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22. Yeah, thanks ... I'd not heard ...
Wed Nov 7, 2018, 02:15 PM
Nov 2018

But you know what?

I'd submit that Trump is President right now ... mainly because a lot of people find his cartoon-like, outlandish buffoonery 'entertaining'.

I think it may be worth facing the fact that as long as the f***** is in place, we're dealing with a freaking Reality Show situation in Washington.

Turning around and pulling a stunt like making Hillary Clinton the Speaker of the House ... would be a move that I would consider 'beating him at his own game'.

It'd pretty much be like the most epic cat-fight on "The Bachelor", writ large.

Do I LIKE that politics has devolved to this? HELL NO!

But ... it is the reality with which we must deal ATM.

I think it's a move for Dems ... that's worth considering ...

It could quite possibly go down as the most giant, in-your-face FU ... of all time.

And he basically says "FU!" to US ... every single day, esp. with his appointments. "Former Head of Dow Chemical named new EPA Chief by Trump" ... that kinda shit.

Time for some righteous payback!

When Trump and Pence are impeached, Qutzupalotl Nov 2018 #1
You got the gist my friend ;) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #2
No, Nancy Pelosi IS the Speaker and should remain so. There is no magical way to Autumn Nov 2018 #3
Technically, she IS ... a Congresswoman, and Former Speaker ... Just sayin (nt) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #4
She will be Speaker Pelosi, she did a great job before and will do so now. nt Autumn Nov 2018 #6
Okay, I agree, but wouldn't it be FUN AS HELL if they elected Hillary? C'mon ... mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #9
It would be poetic justice but not fun. I remember the Clinton years well, they were great Autumn Nov 2018 #16
Agreed. nt babylonsister Nov 2018 #15
Yes, it'd make Trump go insane. joshcryer Nov 2018 #5
OMG ... He'd lose it, AND like 50M wingnut heads would spontaneously explode ... mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #7
Trump is already insane, did you see the attack on Acosta today? Wait until January, 🦇💩🤪 sarcasmo Nov 2018 #19
That would give twittler a heart attack! Cattledog Nov 2018 #8
If this was at all possible bluestarone Nov 2018 #10
From what I read a few months back, assuming it was accurate, it's 100% Possible (nt) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #11
WOW Hoping you are right!!! bluestarone Nov 2018 #12
That would make Trump's head explode, DO IT krawhitham Nov 2018 #13
Good thing you don't have a vote. Keeping "regular order" is in our best interest. grantcart Nov 2018 #14
I'm sure you're right ;) But I don't care what you say ... it'd still be pretty awesome ... (nt) mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #20
No thank you. n/t demmiblue Nov 2018 #17
Oh FFS... tkmorris Nov 2018 #18
Impeachment Takes a 2/3 Vote in the Senate dlk Nov 2018 #21
Yeah, thanks ... I'd not heard ... mr_lebowski Nov 2018 #22
Uh...no. progressoid Nov 2018 #23
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