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33. Surprised how? Makes me a little bit jittery.
Tue Oct 30, 2018, 12:22 PM
Oct 2018

Surprised at HOW MUCH corruption and crime is revealed? Or surprised at how little there actually is that we could sink our teeth into, and about which we can win convictions?

If there’s ANY wiggle-room, donald trump is an expert at beating the rap and wiggling out of danger. Like the snake he is.

I won't be surprised vlyons Oct 2018 #1
Agreed. progressoid Oct 2018 #13
They won't believe it. Il Douche has primed them very well to believe nothing anybody catbyte Oct 2018 #21
Il Douche Dogboyzdad Oct 2018 #49
Surprised how? Makes me a little bit jittery. calimary Oct 2018 #33
SS agents are very good fescuerescue Oct 2018 #36
And they should remain silent. Don't want to risk anything w/ ongoing investigations ... SWBTATTReg Oct 2018 #41
My experience hasn't been with anything active fescuerescue Oct 2018 #47
That's what I was feeling. Harker Oct 2018 #40
Yeah, it's kinda "Here's two thing you already know" William Seger Oct 2018 #57
We're not surprised that Trump is a douchebag. greymattermom Oct 2018 #2
I hope it doesn't mean that trump is going to be cleared nt maryellen99 Oct 2018 #3
That was kinda my thought on reading that. KPN Oct 2018 #18
He gave me every indication Trump's got a problem louis c Oct 2018 #66
These people aren't allowed to talk spinbaby Oct 2018 #4
And so it is 2naSalit Oct 2018 #6
But there are some who have Rudy G. exboyfil Oct 2018 #27
Yes that's another whole can o' worms FakeNoose Oct 2018 #59
Some stories are believable. JayhawkSD Oct 2018 #5
Yup. PSPS Oct 2018 #10
Isn't Mueller in his 70s? I was actually ecstatic Oct 2018 #11
Mueller's 74, so it's possible. peekaloo Oct 2018 #12
Mueller is 73 It is entirely concievable that he brought in a well experienced colleague grantcart Oct 2018 #16
My civil service hubs just retired in Aug. Duppers Oct 2018 #22
Reading responses to this have to go with them. LiberalFighter Oct 2018 #24
Some responses are rational and logical LanternWaste Oct 2018 #26
Some go for sarcasm over substance. nt MadDAsHell Oct 2018 #85
From the Federal Times JayhawkSD Oct 2018 #52
how does his age make any of this unbelievable ? JI7 Oct 2018 #78
I think what Mueller reveals will be such far-ranging and overlapping circles.... northoftheborder Oct 2018 #7
Yes I agree FakeNoose Oct 2018 #58
Really??? "Look all I can tell you is tRump is a doushebag and you will be surprised what a kennedy Oct 2018 #8
Mueller please hurry and lock him up ecstatic Oct 2018 #9
My big worry safeinOhio Oct 2018 #14
Yup. That is the big question. Will they bury it? Rs will move heaven and earth to prevent its Pepsidog Oct 2018 #19
Mueller rso Oct 2018 #15
There are exceptions to that requirement. LiberalFighter Oct 2018 #25
Mueller rso Oct 2018 #43
Not to age 72. JayhawkSD Oct 2018 #54
The age you cite is only if the required time of 20 years service falls when lunatica Oct 2018 #42
Mueller. rso Oct 2018 #44
Mueller was born in 1944 lunatica Oct 2018 #45
Mueller rso Oct 2018 #46
OK. Thanks for explaining that. lunatica Oct 2018 #72
You did not work for the FBI. JayhawkSD Oct 2018 #55
Got it lunatica Oct 2018 #60
A special agent works after retired on an as desired and needed basis. louis c Oct 2018 #67
Thanks for the clarification lunatica Oct 2018 #71
You misread. Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2018 #48
Mueller rso Oct 2018 #53
Mueller has experts working for him, including outside experts, you can be sure. Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2018 #61
You should read the OP actually. JayhawkSD Oct 2018 #56
Wrong Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2018 #63
The answer is right in your reply. louis c Oct 2018 #69
you have it exactly right. louis c Oct 2018 #68
But could they be brought in as contractors treestar Oct 2018 #94
Good surprised or bad surprised? Monsieur_Grumpe Oct 2018 #17
It could go either way. fescuerescue Oct 2018 #37
Lots of people put positive spin on the Mueller Investigation. TxVietVet Oct 2018 #20
If there really is justice FakeNoose Oct 2018 #62
May I share your post on Facebook, with credit to you? n/t Purrfessor Oct 2018 #23
Yes louis c Oct 2018 #84
I take it as "He's a db but not enough to take him down". Catherine Vincent Oct 2018 #28
I read it more "not enough to destabilize our democracy by forcing his extralegal removal" FreepFryer Oct 2018 #29
I'm thinking.... mgardener Oct 2018 #30
The lawsuit filed this week in the SDNY dealing with the Ponzi Scheme will expose these Grifters. sarcasmo Oct 2018 #31
Geez - I'm almost hyperventilating with excitement. Another reason to wish this election over. Vinca Oct 2018 #32
We can only hope that the surprise will be something PoindexterOglethorpe Oct 2018 #34
I know a former SS agent and DSS agent fescuerescue Oct 2018 #35
well that got my imagination roiling. barbtries Oct 2018 #38
Well that just confirms my suspicions...Trump is a doushbag. nt. Stellar Oct 2018 #39
I have never been optimistic Mr.Bill Oct 2018 #50
Wow! I'll take it !!! Laura PourMeADrink Oct 2018 #51
I'm surprised he said that much. I was friends w/a SS agent who was in charge of Mrs. Obama's Raine1967 Oct 2018 #64
He's retired. louis c Oct 2018 #70
DOTUS! LOL. flibbitygiblets Oct 2018 #91
".. trump is a douchebag.." We knew Cha Oct 2018 #65
Indicting is one thing DFW Oct 2018 #73
Beware the Law of Unintended Consequences in thinking this will go exactly as you hope. elocs Oct 2018 #74
Well, that's OUR job. Stand up for the country talkingwithtrumpers Oct 2018 #83
Unless they try to decapitate Mueller first jimlup Oct 2018 #75
That's pretty much what I got Pacifist Patriot Oct 2018 #76
I'm not sure I can be surprised about anything 45 has done anymore. AJT Oct 2018 #77
Thank you so much bdamomma Oct 2018 #79
I could have told the country Trump is a douchebag for free. McCamy Taylor Oct 2018 #80
I hope it's allowed to "Come out." n/t Beartracks Oct 2018 #81
was he drinking? rookie mistake Demonaut Oct 2018 #82
Actually, just one louis c Oct 2018 #86
This message was self-deleted by its author Demonaut Oct 2018 #87
This message was self-deleted by its author louis c Oct 2018 #90
No. quakerboy Oct 2018 #88
IMHO you are wrong. He may be a repub but his life has been one of service to his country and Thekaspervote Oct 2018 #89
Voting is the ONLY way to fix this quakerboy Oct 2018 #92
If that were the case, he would have wrapped this up long ago. 7962 Oct 2018 #93
Not when he can keep us on tenterhooks quakerboy Nov 2018 #97
i sure hope we get to see it! samnsara Oct 2018 #95
A pro Cary Oct 2018 #96
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