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20. Forbes magazine gets it...
Mon Dec 24, 2018, 01:30 AM
Dec 2018
This year concludes the same way it began: with a partial shutdown of the federal government. There is no doubt that President Donald Trump is primarily responsible for this shutdown – less than two weeks ago, during a nationally televised meeting in the Oval Office, he explicitly said so himself.


Trump owns the shutdown. And he’s OK with that.


Trump’s shutdown stunt is an act of needless stupidity


Not that I see manor321 Dec 2018 #1
Yes, it would be bad if they caved before January 3rd. kentuck Dec 2018 #3
There is no "caving." Chuck & Nancy have no fcks left to give. DT tried to ambush them with cameras Hekate Dec 2018 #14
No.. LovingA2andMI Dec 2018 #2
Why do you think that? kentuck Dec 2018 #6
Nancy did exactly what you suggest dansolo Dec 2018 #4
Do you have a link to that? kentuck Dec 2018 #7
Did you really not see that bizarre meeting with Trump, Pence, Pelosi and Schumer?! caraher Dec 2018 #15
It was hard to miss. He invited them to "negotiate" & and ambushed them with news cameras... Hekate Dec 2018 #16
No. They have "pointed out that the Republicans and Donald Trump have control of all the government" uppityperson Dec 2018 #5
They have still permitted McConnell to frame it as between Trump and the Democrats. kentuck Dec 2018 #8
How can they stop McConnell from saying that? uppityperson Dec 2018 #11
That is the MSM Narrative Wellstone ruled Dec 2018 #9
Of course, it's the media's narrative... kentuck Dec 2018 #10
We are in full Trump Wellstone ruled Dec 2018 #12
Have to agree with Kentuck, at least as to the issue being raised DonaldsRump Dec 2018 #13
Perhaps they can agree to spend a billion or so on catapults and hot flaming oil... kentuck Dec 2018 #17
I don't think customerserviceguy Dec 2018 #18
Oh Hell no ismnotwasm Dec 2018 #19
Forbes magazine gets it... Cha Dec 2018 #20
I'm not seeing that, unless I missed some news, ooky Dec 2018 #21
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