CentralMass Aug 2018 #82
+1 Proud Liberal Dem Aug 2018 #125
Post removed Post removed Aug 2018 #26
Interesting. I hope the electorate is more enlightened than 12 years ago. Beartracks Aug 2018 #31
Is this for real? Nominated too many females? oberliner Aug 2018 #59
I second that. PatrickforO Aug 2018 #37
Post removed Post removed Aug 2018 #38
Apparently it's ok to bash some Democrats Lunabell Aug 2018 #46
Tell that to Bernie dansolo Aug 2018 #56
I was talking about Democrats. Lunabell Aug 2018 #93
Kirsten Gillibrand oberliner Aug 2018 #60
You don't see any adhoc attacks on her or any other of the insider candidates here. CentralMass Aug 2018 #76
... betsuni Aug 2018 #79
You don't see any adhoc attacks on Gillibrand? oberliner Aug 2018 #80
Perhaps I stated that wrong. People aren't posting negative stories here about these insiders. CentralMass Aug 2018 #86
She is criticized for her her actions over Franken, that's all. Autumn Aug 2018 #107
... NurseJackie Aug 2018 #109
Cortez criticized Gilibrand too. She wasn't piled upon. George II Aug 2018 #116
There have been regular negative Cortez posts here. CentralMass Aug 2018 #131
Her first election for her first office. Cut her some slack. Remember your own early career moves. Midnight Writer Aug 2018 #47
Rookie indeed. She's neglecting her own campaign. I won't be surprised if she loses. NurseJackie Aug 2018 #91
Everyone knows who she is now - most people have never heard of Pappas womanofthehills Aug 2018 #129
Yes this is Democratic Candidate bashing. Why is it tolerated now? UCmeNdc Aug 2018 #48
Others have put it better but there is a concern that her shooting from the lip is giving ammo to OnDoutside Aug 2018 #50
Abolishing ICE was literally one of the planks of her primary campaign oberliner Aug 2018 #64
Because it's not going to happen, and something that is not going happen is being used to beat OnDoutside Aug 2018 #98
People used to say that about gay marriage oberliner Aug 2018 #101
All before November ? Wow. OnDoutside Aug 2018 #113
Ocasio-Cortez ran and won on this issue oberliner Aug 2018 #114
And Republicans are already hitting the Democratic Party on it, using her words. Not that she will OnDoutside Aug 2018 #115
Republicans will always find some crap to hit Democrats on oberliner Aug 2018 #117
Democratic Socialist values perhaps, not the Democratic Party, but they get tarred with the same OnDoutside Aug 2018 #120
The bashing is SkyDancer Aug 2018 #51
I'm even more confused about AOC running from one end of the country to the other, bashing.... Tarheel_Dem Aug 2018 #52
This. Squinch Aug 2018 #53
Except that was the whole point of her Democratic primary candidacy in the first place oberliner Aug 2018 #62
Edited. Nevermind. Not helping your ceaseless efforts to divide. Squinch Aug 2018 #66
The logic of criticizing someone who beat an incumbent Democrat in a primary for helping others oberliner Aug 2018 #70
+1000 stonecutter357 Aug 2018 #95
"bashing.... good incumbents." ----- Yes. This. Exactly. NurseJackie Aug 2018 #54
She ran against a good incumbent and defeated him in the primary oberliner Aug 2018 #63
What's difficult to believe is that you missed the part R B Garr Aug 2018 #132
Crowley is not running oberliner Aug 2018 #143
The Bronx is not like Kansas. nt R B Garr Aug 2018 #145
She challenged a long-standing Democratic Party incumbent in a primary and won oberliner Aug 2018 #61
This is catnip to you, isn't it? Squinch Aug 2018 #67
I admire her greatly oberliner Aug 2018 #68
Bla bla bla, divide, divide. Squinch Aug 2018 #69
She's a Democrat. She's great. I admire her. I support her. oberliner Aug 2018 #71
I'll grant you this: you have been very successful at your objective. Squinch Aug 2018 #72
To add to this.... MuseRider Aug 2018 #108
Yes, and I also remember Bernie campaigning for Hillary in the general oberliner Aug 2018 #111
Be careful Oberliner. You're not allowed to point out good things Bernie has done supporting Dems Power 2 the People Aug 2018 #139
Too bad she fucked up on Lacy Clay RhodeIslandOne Aug 2018 #133
Post removed Post removed Aug 2018 #65
The Hillary bashing was confusing too treestar Aug 2018 #73
+1 betsuni Aug 2018 #87
I have no problem with strong democrats running for office. avebury Aug 2018 #74
Some of the people now attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used to attack Hillary Kaleva Aug 2018 #75
Nobody is doing that. NurseJackie Aug 2018 #84
What would you call a post that calls a Democrat candidate "unhinged"? Kaleva Aug 2018 #104
I don't get that sense. I would say it is just the opposite. CentralMass Aug 2018 #90
Read the archived threads from early 2008. Kaleva Aug 2018 #102
Democrats and the Democratic Party are bashed here on a daily basis mcar Aug 2018 #83
Amusing and sad... NurseJackie Aug 2018 #88
We should be focused on defeating the GOP mcar Aug 2018 #92
+1 betsuni Aug 2018 #96
+1 betsuni Aug 2018 #89
Yeah, the double standard is Glaring.. Glad Cha Aug 2018 #148
To do list for your Ignore list. nt Snotcicles Aug 2018 #85
Not seeing what is happening, I don't believe is helpful. Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #112
Perhaps it's because within days of the June Primary.... George II Aug 2018 #97
Post removed Post removed Aug 2018 #99
The thread you are speaking of... nycbos Aug 2018 #103
+1 betsuni Aug 2018 #105
Except that OP goes way beyond fact-checking berni_mccoy Aug 2018 #106
I don't see her as the big deal some do, and certainly not worth the energy of posting about nonstop DFW Aug 2018 #110
Let's see what she does in Congress. Adrahil Aug 2018 #119
I was souring on her, but I caught her on Chris Cuomo's show ecstatic Aug 2018 #122
She's friends with Bernie, isn't she? elleng Aug 2018 #127
she is a democrat who won primary. AlexSFCA Aug 2018 #128
I'm just gonna say, "I'm not" and leave it at that. shanny Aug 2018 #142
Lots of popular Democrats get bashed here. Saboburns Aug 2018 #146
I agree with you. Equinox Moon Aug 2018 #147
Some people think she is too "uppity"... aikoaiko Aug 2018 #152
I'm confused about only one thing: the basis for your confusion. Jim Lane Aug 2018 #155
At this point if they are a general election candidate, criticism should be completely off-limits. Tiggeroshii Aug 2018 #156
I'm confused by the fact that ANY fallout87 Aug 2018 #160
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