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Wait wait - I thought BHO banned saying Merry Christmas ???? What ??? CincyDem Dec 2018 #1
My President! Irishxs Dec 2018 #2
That's more like it! KT2000 Dec 2018 #3
and no favoring one kid over the other. (when's the last time he mentioned Tiffany? has he ever?) Demovictory9 Dec 2018 #4
good point KT2000 Dec 2018 #6
Wait until Tiffany is "dating" age. Then poor, old Ivanka will be dumped. erronis Dec 2018 #11
Tiffany is age 25. I don't think age is the issue. Ivanka is considered to be the "looker" in the Demovictory9 Dec 2018 #12
Tiffany is the one he wanted aborted.. HipChick Dec 2018 #15
ouch Demovictory9 Dec 2018 #17
I think Tiffany is the pretty one. She does not hold that sour vile hate in her face like Ivanka. Doreen Dec 2018 #20
Or Barron. nt tblue37 Dec 2018 #14
The only ones who have ever mattered are Ivana's 3 spawn... Hekate Dec 2018 #23
Our Beautiful First Family.. the last one we've had. Cha Dec 2018 #5
Sigh.... ❣️ LakeArenal Dec 2018 #16
I got a Christmas card with that photo in 2016/ TNNurse Dec 2018 #7
There is a Santa Claus! democratisphere Dec 2018 #8
Fine looking family. lpbk2713 Dec 2018 #9
Beautiful family! shanti Dec 2018 #10
They look so good apkhgp Dec 2018 #13
That was taken during the state dinner for Canada that year.. Princess Turandot Dec 2018 #18
Class. So glad they did what they did and are doing what they are doing. nt Persondem Dec 2018 #19
They are all so beautiful. Doreen Dec 2018 #21
So simple. So dignified. c-rational Dec 2018 #22
REAL smiles! Rorey Dec 2018 #24
Now there's real class. calimary Dec 2018 #25
I believe C_U_L8R Dec 2018 #26
All I want for Christmas is Soxfan58 Dec 2018 #27
Actually it was intended to be a slam on Trump. Tommy_Carcetti Dec 2018 #28
My goodness, the girls have grown so tall.... KY_EnviroGuy Dec 2018 #29
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