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49. We just have to hope the Dems take back the House.
Mon Oct 29, 2018, 03:41 AM
Oct 2018

At least we’ll have the legitimate investigations we need to expose all the trump crimes.

Even if there’s ultimately an impeachment in the House but no conviction in the Senate, there’d still be the impeachment. The impeachment would still stand. On that miscreant’s record for all of history. Impeachment was left a tawdry joke by the GOP desperate to leave a mark on President Clinton since they’d failed to beat him or otherwise get rid of him. Impeachment should mean something. It should be a serious penalty instead of the glorified peep show that the CONS turned it into.

I believe Robert Mueller will turn up some damning stuff - in real crimes. High crimes and misdemeanors ranging from fraud, perjury, and tax evasion to outright fraternizing with the enemy. Should we just let that go? Shrug it off? Let him get away with it? NOT holding him accountable for credible, provable felonies that would send any other offender up the river for years? No consequences?

What kind of message would that send? What’s the lesson? What’s the takeaway that goes into the history books? That the president IS above the law after all? That crime DOES pay?

Sure doesn’t sound like that “liberty and justice for all” stuff I learned about in school.

AGREED. Lay them out BARE. nt UniteFightBack Oct 2018 #1
I will wait and see what develops. olegramps Oct 2018 #21
Welcome to DU, UniteFightBack! calimary Oct 2018 #59
I'll have what you're having. dchill Oct 2018 #2
What leads you to believe that Congress will even see "The Mueller Report"? irresistable Oct 2018 #3
I also hope... jcgoldie Oct 2018 #4
They can't! Scarsdale Oct 2018 #27
Many top Russiapublicans will have starring roles in the Mueller report. lagomorph777 Oct 2018 #57
I really hope you are right. But they sure are champions at denying, dismissing and looking away. Squinch Oct 2018 #5
I think that immediately Trump, McConnell and Ryan will attack Mueller and the report. NCjack Oct 2018 #6
If the report is general in nature and SayItLoud Oct 2018 #19
I can hear it now: Roadside Attraction Oct 2018 #32
Great pic ..lol :) wroberts189 Oct 2018 #38
Arrested Devolvement!!! k8conant Oct 2018 #51
Just watch them. DFW Oct 2018 #7
Sadly, many here at DU feel A Democractic Congress should not do its duty and impeach... Fiendish Thingy Oct 2018 #8
As soon as we take control of the house, Mr.Bill Oct 2018 #11
Until one of Congress people can stand on the floor and declare: ChazInAz Oct 2018 #17
Fingers crossed!! NurseJackie Oct 2018 #9
I look forward to seeing how many of them will be named in it, as well. GoCubsGo Oct 2018 #10
Join my name to the list of those who hope fervently that you are right. PatrickforO Oct 2018 #12
And yet, the GOP will ignore it. They are now the The Enemy of the People bitterross Oct 2018 #13
It'd better be video or other viral-compatible form, bc many people won't read longform narrative.nt FreepFryer Oct 2018 #14
As they say, "Your lips to God's ears!" pdsimdars Oct 2018 #15
It will be the tip of the iceberg bucolic_frolic Oct 2018 #16
In other words, Democrats need to "make nice". not_the_one Oct 2018 #23
That's not what I said bucolic_frolic Oct 2018 #24
I understood what you were saying, not_the_one Oct 2018 #30
We are indeed on the precipice, but backing away is not so simple marylandblue Oct 2018 #33
First thing we have to do is VOTE. SayItLoud Oct 2018 #18
I 🙏 you are right Chicagogrl1 Oct 2018 #20
That's what I tell myself too when I need to sleep. Jakes Progress Oct 2018 #22
You mean the long arm of the law is going to prevail? czarjak Oct 2018 #25
Clearly, you haven't been paying attention.... getagrip_already Oct 2018 #26
I do not share your confidence Thunderbeast Oct 2018 #28
I'm not convinced the Mueller Report will be what we think it will be. Or that we'll see it. Honeycombe8 Oct 2018 #29
I expect so as well... RHMerriman Oct 2018 #31
This isn't Watergate, there is no American precedent for this marylandblue Oct 2018 #35
Agree this election is so important, but: RHMerriman Oct 2018 #36
You should read "How Democracies Die." marylandblue Oct 2018 #39
With all due respect, none of the democracies that Levitsky and Ziblatt cite are remotely comparable RHMerriman Oct 2018 #40
You take a very narrow view of history marylandblue Oct 2018 #43
Old and creaky, by definition, means it has survived. RHMerriman Oct 2018 #44
The Roman Republic survived 500 years but it got old and creaky too marylandblue Oct 2018 #45
None of which has anything to do with the case Levitsky and Ziblatt try and make, but RHMerriman Oct 2018 #46
It has to with my case, that this isn't Watergate and it isn't the Civil War marylandblue Oct 2018 #47
And if that's your case, then I can only say: RHMerriman Oct 2018 #48
If we dont take the house then the GOP will just bury the report. lancelyons Oct 2018 #34
Lock him up !! :) n/t wroberts189 Oct 2018 #37
I suspect that you overestimate the Bettie Oct 2018 #41
Doubtful, unless Republicans suddenly develop a conscience and a healthy sense of shame. VOX Oct 2018 #42
We just have to hope the Dems take back the House. calimary Oct 2018 #49
Kick ck4829 Oct 2018 #50
republicans in congress can ALWAYS deny, dismiss. look away....been doing it for 100 years beachbum bob Oct 2018 #52
IOW: You bought him, you own him. no_hypocrisy Oct 2018 #53
The Rethugs will look for a way to bury the report. nt avebury Oct 2018 #54
That is, IF we are privileged enough to even see, hear, or read the results. Firestorm49 Oct 2018 #55
Well, we all have to keep in mind that it is only a report Catherine Vincent Oct 2018 #56
Good luck with that.... pangaia Oct 2018 #58
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