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Tue Aug 14, 2012, 09:06 AM Aug 2012

DU Demographics: Where are you? [View all]

I got curious about who we are here on DU, and thought I'd do a couple of polls (my first-be gentle with me) to see how the DU demo shakes out. It might be interesting to see how many progressives are in various places. Thanks to all responders!

84 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
9 (11%)
0 (0%)
13 (15%)
19 (23%)
14 (17%)
Deep South
7 (8%)
9 (11%)
9 (11%)
Outside the US
4 (5%)
Other (in case I left something out)
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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DU Demographics: Where are you? [View all] nolabear Aug 2012 OP
Being in Texas, I put Southwest. ananda Aug 2012 #1
i was wondering, lol. and i am IN texas, but i AM a calif, lol. just to be clear. nt seabeyond Aug 2012 #16
I chose SW too - I used to live in VA and it's different here. TBF Aug 2012 #25
Other: Florida, a world unto its own NightWatcher Aug 2012 #2
Same. Not Me Aug 2012 #3
I put Southeast. Tommy_Carcetti Aug 2012 #27
I put Southeast, too RockaFowler Aug 2012 #40
True. Although that can probably be said about a lot of states. Tommy_Carcetti Aug 2012 #62
Amen Brother. Lochloosa Aug 2012 #44
a crazy year or so NightWatcher Aug 2012 #46
Moved on from the company I was with. Third layoff in 5 years. Lochloosa Aug 2012 #79
I put deep south. The interesting thing is the area I live in is full of rich, retired, republicans. MichaelSoE Aug 2012 #72
ohio a crucial state rbrnmw Aug 2012 #4
It's outrageous. Any court challenges planned? catbyte Aug 2012 #8
not that I'm aware of rbrnmw Aug 2012 #14
Limbo liberal N proud Aug 2012 #5
Deep South all my life until late last year. Now NE. nt onehandle Aug 2012 #6
I'm in Michigan so I checked "north". MI really isn't "midwest", right? catbyte Aug 2012 #7
I live in Upper Michigan and I checked "midwest". Kaleva Aug 2012 #19
I don't consider Michigan "Midwest". Michigan is nothing like Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, e.g. nt Romulox Aug 2012 #29
Michigan is in the Eastern time zone jayschool Aug 2012 #56
The difficulty of deciding what each area should be called is part of the interest. nolabear Aug 2012 #9
Guess. Bluenorthwest Aug 2012 #10
LOL! nolabear Aug 2012 #32
Central Ohio, which might be the most milquetoast place around... a la izquierda Aug 2012 #11
Aint it the truth. rrneck Aug 2012 #36
Mid-Atlantic states. FSogol Aug 2012 #12
SoCal, baby. Iggo Aug 2012 #13
I put Southwest for Colorado, but intheflow Aug 2012 #15
I was looking for Mountains too. I was gonna put DevonRex Aug 2012 #35
The Great White North Lucy Goosey Aug 2012 #17
i'm southeast, barbtries Aug 2012 #18
MidSouth--TN asjr Aug 2012 #20
I would add Great Lakes region hfojvt Aug 2012 #21
It does need its own name... a la izquierda Aug 2012 #41
West: SoCal! CaliforniaPeggy Aug 2012 #22
NorCal here! YoungDemCA Aug 2012 #48
Northwest Arkansas janlyn Aug 2012 #23
Northeast (nt) bigwillq Aug 2012 #24
I live about 15 miles as the crow flies from President Obama's house. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2012 #26
North: Minnesota. Odin2005 Aug 2012 #28
"Great Lakes States". nt Romulox Aug 2012 #30
South central New Mexico, but feels like Mississippi duhneece Aug 2012 #31
If you put "Outside the US" or "Other" please elaborate. nolabear Aug 2012 #33
The appalachia of California tularetom Aug 2012 #34
Jefferson? nt rrneck Aug 2012 #37
A lot further south but funny you should mention that tularetom Aug 2012 #59
I'm in Jefferson! XemaSab Aug 2012 #68
Oregon Jeffrrson or California Jeffersom? nt rrneck Aug 2012 #69
California XemaSab Aug 2012 #71
Bakersfield?? Lol nt a la izquierda Aug 2012 #39
Fresno? n/t DefenseLawyer Aug 2012 #43
A lot of candidates there. Codeine Aug 2012 #74
LV brush Aug 2012 #38
You need a map FarCenter Aug 2012 #42
Nice map! nolabear Aug 2012 #45
Looks like a lot of us are in the Northeast/Midwest and West YoungDemCA Aug 2012 #47
I put deep south although we usually refer to Arkansas as mid south. Arkansas Granny Aug 2012 #49
Me too. It AIN'T the Midwest nor Upper Midwest. turtlerescue1 Aug 2012 #50
I am looking at the Pacific Ocean as I type this.... mike_c Aug 2012 #51
Minnesota Kalidurga Aug 2012 #52
I live in Maine. GreenPartyVoter Aug 2012 #53
Mid Atlantic but I picked NEAst Champion Jack Aug 2012 #54
So what IS Mid Atlantic exactly? nolabear Aug 2012 #58
The EPA's midatlantic office covers, DC, VA, MD, DE, PA, & WV FSogol Aug 2012 #61
So Cal , but why IcyPeas Aug 2012 #55
Colorado for me beveeheart Aug 2012 #57
Upstate NY!!!! Inkfreak Aug 2012 #60
*chuckle* This is the longest thread I've seen in a while without a fight in it! nolabear Aug 2012 #63
Indiana. Brigid Aug 2012 #64
I'm impressed at the number of Midwesterners. And how few responses there are. nolabear Aug 2012 #65
Northeast. SE PA specifically mvd Aug 2012 #66
Northeast also, SE PA specifically also life long demo Aug 2012 #76
Hi - I am in west/central Montco mvd Aug 2012 #78
NH nt bunnies Aug 2012 #67
Mountain West kaiden Aug 2012 #70
Texas - Ron Paul's home district kalli007 Aug 2012 #73
God's country as it's called around here..... a kennedy Aug 2012 #75
Texas... malokvale77 Aug 2012 #77
Surprising that there are more of us in the SW than the NW, according to this poll. Zorra Aug 2012 #80
Republic of California. nt Raine Aug 2012 #81
DEEP south Sick of the GOP Aug 2012 #82
Mid-Altantic. Philadelphia to be precise. MrSlayer Aug 2012 #83
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