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21. We're talking about a man who has never . . .
Fri Dec 21, 2018, 06:24 AM
Dec 2018

faced accountability for his own actions. Never. He's played the con and grift his entire life but now he's cornered. And he knows it. Cornered animals are indeed dangerous as you point out, sheshe. I think Trumpski is the sort of man who would try his best to bring the entire country down with him. Out of pure spite.

We need to take Rachael Maddow's advice: Stay sober and keep your laces tied.

Because this is going to get worse before it gets better.

CNN: Breaking News. [View all] sheshe2 Dec 2018 OP
I think the Syria Surprise and the Mattis resignation cemented the Military High Command to NBachers Dec 2018 #1
I wouldn't bet on anything. During the Cuban Misscle Crisis there was a General, Curtis E. Lemay, still_one Dec 2018 #2
I believe so. sheshe2 Dec 2018 #3
Trump will make sure Mattis' replacement will not disobey orders to launch Nuclear Weapons nt maryellen99 Dec 2018 #5
The Defense secretary doesn't push the button KentuckyWoman Dec 2018 #6
They need to go babysit his sorry ass. nini Dec 2018 #9
It does seem outrageous that an illegitimate president who is under investigation for conspiracy... Grasswire2 Dec 2018 #10
Yep, that and much more. triron Dec 2018 #11
yes, and people on television are even acknowledging the danger of the day Grasswire2 Dec 2018 #16
Beschloss was on MSNBC this AM. He looked like he had aged at least 10 years. A very worried man. northoftheborder Dec 2018 #28
Bolton as head of pentagon? AlexSFCA Dec 2018 #4
That's the fucking nightmare... Volaris Dec 2018 #7
Trump's flouting Bolton and Pompeo on Syria and Russia. Hortensis Dec 2018 #26
He is becoming The Great Richard Potato Generic Brad Dec 2018 #8
:D C Moon Dec 2018 #13
Hee hee hee! calimary Dec 2018 #22
I said this would get much worse once he feels pressured. herding cats Dec 2018 #12
and I thought *I* was a cynic......:-O nt Grasswire2 Dec 2018 #17
I may have cornered the market on cynicism after November 2016? herding cats Dec 2018 #18
I don't think that's bad. Grasswire2 Dec 2018 #19
No, it's not bad. herding cats Dec 2018 #20
I suspect a lot of us do. calimary Dec 2018 #23
My cynicism came, honestly, at the time of the OK City bombing. Grasswire2 Dec 2018 #25
And STILL the U.S. congress (Lyin' Ryan lead) stand with him by pushing for his wall. C Moon Dec 2018 #14
K&R Scurrilous Dec 2018 #15
We're talking about a man who has never . . . peggysue2 Dec 2018 #21
Very possibly. Trump's a coward and timid face to face, Hortensis Dec 2018 #27
They crap on religion and the military. What's left to hurt? Oh, yeah. The ecology and economy. lindysalsagal Dec 2018 #24
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