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27. Yep.. Good to hear from Dean..
Mon Dec 24, 2018, 03:55 AM
Dec 2018

It certainly has helped Beto from what I see on twitter.. their scared tactics have backfired.

This was Sirota before he saw Beto was a threat to BS..

Hahahahahaha ismnotwasm Dec 2018 #1
!!! TexasTowelie Dec 2018 #2
I LOL'd! R B Garr Dec 2018 #16
And 28 years in Congress does not mean you've accomplished anything RandySF Dec 2018 #3
Well, those post-offices won't rename themselves emulatorloo Dec 2018 #5
From Prof. Tribe Gothmog Dec 2018 #22
He's Not Larry PaulX2 Dec 2018 #54
That tweet is from Professor Tribe Gothmog Dec 2018 #60
An explanation from Prof Tribe Gothmog Dec 2018 #62
It's getting old... fortunately, not many are falling for it. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #77
James Zogby is telling us to Cha Dec 2018 #4
Sirota blocked me on Twitter RandySF Dec 2018 #7
Thank You for reminding him, RSF. Cha Dec 2018 #8
He blocked me awhile ago too. xor Dec 2018 #70
Anyone who thinks we don't need more Obama years is a fucking idiot BannonsLiver Dec 2018 #18
AMEN!! uponit7771 Dec 2018 #45
Obama finished with a ***95%*** approval rating among Democrats, Cha Dec 2018 #50
P.S His approval is in the 60s in the whole country. Cha Dec 2018 #52
I'm with Joan Walsh on this one mcar Dec 2018 #39
Yeah, I haven't chosen Cha Dec 2018 #48
I'm A Bernie Supporter Who Likes And Donated To Beto PaulX2 Dec 2018 #55
We have so many excellent choices this time PatSeg Dec 2018 #75
That's how I feel too mcar Dec 2018 #82
It is important that we remember PatSeg Dec 2018 #83
Beto is no Bernie, it's true. Pope George Ringo II Dec 2018 #6
+1 TexasTowelie Dec 2018 #28
Beto is no Bernie NastyRiffraff Dec 2018 #47
Bernie Is More Of My Kind Of Roosevelt Democrat PaulX2 Dec 2018 #56
Me too!! Beto is no Bernie, that's fo sho...no, Bernie is the progressive who can defeat the Dotard. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #59
I do not support Sen. Sanders even though I voted for him last time. Demsrule86 Dec 2018 #73
Call it what you want, Zogby.. no one is as scared of Beto as you Cha Dec 2018 #9
"People sometimes don't see that because there was a charismatic individual named Barack Obama. betsuni Dec 2018 #10
Yeah, I remember that.. and his Cha Dec 2018 #13
yup, all the attacks are the same we have heard about Obama, Hillary, even going back to Gore and JI7 Dec 2018 #21
They hate Obama for some reason. Michael Moore had the temerity to say that Barack Obama would be... Tarheel_Dem Dec 2018 #25
I agree Beto can appeal, he's not negative and playing to people's ignorance and fear. betsuni Dec 2018 #29
+1111111111! Cha Dec 2018 #53
they hate OBama because he cut into their profits . they made a lot of money from angry democrats JI7 Dec 2018 #31
From Nate Silver emulatorloo Dec 2018 #43
Bingo! peggysue2 Dec 2018 #44
... NurseJackie Dec 2018 #11
When one says something like that... Adrahil Dec 2018 #12
There definitely is and Cha Dec 2018 #14
This is all starting to make me think... WeekiWater Dec 2018 #15
Good grief ProudLib72 Dec 2018 #17
If people would bother to read that he has wisdom beyond his years grantcart Dec 2018 #19
CNN-Bernie Sanders supporters should worry about Beto Gothmog Dec 2018 #20
I saw MN Senator Amy Klobuchar... TJKatd Dec 2018 #24
I like her a lot n/t TexasBushwhacker Dec 2018 #41
"Democratic purity is worthless if the candidate can't win" Absolutely!!! calimary Dec 2018 #64
