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Thu Jan 10, 2019, 01:17 PM Jan 2019

For those beginning to consider "some sort of compromise" with Trump and [View all]

his crew: STOP! Can you even IMAGINE how extreme he will be if we roll over and he can crow about it to the knuckle draggers?

The die is about to be cast. Let it ride.

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I've been saying this for a while Dirty Socialist Jan 2019 #1
I agree. One other thing to remember...no wall, no re-election for trump... brush Jan 2019 #79
I agree! lunatica Jan 2019 #2
I have no respect for anyone even suggesting this... Phentex Jan 2019 #3
Never apcalc Jan 2019 #4
So, what's the endgame? customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #5
We're going to have two more years of extreme damage any way you slice it gratuitous Jan 2019 #8
Yes, but customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #11
The EPA hasn't functioned for two years gratuitous Jan 2019 #17
EXACTLY!!! bluestarone Jan 2019 #18
Never apcalc Jan 2019 #27
WHAT??? Traildogbob Jan 2019 #32
Then I guess customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #68
This message was self-deleted by its author Traildogbob Jan 2019 #74
No, face saving for the president...period...he began this blackmail and he gets nothing. Demsrule86 Jan 2019 #15
And in the end customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #24
It won't go on for two years. Trump is merely bloviating. Demsrule86 Jan 2019 #81
So customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #87
There are two possibiities...he uses the national emergency, reopens the governent but does nothing Demsrule86 Jan 2019 #98
I agree that this can't continue customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #99
Just how long do you think federal employees can hold on? annabanana Jan 2019 #29
Most Federal employees customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #31
He's choking CBP..and ICE.. two of his favorites. . .n/t annabanana Jan 2019 #36
And nobody in the news media customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #48
TSA and air traffic controllers walking off would end this pronto Arazi Jan 2019 #73
Or, as I predict customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #89
Trump will declare a National Emergency and still no wall will be built. That's the Endgame. PubliusEnigma Jan 2019 #39
I realize that the courts customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #47
It seems as though you basically agree with Mitch: no sense opposing Trump; pay the Atticus Jan 2019 #59
I don't "agree" with customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #61
We fundamentally disagree. Have a good evening. nt Atticus Jan 2019 #64
We do, and the best to you and your family. n/t customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #67
No. Wall. Money. Ever. John Fante Jan 2019 #70
And that customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #72
Trump won't declare a national emergency dansolo Jan 2019 #96
"Something has to come about where both sides can save face.." pangaia Jan 2019 #76
Amen! nt Atticus Jan 2019 #86
Trump customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #90
This message was self-deleted by its author AlexSFCA Jan 2019 #101
Not a goddamned dollar for the wall. None. Zero. Zilch. Capisci? n/t X_Digger Jan 2019 #84
Both sides save face? Lol. We don't need to save KPN Jan 2019 #104
Let it ride. BootinUp Jan 2019 #6
Depends on the compromise. Adrahil Jan 2019 #7
That will not be offered Limbaugh and Coulter who engineered the shutdown will be livid. Demsrule86 Jan 2019 #16
I agree.... Adrahil Jan 2019 #19
Of course! Demsrule86 Jan 2019 #82
And customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #21
yup. nt Adrahil Jan 2019 #22
agreed, but... anarch Jan 2019 #9
None of your conditions will happen. Demsrule86 Jan 2019 #14
I believe funding for border security is already in the bill that was passed by Congress. Honeycombe8 Jan 2019 #41
I agree we shouldn't give him anything standingtall Jan 2019 #10
