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46. Funny how that is, 'eh?
Mon Oct 29, 2018, 04:26 AM
Oct 2018

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I LOVE this piece! It’s utterly magnificent!

Sure speaks for me.

Glad babylonsister found this and posted it here so we could all savor it, and hopefully share it all over the place! Thanks for posting it! I’m gonna have to print out a copy of Lori Witt’s masterpiece.

And Welcome to DU, MRDAWG!

" So, I'm a liberal." [View all] babylonsister Oct 2018 OP
ditto!! well done... samnsara Oct 2018 #1
I agree! That's why I'm a liberal! Manastash Oct 2018 #26
K & R...for visibility... Wounded Bear Oct 2018 #2
LOL, so true Zing Zing Zingbah Oct 2018 #15
For one simple reason... better Oct 2018 #40
K&R HAB911 Oct 2018 #3
Beautiful. AJT Oct 2018 #4
Wow. Thank you so much for posting that. PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2018 #5
K&R X a kazzillion!!! 2naSalit Oct 2018 #6
Well done Lori Witt! KPN Oct 2018 #7
Excellent sabrams Oct 2018 #8
Good point, and welcome to DU! KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2018 #23
Welcome to DU, sabrams! calimary Oct 2018 #48
Well said... I'm a liberal because.... LakeArenal Oct 2018 #9
Excellent - thank you El Mimbreno Oct 2018 #10
Agree about 95%. sinkingfeeling Oct 2018 #11
I agree 100% riverbendviewgal Oct 2018 #12
Nice :) Zing Zing Zingbah Oct 2018 #13
K and R Ferrets are Cool Oct 2018 #16
Well said. On #4, paleotn Oct 2018 #17
Excellent post. CrispyQ Oct 2018 #27
Perfectly said and an OP that I've been looking for, for the meaning of 'liberal'. Thanks! nt SWBTATTReg Oct 2018 #18
And shadowmayor Oct 2018 #19
Fabulous! Karadeniz Oct 2018 #20
Great posy. I've saved it to share with those who say they are republican but really have no clue Pepsidog Oct 2018 #21
K & R SunSeeker Oct 2018 #22
KnR Hekate Oct 2018 #24
Put it on my Facebook wall yesterday 90-percent Oct 2018 #25
i put on my fb wall too trueblue2007 Oct 2018 #32
The couple of responses I've gotten are quite positive 90-percent Oct 2018 #34
now i know how david alan coe felt when he discovered that steve goodman and john prine had written rampartc Oct 2018 #28
I did not write this, Ms. Witt did... babylonsister Oct 2018 #31
oops. rampartc Oct 2018 #33
Wish this was on facebook because I'd share it...... Little Star Oct 2018 #29
That's where I found it. babylonsister Oct 2018 #30
Drop the opening "So". Add an exclamation mark after "liberal". Grins Oct 2018 #35
This is just plain great! BlancheSplanchnik Oct 2018 #36
Have you been reading the New Testament? Sure sounds like it! ** MRDAWG Oct 2018 #37
Funny how that is, 'eh? calimary Oct 2018 #46
k&r n/t lordsummerisle Oct 2018 #38
One addition... SergeStorms Oct 2018 #39
All thanks and praise to Ms. Witt Haggis for Breakfast Oct 2018 #41
A very, very good post. PatrickforO Oct 2018 #42
K&R n/t Lugnut Oct 2018 #43
bookmarked under Dems-vs-Reps Hermit-The-Prog Oct 2018 #44
I saw this on facebook LittleGirl Oct 2018 #45
Great post! BlueJac Oct 2018 #47
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