Does it matter how "progressive" Bernie is if he's unelectable? Renew Deal Dec 2018 #79
I also think that sanders is unelectable Gothmog Dec 2018 #87
From Governor Howard Dean Gothmog Dec 2018 #23
Yep.. Good to hear from Dean.. Cha Dec 2018 #27
Does he actually need to be told why floating the name of freshman who has yet to serve a day lapucelle Dec 2018 #33
Yes, Sirota needs to be schooled, Cha Dec 2018 #46
No kidding!!!!! calimary Dec 2018 #65
+1000 smirkymonkey Dec 2018 #69
I want to win. I want to beat Trump OKNancy Dec 2018 #26
Agreed. calimary Dec 2018 #66
Hoping that nobody would click the link, I guess guruoo Dec 2018 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author betsuni Dec 2018 #32
the reality is that O'Rourke has a record that's somewhat more conservative than that of most of Crazyleftie Dec 2018 #34
Bernie supporters are concerned that Beto will take his youth support dansolo Dec 2018 #40
True dat! Don't know why that's controversial... candidates should just be genuine and open about InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #57
Which votes are you concened with? Renew Deal Dec 2018 #81
Can you elaborate on this some more? xor Dec 2018 #71
Bernie forces: You're protesting way too much, trying to sell this "no Beto war" thing. Paladin Dec 2018 #35
This message was self-deleted by its author InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2018 #58
Not sure why they think we can't see Cha Dec 2018 #61
hey Zog, how about STFU ... we see right thru ya MFGsunny Dec 2018 #36
Sorry dude but Beto has it all! ananda Dec 2018 #37
Some people have learned nothing from 2016 mcar Dec 2018 #38
from my twitter feed Gothmog Dec 2018 #42
Yeah, I'm thinking that even if Beto Cha Dec 2018 #49
Beto is very charismatic. Did this person see anything about his campaign? shenmue Dec 2018 #51
I think he's trying to say that Beto is a likable fella, but he isn't a true progressive. xor Dec 2018 #72
I'm not saying Our Revolution is trolling. Squinch Dec 2018 #63
I dislike our revolution and would never vote for any of their candidates in a primary. Demsrule86 Dec 2018 #74
cool story, bro. JHan Dec 2018 #67
These are the people that booed John Lewis in 2016 GulfCoast66 Dec 2018 #68
Do you have proof of that or did you just pull that out of your ass? nt Snotcicles Dec 2018 #84
Did not need to pull it out my ass. We all saw it. Democratic Primary 2016. GulfCoast66 Dec 2018 #85
I remember. That group was pissed at Lewis for dissing Bernie's civil rights activisim. nt Snotcicles Dec 2018 #86
I'm guessing Mr. Google refreshed your memory? GulfCoast66 Dec 2018 #89
I think you are all hyperventilating. Bernie Sanders was the best candidate in 2016. Snotcicles Dec 2018 #90
John Lewis handled getting his skull smashed protesting for the vote GulfCoast66 Dec 2018 #93
Have a good life. nt Snotcicles Dec 2018 #94
All Lewis said was that he didn't remember Sanders, didn't meet him. betsuni Dec 2018 #91
I was at the convention and I saw the booing and worst behavior Gothmog Dec 2018 #96
Bernie is no Beto janterry Dec 2018 #76
Same here, I really like Bernie, but I want someone new - I love Beto and Kamala womanofthehills Dec 2018 #92
Why are there any "comments" when neither of them are running? Renew Deal Dec 2018 #78
"progressivism" ≠ leadership Renew Deal Dec 2018 #80
This NYT article explains why sanders supporrters are worried about Beto Gothmog Dec 2018 #88
Why the Bernie Movement Must Crush Beto O'Rourke Gothmog Dec 2018 #95
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