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Woo-hoo! Atta girl! ﹰﹰnt Ilsa Oct 2018 #1
Somebody should tell Beto how dedicated his voters are. Haggis for Breakfast Oct 2018 #24
Voting with Pain Stallion Oct 2018 #2
Take care keep it elevated for a while tonight . At least you got in to vote lunasun Oct 2018 #3
Oh my. The price we pay. ha ha .. hope you mend well. Thanks for your efforts. YOHABLO Oct 2018 #4
Good luck with the icing and elevation. Blue_true Oct 2018 #5
💙 you and a🕯for a supernaturally quick and full healing. sprinkleeninow Oct 2018 #6
Here's to a fast recovery...... a kennedy Oct 2018 #7
Ouch! MustLoveBeagles Oct 2018 #8
Wishing you a quick recovery! Nothing will stop us from livetohike Oct 2018 #9
You're the kind of warrior we need! nocoincidences Oct 2018 #10
Yep. We're all the better for it too. TheBlackAdder Oct 2018 #59
I'd so love to see Beto win! PatrickforO Oct 2018 #11
I also would love to see Beto win, & I hope you recover quickly. Best wishes to you. Stuart G Oct 2018 #14
Way to hang tough!!!! MLAA Oct 2018 #12
that's dedication! fighting through the pain for your country! Takket Oct 2018 #13
Thanks everyone! Texasgal Oct 2018 #15
Good for you and True Blue American Oct 2018 #46
It's a theatrical expression MarkEzra Oct 2018 #16
Early Voted Thursday for Beto! Go Beto Go!!!!! Liberal In Red State Oct 2018 #17
Thank you! And recover quickly! struggle4progress Oct 2018 #18
Now you can talk about your old voting injury world wide wally Oct 2018 #19
my mother, with her sometimes off-beat and sometimes dark orleans Oct 2018 #20
LOL! Texasgal Oct 2018 #23
:) orleans Oct 2018 #29
you PERSISTED! Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2018 #21
I admire your determination. lpbk2713 Oct 2018 #22
Take care nt trocar Oct 2018 #25
I hope you feel better soon. Mollyann Oct 2018 #26
Bless Beto !!!!! magicarpet Oct 2018 #27
K&R... spanone Oct 2018 #28
I am sorry Gothmog Oct 2018 #30
Wishing. You a speedy recovery. gademocrat7 Oct 2018 #31
So sorry about your fall and that you are hurt! turntxblue Oct 2018 #32
Oh no! PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2018 #33
Get Well !!! Progressive Jones Oct 2018 #34
You took one for the team Texasgal! montana_hazeleyes Oct 2018 #35
Atta Gal! Felt good, didn't it? (Wish I had a Beto to vote for.) nt Honeycombe8 Oct 2018 #36
I have no doubt that you would have voted ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #37
Beto!!!! sharedvalues Oct 2018 #38
Be careful out there! I slipped on leaves and fell hard onto the sidewalk. OMGWTF Oct 2018 #39
Glad you're okay and thanks for that vote for Beto. iluvtennis Oct 2018 #40
THANK YOU! people Oct 2018 #41
This is one time I wish I lived in Texas Hulk Oct 2018 #42
me tooo..just for voting purposes Demovictory9 Oct 2018 #43
I do not think Fox True Blue American Oct 2018 #47
Very impressed by Beto... Good going and be well! es466 Oct 2018 #44
Feel better soon - physically speaking. calimary Oct 2018 #45
Did you get your "I Fell For Beto" campaign button? JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2018 #48
LOL onetexan Oct 2018 #50
Wow, you really earned your "I Voted" sticker! catbyte Oct 2018 #49
Get well soon Timmygoat Oct 2018 #51
Thank you for persevering and I hope that you feel better soon. CentralMass Oct 2018 #52
... handmade34 Oct 2018 #53
Oh no! kooth Oct 2018 #54
K & R SunSeeker Oct 2018 #55
So glad it wasn't worse! I hope you heal-up quickly. NurseJackie Oct 2018 #56
Falls are so embarrassing. malthaussen Oct 2018 #57
Slip Kid! Mopar151 Oct 2018 #58
Congratulations on your vote! NastyRiffraff Oct 2018 #60
It'll stop hurting by Nov 6 night!!! marble falls Oct 2018 #61
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