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So you start... oh never mind Hassin Bin Sober Nov 2018 #1
Really...I get what you're saying without saying it.... Kajun Gal Nov 2018 #5
I get your point. And it has validity. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #9
I come to DU for the unsolicited advice... SixString Nov 2018 #46
Even though aimed at me. That's funny. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #49
It's more about DU in general. SixString Nov 2018 #50
Bookmarking for later warmth Dennis Donovan Nov 2018 #2
Add a spoon with this OP and one could freebase some Democratic Party descension from it. TheBlackAdder Nov 2018 #19
What if he's being falsely accused of domestic violence? Yosemito Nov 2018 #3
Not sure why all the haters. Anyone who calls out Trump is a friend of mine. nt USALiberal Nov 2018 #7
There is that. He deserves credit for dogging trump. But, running for Prez? Hoyt Nov 2018 #35
My post and discomfort with him has nothing to do with that GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #12
Most threads about him today are about the allegation Yosemito Nov 2018 #14
My beef is that the guy gets so much air time representing or positions GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #16
Who is tying YOU to the guy? No one. He is a voice against trump, a loud one, one Squinch Nov 2018 #43
Then he should go after whoever did it. But he's still got all the OTHER decisions against him. 7962 Nov 2018 #21
I totally agree. He's a complete dirtbag. Oneironaut Nov 2018 #4
Why? Because he's bald? luvtheGWN Nov 2018 #59
Defense attorney? jberryhill Nov 2018 #67
Yup - I am feverishly anti-bald people. Oneironaut Nov 2018 #69
No, I'll keep talking about him. And maybe will do it more often now. nt USALiberal Nov 2018 #6
As you are welcome to do. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #10
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #33
Exactly, and that will get at least an alert. n/t Hoyt Nov 2018 #36
Hoyt. You are one of the reason I love DU. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #42
Oh well. It would put to rest the idea that he is not a Democratic figure GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #37
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #66
Lots of hair on fire hysteria over how awful it is that a two day old Squinch Nov 2018 #72
The post I replied to was pintobean Nov 2018 #88
And it is so terrible how you all have been so persecuted with censorship and hides, as you were so Squinch Nov 2018 #89
Now, you're just fabricating shit. pintobean Nov 2018 #90
WTF. It's right there in black and white. Squinch Nov 2018 #91
And just for the record, that wasn't me. I found that post hilarious, especially as it lasted as Squinch Nov 2018 #92
He was on CNN and MSNBC a lot oberliner Nov 2018 #8
And if you are pleased with him representing the Democratic Party. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #11
I don't recall Fuzzpope Nov 2018 #18
I agree with lots of what you say about the media GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #24
If the DV allegations are true I'm done with him JonLP24 Nov 2018 #75
Wow. Apt metaphor. Beartracks Nov 2018 #52
Nice post! ZZenith Nov 2018 #53
Thank you, ZZenith. Fuzzpope Nov 2018 #54
I love short novels! ZZenith Nov 2018 #64
No real data to back this up, but it has seemed to me... Pacifist Patriot Nov 2018 #87
Quite the opposite oberliner Nov 2018 #34
DU savior says don't talk about things MyNameGoesHere Nov 2018 #13
I thought this site was to discuss all kinds of things. blueinredohio Nov 2018 #15
It is. And I was discussing how tying ourselves to a guy like this is a bad idea. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #17
I beg to differ. Fuzzpope Nov 2018 #20
The dude has flirted with running for President on our ticket GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #39
So what? If he can put a campaign staff together... DonViejo Nov 2018 #44
Well of course. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #47
His campaign bid is DOA blue cat Nov 2018 #63
Any American can run for President. He's a Democrat, nothing stopping him from running on the Autumn Nov 2018 #74
Showing exculpatory evidence is not "tying oneself? To anyone Yosemito Nov 2018 #68
BS. He represents himself and his clients. He's not an elected Dem official. brush Nov 2018 #81
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #25
Yup jberryhill Nov 2018 #32
I understand how you feel, but just ignore it. marylandblue Nov 2018 #22
Oh, I agree. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #27
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #23
I stated an opinion. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #40
Post removed Post removed Nov 2018 #62
You feel bullied by an op? Tipperary Nov 2018 #65
I'm kind of mixed on him melman Nov 2018 #26
As a defense lawyer I would want him in a heartbeat GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #30
He's not a defense lawyer. He generally represents plaintiffs in civil cases, The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #85
OMG OMG OMG sheshe2 Nov 2018 #61
He's just angling for his TV show down the road. Likely on MSNBC. 7962 Nov 2018 #28
I bet he just blew his chance for that. NBC, maybe. Hoyt Nov 2018 #38
Buh Bye! RandiFan1290 Dec 2018 #93
So now he is representative of the Democratic Party? Total Bullshit. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #29
Thanks for the support. GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #31
The stars are pretty. A little glitter hurts no one. Wintryjade Nov 2018 #41
Proud democrat but losing patience bpositive Nov 2018 #45
We just won huge victories GulfCoast66 Nov 2018 #48
He and Trump are cut from the same cloth. Kaleva Nov 2018 #71
As a lawyer and attack dog, I haven't minded him Jarqui Nov 2018 #51
If he's been set up to take the fall on a fake domestic abuse charge, The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #55
What I find really depressing jberryhill Nov 2018 #70
Avenatti is also an example of why so many people don't like lawyers. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #73
I think Gloria Allred does a good job JonLP24 Nov 2018 #76
My impression is that most of the lawyers here on DU are not Avenatti fans onenote Nov 2018 #83
Bingo. He seems to be failing at the one thing he is obligated to do, The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2018 #86
"the enemy of my enemy is my friend" Demonaut Nov 2018 #56
i come to du for the laughs elmac Nov 2018 #57
remember when wikileaks assange was the darling of progressives mastermind Nov 2018 #58
Here's my feelings on the guy. BlueStater Nov 2018 #60
Your opinion is yours but I don't think he's a clown. He's a bulldog who has been useful... brush Nov 2018 #77
I don't think telling DUers who to NOT talk about is gonna work RiverStone Nov 2018 #78
After 2016, how could anyone think it possible kcr Nov 2018 #79
Bait, point, click GusBob Nov 2018 #80
He's already over-exposed MountCleaners Nov 2018 #82
No need to try to control what people post, but your concern is noted. Doodley Nov 2018 #84
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