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Yes. I want a female candidate. [View all] MariePinchon Dec 2018 OP
I think this is well said. MontanaMama Dec 2018 #1
Thank you. MariePinchon Dec 2018 #2
You said it from the heart MontanaMama Dec 2018 #3
You are a gem, MontanaMama. MariePinchon Dec 2018 #4
As a male, I kind of feel like America needs a woman President to cleanse itself after Trump's Quixote1818 Dec 2018 #5
Agreed. But I don't see another female candidate with the kind of strength, calimary Dec 2018 #23
Thank you for including what most probably think, but don't say. LakeSuperiorView Dec 2018 #6
Well said oberliner Dec 2018 #7
Nicely said karynnj Dec 2018 #8
Thank you mcar Dec 2018 #9
I think the catch is your definition of "terrific." Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #10
Actually, that isn't true Bettie Dec 2018 #13
And therein lies the rub. I and others see things differently. Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #14
I want a female candidate to win as well... Steven Maurer Dec 2018 #11
I feel the same way. Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #16
Who in the heck at DU are you arguing with???? marble falls Dec 2018 #12
Nobody now. Autumn Dec 2018 #15
Oh, my. Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #17
Thats not what happened this time. "He" was ID'd as a return troll. marble falls Dec 2018 #18
Really? Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #19
DU does not want to ban people williynilly. It takes six alerts in 90 days to get ... marble falls Dec 2018 #20
I see. I had no idea! Thanks. nt Honeycombe8 Dec 2018 #22
That's interesting. aikoaiko Dec 2018 #21
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