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29. August 21, 2018 5:21 pm Michael Cohen pleads guilty, says ...
Tue Aug 21, 2018, 05:36 PM
Aug 2018

August 21, 2018 1:28 pm Updated: August 21, 2018 5:21 pm

Michael Cohen pleads guilty, says Trump ordered payments with ‘purpose of influencing election’
August 21, 2018....I love you. Will you marry me? Tommy_Carcetti Aug 2018 #1
+1 fleur-de-lisa Aug 2018 #4
Enjoy your wedding day!!!! SallyHemmings Aug 2018 #9
One down side - today Michael Flynn's sentencing was postponed. I wanted the TRIFECTA! George II Aug 2018 #22
Omarosa is releasing another tape on Tweety's hour tonight. Grammy23 Aug 2018 #23
I've been canvassing MSM online re manafort/cohen... didn't read anything about flynn's RestoreAmerica2020 Aug 2018 #45
Yes, it was on CNN around noon. It was at Mueller's request. I think he anticipated... George II Aug 2018 #46
Thanks, missed it somehow... RestoreAmerica2020 Aug 2018 #49
Mueller's day of legal shock and awe. And Shitler has another Nazi gathering tonight...karma. Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #50
Rudy said he wanted this wrapped up by September 1. That just might happen! George II Aug 2018 #51
Duncan Hunter mgardener Aug 2018 #66
That sick and twisted, but I love it. ffr Aug 2018 #27
I'm saving myself volstork Aug 2018 #33
LOL. Me, too! Can this be a group marriage? pnwmom Aug 2018 #36
Me too! Me too! Totally Tunsie Aug 2018 #52
👰🤵👰🤵👰🤵👰🤵👰, etc. sprinkleeninow Aug 2018 #53
Wow, man! Groovy! A communal wedding! Congratulations to US! Honeycombe8 Aug 2018 #64
Hawaii becomes a state August 21, 1959! Cha Aug 2018 #72
LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP! lapfog_1 Aug 2018 #2
hold on SCantiGOP Aug 2018 #57
LOL!!!! Thirties Child Aug 2018 #60
FAKE NEWS scarytomcat Aug 2018 #61
LOL! fleur-de-lisa Aug 2018 #3
Bloomberg reporting that Cohen admitted acting to influence an election Awsi Dooger Aug 2018 #5
There are two possibilities (45 & Pence) but he was not Pence's lawyer. LonePirate Aug 2018 #13
Yes, he is on tape discussing it w Minority President and no tape with Pence. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2018 #42
kicking for the love blogslut Aug 2018 #6
Looks like the campaign bus just backed over the candidate C_U_L8R Aug 2018 #7
Woo f*cking hoo! This day keeps getting better and better. Mrs. Overall Aug 2018 #8
+1000 Old Vet Aug 2018 #10
Holy shite! mcar Aug 2018 #11
Avenatti is the happiest man on earth. He is out for blood. nolabear Aug 2018 #12
RED HATTER RESPONSE: "Clinton Directed Cohen To Violate Campaign Law !!!" uponit7771 Aug 2018 #14
Are they going to spin this and say Hillary made him do it? Mrs. Overall Aug 2018 #15
Kick dalton99a Aug 2018 #16
he's worked on so many campaigns... qazplm135 Aug 2018 #17
EXACTLY! Duppers Aug 2018 #20
He may finally start to drink. Mira Aug 2018 #21
Bet he just doubles up on his pharmaceuticals Duppers Aug 2018 #26
I don't think you can take enough! Ha! nt SWBTATTReg Aug 2018 #30
Can you say "co-conspirator"? Because the BBC report just did (nt) muriel_volestrangler Aug 2018 #18
The two payments were for 150K and 130K...exact amounts paid to two certain women...to Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #67
Trump, unindicted co-conspirator???? workinclasszero Aug 2018 #19
Well, he was the Fixer AllyCat Aug 2018 #62
Yeah I think his crime boss workinclasszero Aug 2018 #65
Lock Trump up! Johnny2X2X Aug 2018 #24
Hint. tЯump knows now that the prosecution has Cohen's testimony to that fact. ffr Aug 2018 #25
It would not be safe to walk the streets tonight if this was about a D prez. Eliot Rosewater Aug 2018 #28
Sadly, you're probably right...nt SWBTATTReg Aug 2018 #34
Cons simply wouldn't tolerate a dem doing ONE of the THOUSANDS of crimes Eliot Rosewater Aug 2018 #35
Really. And they accused HRC and Obama of all kinds of crap, and not one crime ... SWBTATTReg Aug 2018 #39
Not one, not ever. Eliot Rosewater Aug 2018 #40
August 21, 2018 5:21 pm Michael Cohen pleads guilty, says ... In_The_Wind Aug 2018 #29
it's a mystery. can America figure it out? rurallib Aug 2018 #31
I don't know. Who are the likely suspects? Hillary? (sarcasm) still_one Aug 2018 #32
It was JEB! JEB! made me do it. justhanginon Aug 2018 #38
I didn't know Cohen was working for Obama in 2012 ProudLib72 Aug 2018 #37
20 questions, i'll start KayF Aug 2018 #41
that is huge!!!! gopiscrap Aug 2018 #43
"You have to be trusted IncaRoads Aug 2018 #44
and then moving in silently downwind and out of sight ... mr_lebowski Aug 2018 #54
Draaaaaaaaaaaggggggged down IncaRoads Aug 2018 #70
And now ... a word from herself FakeNoose Aug 2018 #47
And now we know why Trump pardoned D'souza Raven123 Aug 2018 #48
This is really bad for Trump. B2G Aug 2018 #55
True. Your personal lawyer pleads guilty to misusing campaign funds...from YOU, the client! Fred Sanders Aug 2018 #63
From my twitter feed Gothmog Aug 2018 #56
Boink. Scurrilous Aug 2018 #58
Didn't Avenatti say zentrum Aug 2018 #59
I'm guessing the candidate wasn't Mike Pence..... n/t Julian Englis Aug 2018 #68
I'm just a tad disappointed proglib217 Aug 2018 #71
A toast of Trump Vodka to each and every one of you - all around! On the house! bucolic_frolic Aug 2018 #69
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