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Thu Oct 18, 2018, 01:53 PM Oct 2018

Vote Republican!!! [View all]

If you’re a minimum wage earner who likes living in poverty, vote Republican – the party that will make sure you’ll never get a raise!

If you’re a hard-working American who believes the rich need tax-cuts while your tax deductions are eliminated, vote Republican – the party that wants you to pay more while the obscenely wealthy pay less!

If you’re a woman who thinks you’re not equal to men and should have less rights than men have, vote Republican – the party that is determined to keep you in your place as a second-class citizen!

If you’re a farmer, an auto worker, or anyone else about to lose your livelihood due to Trump’s tariffs, vote Republican – the party that doesn’t give a fuck about your ability to support your family!

If you’re a Christian who doesn’t believe in Jesus’ admonition to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and care for the sick, vote Republican – the party that doesn’t believe in any of that “Christian” bullshit either!

If you’re a citizen who thinks a “pResident” should spend his time watching TV, playing golf, and tweeting inane covfeve, vote Republican – the party that thinks such behaviour is not only appropriate, but worthy of praise!

If you’re not the least bit interested in having potable water to drink or clean air to breathe, vote Republican – the party that is overturning the regulations that protect your water and your air!

If you’re not concerned about the fact that your “pResident” has invariably sided with our nation’s adversaries rather than our own intelligence agencies, vote Republican – the party that put Putin’s lackey in the White House!

If you don’t mind losing your healthcare coverage, vote Republican – the party that thinks you should just die in silence if you can’t afford medical treatment!

If you have absolutely no morals, vote Republican – the party that kidnaps kids and puts them in cages!

If you’re a racist, vote Republican – the party that hates “those people” as much as you do!

If you don’t mind being lied to and cheated by representatives that don’t give a shit about you, vote Republican – the party where self-serving greed is one of their most endearing features!

If you’re not the least bit concerned about ethics in politics, vote Republican – the party that prides itself on blatant corruption!

If you’re fine with social security and Medicare payouts being gutted in order to fund tax breaks for the wealthy, vote Republican – because the richest people in the country shouldn’t have to pay their fair share!

That’s right, folks. If you are an ignorant, ill-informed dumb-ass who enjoys being kicked in the ass and spat upon on a daily basis, the Republican party is tailor-made for you.

So get out there in November and vote for the people who will lie to you, steal from you, and then tell you to fuck off when you complain – and have the track record to prove it!

Vote Republican – because this country isn’t going to flush itself down the toilet without your help!

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