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It's also a prime example of GOP/Right-Wing do as I say not as I do hypocrisy RAB910 Jan 2019 #1
Yup and I use Liberty University as a perfect example. Initech Jan 2019 #18
+1 - thank you for the reference to "liberty" U. Alma mater of the creeping crud erronis Jan 2019 #37
Yep. That's about it. calimary Jan 2019 #2
A white Democrat would be more likely to get away with this than a black Republican ... EffieBlack Jan 2019 #5
Worked out really well for white Democrat Bill Clinton. nt Autumn Jan 2019 #11
Well let's be honest Bill did shove a cigar where the sun don't shine into an intern titaniumsalute Jan 2019 #12
There is also Hilary's emails 2016 and Autumn Jan 2019 #13
While I agree it becomes everyone's business whether we like it or not titaniumsalute Jan 2019 #25
Hillary's emails didn't open pandora's box, Ivanka's emails got 3 minutes of coverage. Autumn Jan 2019 #30
Your arguments are messy titaniumsalute Jan 2019 #32
I addressed privilege. You think only white males have privilege? Autumn Jan 2019 #34
I'm free to ignore yes...but it might help to have a solid point then to be all over the place titaniumsalute Jan 2019 #40
Pointing out examples of privilege is all over the place? Yeah I guess so. Autumn Jan 2019 #42
IOKIYAAR! GWC58 Jan 2019 #56
Only if the RW and the M$M wants to make it everyone's business erronis Jan 2019 #38
And JFK, LBJ, plenty of Dems were screwing around without any trouble IronLionZion Jan 2019 #20
Yes they did it too. Republican are the family values people while Democrats are evil. Autumn Jan 2019 #21
Privilege and racism are closely intertwined. IronLionZion Jan 2019 #24
Or they don't like someone else privileges so they end up hating them titaniumsalute Jan 2019 #33
More likely: They engage in these same acts and want to mount a strong offense erronis Jan 2019 #39
Republicans in a nut shell. Autumn Jan 2019 #35
Funny how certain folk always jump in to push back against any reference to white privilege EffieBlack Jan 2019 #59
It's easier to maintain it if we pretend it doesn't exist IronLionZion Jan 2019 #63
And even better if we project blame onto those who point it out ... EffieBlack Jan 2019 #65
She who smelt it dealt it! IronLionZion Jan 2019 #67
Since this has been known as an objective fact for 50 years you grantcart Jan 2019 #19
I do understand your point. I know I possess some innate hostalover Jan 2019 #31
I like the way you phrased this. It is my position too (whatever QT is...) nt erronis Jan 2019 #41
Quik Trip! hostalover Jan 2019 #46
I don't know, honestly. Repubs have been getting more and more... Beartracks Jan 2019 #68
You're making our point ... EffieBlack Jan 2019 #70
Thx, Effie. I guess I did! Beartracks Jan 2019 #71
"They " being the right wing was pretty brutal to white male clinton Fullduplexxx Jan 2019 #3
That was 20 years ago EffieBlack Jan 2019 #6
??? lark Jan 2019 #16
For president Obama it was about male white priviege. watoos Jan 2019 #7
Thanks for me it's always been rich vs poor Fullduplexxx Jan 2019 #29
By making false equivalencies. LanternWaste Jan 2019 #48
+++ This (@watoos) erronis Jan 2019 #43
Clinton wasn't called anti-American for his choice of mustard. LanternWaste Jan 2019 #47
Well I applaud your pursuit of a distinction by focusing on the little details Fullduplexxx Jan 2019 #49
If Obama had been caught getting oral sex from an intern in the Oval Office, he would have been EffieBlack Jan 2019 #60
Remember when they tried to turn *low* gas prices under Obama into a scandal? ck4829 Jan 2019 #75
They didn't have a meeting the night of his inauguration treestar Jan 2019 #76
If he had this congress they would have Fullduplexxx Jan 2019 #77
Our Constitution was written by and for wealthy white men. mountain grammy Jan 2019 #4
Well said, watoos Jan 2019 #8
response to 'white male privilege' marieo1 Jan 2019 #9
Thanks. And he's not just our normal white/male but a severely limited one with psychopathy erronis Jan 2019 #44
I'd also add in Republican as well NewJeffCT Jan 2019 #10
You forget the press also stalked the Clintons for any imperfection lovemydogs Jan 2019 #15
But they survived it EffieBlack Jan 2019 #61
This guy hit it on the head lovemydogs Jan 2019 #14
I can't name *any* president Locrian Jan 2019 #17
My daughter and I were discussing this yesterday lovemydogs Jan 2019 #22
Good points. It'll take 2-5+ generations to get used to the real world erronis Jan 2019 #45
Remember his tan suit? Laura PourMeADrink Jan 2019 #23
Oh my God, oh the humanity!!1! ck4829 Jan 2019 #74
So true, but the ironic thing is history is starting to show Obama family to be the most respected. TheBlackAdder Jan 2019 #26
I'm sorry, it's not white male privilege - it's Repuke right-wing privilege FakeNoose Jan 2019 #27
Sure, Bill Clinton was attacked by the right wing. But white privilege means he hasn't lost any WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2019 #28
Obama hasnt lost any status among society either Fullduplexxx Jan 2019 #50
More likely I'm just not explaining it very well. It happens. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2019 #51
I think even Bill Clinton would acknowledge that Obama was treated much more harshly than he was EffieBlack Jan 2019 #62
THANK YOU. You said it much better than I was able to. WhiskeyGrinder Jan 2019 #78
A big part of this is the US m$M trying Cha Jan 2019 #36
The GOP doesn't care about morality or honesty. trev Jan 2019 #52
Oxygen breathing, 2-legged humans! Roy Rolling Jan 2019 #53
Despite exemplifying class & leadership, Conservatives STILL crucified him... ffr Jan 2019 #54
What polls is this guy looking at? MadDAsHell Jan 2019 #55
and the list is incomplete /nt jimlup Jan 2019 #57
Yep treestar Jan 2019 #58
In all fairness... jcgoldie Jan 2019 #64
Kicking with much gusto. oasis Jan 2019 #66
And fuck everyone who enables this shit Blue Owl Jan 2019 #69
Not totally true -- It's only "crickets" from his minority 32% base whathehell Jan 2019 #72
K&R ck4829 Jan 2019 #73
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