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11. Occasionally even someone like Ashcroft says something profound.
Sun Dec 30, 2018, 12:38 PM
Dec 2018

This is the guy, remember, who covered the statue of the spirit of justice in the auditorium of the Department of Justice because it showed a little too much boob, the guy who wrote a horrible, horrible song and sang it to his employees ("Let the Eagle Soar" begged!), he is also the dipshit who opened a calumniating can of worms against Scott Ritter because Ritter, a member of the U.N. inspections team, pointed out the lies the Cheney-Bush administration used to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq. Finally, and to no one's surprise, he is also the guy who, as Attorney General of the United States, fought medical marijuana as immoral while, at the same time, supporting and authorizing the continued use of torture.

But this is also the guy who refused to reverse a DOJ order to suspend unwarranted surveillance of U.S. citizens. (President Cheney, you remember, sent little Allie Gonzalez and Andy Card to his hospital room where he was recovering from a life-threatening condition. They were there to get the drugged and sedated Attorney General to sign the reversal order -- but Ashcroft contacted Jim Comey who arrived at the hospital at the same time as the 2 goons from the Cheney administration. Ashcroft transferred the Att'y Gen'l scepter of office to Comey who told Gonzo and Card to go to hell.

That one act doesn't remove the stains from his service as Att'y Gen'l, but it mitigates, somewhat, the negative things that represent the bulk of his work as Att'y Gen'l.

Oh, and he lost his Senate seat to a guy who died before election day. Can't forget to mention that. Tickles me every time I do.

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