IIRC it started with Newt Gingrich. Goddam GOP trying to break the federal government ... Hekate Jan 2019 #92
He will keep this up forever.The GOP has been doing this for years...no deal. We don't Demsrule86 Jan 2019 #12
What the GOP has done in the past customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #26
You can't give into blackmail...Trump wants to be re-elected too but no matter what Demsrule86 Jan 2019 #80
Yes, he wants to be re-elected customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #91
There will be state charges in New York. Demsrule86 Jan 2019 #97
Bulllies only become more irascible if you give in. Grasswire2 Jan 2019 #13
No compromising with a traitor! StarryNite Jan 2019 #20
Tantamount to giving a hostage taker what he wants. Caliman73 Jan 2019 #23
He's losing and distracting. Let him suffer. Don't give him a win. NightWatcher Jan 2019 #25
No deal. No wall. How big of a sucker does one have to be to think Trump will not use the same ploy dameatball Jan 2019 #28
I'm with you and all the others who say, no deal! llmart Jan 2019 #30
It feels to me like we are at Civil War and will sagesnow Jan 2019 #33
NO WALL! duforsure Jan 2019 #34
The "no food safety inspections" could bring everything down, including us...just wait til 150 kids BamaRefugee Jan 2019 #35
NO COMPROMISE! NONE! bitterross Jan 2019 #37
No wall... N_E_1 for Tennis Jan 2019 #38
+1000 Power 2 the People Jan 2019 #40
Compromise? Here's a compromise: onenote Jan 2019 #42
I am all in... BlueJac Jan 2019 #43
Let you Congress critters know - you do not want big $$ spent on a wall by any name lunasun Jan 2019 #44
Agree 100% Catch2.2 Jan 2019 #45
Any negotiating about anything Mr.Bill Jan 2019 #46
He had his chance for compromise. It was the bill passed by the House and Senate that Vinca Jan 2019 #49
100% humbled_opinion Jan 2019 #50
One doesn't negotiate with terrorists - or two-year-olds. The Velveteen Ocelot Jan 2019 #51
+1000 Luciferous Jan 2019 #85
Not a fucking dime ... Drifter Jan 2019 #52
"Sir, I have a message from Bastogne." mahatmakanejeeves Jan 2019 #53
The first I ever heard that story, I was taking Latin in high school.We laboriously translated it... Hekate Jan 2019 #94
Don't even fuckin THINK about it!!! InAbLuEsTaTe Jan 2019 #54
Abso...f***ing...LUTELY! No wall for him! NRaleighLiberal Jan 2019 #55
Frankly, anyone who suggests "compromise" on the wall is a fool... regnaD kciN Jan 2019 #56
Bless your common sense! nt Atticus Jan 2019 #62
It depends on two things customerserviceguy Jan 2019 #66
Is anyone else thinking of SCVDem Jan 2019 #57
Do not give in to this blackmail from this sociopath Taraman Jan 2019 #58
Perhaps, even if approved, it would take 10 years or so to build The Mouth Jan 2019 #60
if the dems give in Locrian Jan 2019 #63
Not an inch do you give, Dems! Consider that an order. From YOUR EMPLOYERS. calimary Jan 2019 #65
Appeasement when dealing with virtual nazis. Crunchy Frog Jan 2019 #69
Not. one. red. cent. for. his. wall Nevermypresident Jan 2019 #71
Tax refunds, TSA/air travel, Coasties, and SNAP will reopen the govt obamanut2012 Jan 2019 #75
I agree. No compromising with a terroristic prez. CozyMystery Jan 2019 #77
I admire your courage and your integrity. Please hang on. We need folks like you. nt Atticus Jan 2019 #78
Hip hooray for Neville Chamberlain, we take our hats off to you... JHB Jan 2019 #83
The Mad King was under the impression that he could break Mme Speaker and make her buckle... Hekate Jan 2019 #88
I trust Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer. They have a plan & Trump has none. nt Hekate Jan 2019 #93
they and others need to know we back them Hermit-The-Prog Jan 2019 #95
Democrats CANNOT cave! Yeehah Jan 2019 #100
Once the Deplorables lose their food stamps torius Jan 2019 #102
While I admire the resolve of most posters, at some point we'll have to cave. JustABozoOnThisBus Jan 2019 #103
WARNING: Compromise with Trump today and no_hypocrisy Jan 2019 #105
THANK YOU! NT Atticus Jan 2019 #106
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