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23. Well, Kentonio, I did not make this assertion...at all.
Tue Dec 18, 2018, 09:57 AM
Dec 2018

Last edited Tue Dec 18, 2018, 11:19 AM - Edit history (1)

I did not say that it had NO effect on the community or campaign. What I said was that there are other factors that had a more MEASURABLE impact on voting. Check out the articles linked.
Making sure folks have the proper I.D., a nearby polling station, knowledge of where to vote, and gets their vote to count should be a top priority. This, in those key swing states, was the MEASURABLE difference.
You can't know how Comey's activity actually impacted the vote. There will always be racial (social) tensions to be exploited by bad actors. However, the actual process of voting.....that's the entire game! It's why our political opponents spend so much time, energy, and resources on finding ways to limit black and minority access, specifically.

Nothing wrong with being salty Glamrock Dec 2018 #1
Thanks, Glamrock. ;) spicysista Dec 2018 #2
Oh my god! Glamrock Dec 2018 #5
Here's a breakdown of 2006 and 2018 exit polls for anyone interested pecosbob Dec 2018 #3
Thanks for the link. spicysista Dec 2018 #7
Yes, and as I posted in another thread we should be more specific when we use the term evangelicals pecosbob Dec 2018 #9
:) spicysista Dec 2018 #11
I don't like the use of the term evangelical at all. murielm99 Dec 2018 #14
I stand corrected... pecosbob Dec 2018 #17
Obviously, those Christians who make a point Mariana Dec 2018 #22
Yes, actually it was white Fundamentalists who voted heavily for Trump. raging moderate Dec 2018 #26
Yes. murielm99 Dec 2018 #46
Thank you. Your post was much less salty than my thoughts when I first saw the original LoisB Dec 2018 #4
It certainly made me feel a way..... spicysista Dec 2018 #8
They need to cut it out with the myth that a dip in turnout by us was due to something other than Afromania Dec 2018 #6
Exactly! This... spicysista Dec 2018 #10
what actually happened and even more openly happened in Georgia just last month against a Black JI7 Dec 2018 #12
Yes, a thousand times....yes! spicysista Dec 2018 #13
k&r bigtree Dec 2018 #15
Thank you, bigtree! ;) nt. spicysista Dec 2018 #16
How do you know what influence Russia had on the black community? Kentonio Dec 2018 #18
I know our own children were persuaded by various information they read and heard in the media. allgood33 Dec 2018 #19
+1 betsuni Dec 2018 #20
Well, Kentonio, I did not make this assertion...at all. spicysista Dec 2018 #23
I'm right beside you Kentonio Dec 2018 #31
;) spicysista Dec 2018 #33
Great post malaise Dec 2018 #21
Thank you, malaise! spicysista Dec 2018 #24
I agree. We all need to stop blaming each other for Trump becoming President. Tom Rinaldo Dec 2018 #25
I hope we can all agree to stop with circular firing squads attacking the most loyal Democratic .... spicysista Dec 2018 #27
russian bots concentrated social media attacks AND fake news beachbum bob Dec 2018 #28
All good points, to be sure. spicysista Dec 2018 #30
When con artists swindle people with false assertions, our legal system knows where to fix blame Tom Rinaldo Dec 2018 #36
Why couldn't it be both? But for suppressed turnout in Philly and Michigan and possibly Dream Girl Dec 2018 #29
Sure... spicysista Dec 2018 #32
I agree & am well aware of the vile actions involved with voter suppression. However, we need to be Dream Girl Dec 2018 #44
You are right. spicysista Dec 2018 #45
"But for suppressed turnout in Philly" BumRushDaShow Dec 2018 #61
I don't think the issue here is really blame, but rather susceptibility and targeted status. better Dec 2018 #34
I'm sorry , I must have missed your post. I would have answered sooner. spicysista Dec 2018 #41
I definitely get where you are coming from. better Dec 2018 #47
Hmmmm.... yup! I like it! spicysista Dec 2018 #49
All good, and thanks for the intellectual conversation! better Dec 2018 #50
"Make things better." What a beautiful way of being! spicysista Dec 2018 #54
I also like... better Dec 2018 #56
The focus Proud Liberal Dem Dec 2018 #35
I agree with this, Proud Liberal Dem! spicysista Dec 2018 #37
I definitely agree on that as well Proud Liberal Dem Dec 2018 #38
I'm with you 100%! Stellar Dec 2018 #39
Thanks, Stellar. ;) spicysista Dec 2018 #42
I'm not really inclined to give the Russians a free pass fescuerescue Dec 2018 #40
Yup....I said all THOSE things.... spicysista Dec 2018 #43
Thanks I must have missed it fescuerescue Dec 2018 #48
Okay, I'll bite. spicysista Dec 2018 #51
There's no bait or hook. fescuerescue Dec 2018 #58
That's good news, because I am NO fish! LOL! spicysista Dec 2018 #59
K&R! eleny Dec 2018 #52
Thank you, eleny! spicysista Dec 2018 #53
This is on my nerves since yesterday eleny Dec 2018 #60
You are 100% right. I assumed it wa a given that most DUers would understand that attempts by Russia Anon-C Dec 2018 #55
Thank you, Anon-C. spicysista Dec 2018 #57
538 did some great tweets on this... Adrahil Dec 2018 #62
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