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When Trump and Pence are impeached, Qutzupalotl Nov 2018 #1
You got the gist my friend ;) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #2
No, Nancy Pelosi IS the Speaker and should remain so. There is no magical way to Autumn Nov 2018 #3
Technically, she IS ... a Congresswoman, and Former Speaker ... Just sayin (nt) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #4
She will be Speaker Pelosi, she did a great job before and will do so now. nt Autumn Nov 2018 #6
Okay, I agree, but wouldn't it be FUN AS HELL if they elected Hillary? C'mon ... mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #9
It would be poetic justice but not fun. I remember the Clinton years well, they were great Autumn Nov 2018 #16
Agreed. nt babylonsister Nov 2018 #15
Yes, it'd make Trump go insane. joshcryer Nov 2018 #5
OMG ... He'd lose it, AND like 50M wingnut heads would spontaneously explode ... mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #7
Trump is already insane, did you see the attack on Acosta today? Wait until January, 🦇💩🤪 sarcasmo Nov 2018 #19
That would give twittler a heart attack! Cattledog Nov 2018 #8
If this was at all possible bluestarone Nov 2018 #10
From what I read a few months back, assuming it was accurate, it's 100% Possible (nt) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #11
WOW Hoping you are right!!! bluestarone Nov 2018 #12
That would make Trump's head explode, DO IT krawhitham Nov 2018 #13
Good thing you don't have a vote. Keeping "regular order" is in our best interest. grantcart Nov 2018 #14
I'm sure you're right ;) But I don't care what you say ... it'd still be pretty awesome ... (nt) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #20
No thank you. n/t demmiblue Nov 2018 #17
Oh FFS... tkmorris Nov 2018 #18
Impeachment Takes a 2/3 Vote in the Senate dlk Nov 2018 #21
Yeah, thanks ... I'd not heard ... mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #22
Uh...no. progressoid Nov 2018 #23
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