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41. Man, the cartoonists are having a field day with this bastard.
Wed Oct 31, 2018, 07:57 AM
Oct 2018

So are the late night comedians. If there’s one thing trump actually does well, it’s the part about generating material.

K&R Solly Mack Oct 2018 #1
. dalton99a Oct 2018 #2
Thanks!!! 👍🏼 spanone Oct 2018 #7
Trump's violence statements over 1960's civil rights protests - from 2016 election cycle iluvtennis Oct 2018 #22
great one! Here's how President Obama rolled. luvallpeeps Oct 2018 #27
I miss him soooooo much! n/t kag Oct 2018 #35
Send that everywhere malaise Oct 2018 #32
Kick this one. Kingofalldems Oct 2018 #3
K&R, uponit7771 Oct 2018 #4
They lie over and over again malaise Oct 2018 #5
K&R betsuni Oct 2018 #6
That illustration is too flattering... BigmanPigman Oct 2018 #8
I think we need an equivalency test...quote by quote. spanone Oct 2018 #10
He is a sick, sick man. smirkymonkey Oct 2018 #9
What happened to the fight Biden challenged him to? ProudLib72 Oct 2018 #16
He bravely ran away, away! Brave, brave Sir Shartman! smirkymonkey Oct 2018 #17
What a hateful bdamomma Oct 2018 #11
I'd settle for the lower power, too. yonder Oct 2018 #20
You know I never post LOL unless I really do laugh out loud. efhmc Oct 2018 #34
K&R Scurrilous Oct 2018 #12
They try to gaslight us by denying he said what we know he said. Grammy23 Oct 2018 #13
Gaslight is right. FM123 Oct 2018 #26
Kick and Rec Hekate Oct 2018 #14
Anyone who says 'both sides do it' needs to be handed that cartoon spanone Oct 2018 #15
Did you just coin that? kag Oct 2018 #36
1,000 rec Wawannabe Oct 2018 #18
True JHB Oct 2018 #19
Trump tells the lies to manipulate the insane mass that support him as POTUS. PufPuf23 Oct 2018 #21
Snopes is fake news! Initech Oct 2018 #23
Bwahahahahaaa spanone Oct 2018 #24
Of course it's true Blecht Oct 2018 #25
The mark of a fucking coward thegoose Oct 2018 #28
Trump doesn't even have one good ball ... let alone a set ... (nt) mr_lebowski Oct 2018 #29
one. sick. fuck. spanone Oct 2018 #30
That question should be the 21st Century equivalent to peekaloo Oct 2018 #31
K&R ck4829 Oct 2018 #33
His narcissistic "Me NOW" pea-brain probably remembers none of it Blue Owl Oct 2018 #37
None of my Trump-humping friends have disputed it. bitterross Oct 2018 #38
It's evil to advocate violence Achilleaze Oct 2018 #39
Is water wet? Do fish swim? ananda Oct 2018 #40
Man, the cartoonists are having a field day with this bastard. calimary Oct 2018 #41
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