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Tom Rinaldo

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20. Worried. I might have said scared shitless if I knew less about American history
Fri Dec 21, 2018, 10:56 AM
Dec 2018

We have never had what I would call a really well functioning democracy, but it has done relatively well by world standards over the course of centuries. America has been through many dark periods. What type of healthy democracy allows "Jim Crow laws" to persist for decades let alone slavery itself?

But yes, I am worried. Our democracy is now undergoing yet another of its periodic "stress tests". We've survived others before this. But that doesn't preclude the possibility that this is the one we may utterly fail.

Very Concerned Sherman A1 Dec 2018 #1
Worried. BlueTsunami2018 Dec 2018 #2
Do this same poll on the Daily Caller site and people won't care. watoos Dec 2018 #3
This. Exactly. sharedvalues Dec 2018 #6
And sick to my stomach about it. Suddenly I've got insomnia, too. Vinca Dec 2018 #4
I'm the same, and add major anxiety/ panic attacks to that as well! pazzyanne Dec 2018 #15
What democracy? nt zanana1 Dec 2018 #5
What Democracy? gilligan Dec 2018 #7
I am concerned that congress has abdicated it responsibilities. WeekiWater Dec 2018 #8
Really? watoos Dec 2018 #11
Please read my post again. WeekiWater Dec 2018 #14
Don't worry, this is merely capitalism crushing the life out of democracy Farmer-Rick Dec 2018 #9
Worse yet, it's crony capitalism. watoos Dec 2018 #12
Capitalism didn't crush China's communism. harumph Dec 2018 #17
Are you saying that China is not using capitalism? Farmer-Rick Dec 2018 #18
Market capitalism seems to work very well under communist political systems. kentuck Dec 2018 #19
See now my better half use to say that China has a Communist Political System but Farmer-Rick Dec 2018 #21
Its clearly under attack. And its been severely weakened by gerrymandering and propaganda. ooky Dec 2018 #10
To quote Foch: NotASurfer Dec 2018 #13
You mean where the person with the most votes loses? uponit7771 Dec 2018 #16
Worried. I might have said scared shitless if I knew less about American history Tom Rinaldo Dec 2018 #20
Chicken little? GusBob Dec 2018 #22
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