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In reply to the discussion: Just saw this on CNN. [View all]
Just saw this on CNN. [View all] sheshe2 Jan 2019 OP
He is a grotesque facsimile of a human being lunatica Jan 2019 #1
This! sheshe2 Jan 2019 #4
I always thought he could be summed up in one word ailsagirl Jan 2019 #22
Well atreides1 Jan 2019 #29
Sadly. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #44
A grotesque fascismile. Too. dchill Jan 2019 #33
Rescind the fucking tax cuts Freethinker65 Jan 2019 #2
As long as the GOP has 50 senators and the VP, a non-starter maxsolomon Jan 2019 #20
The courts will stop him Palisade Jan 2019 #3
If I understand it correctly, the SCOTUS maxsolomon Jan 2019 #21
That is over regulations not however money Congress has already earmarked for other cstanleytech Jan 2019 #24
"in violation of the law" - as if that worried Trump for his own actions. keithbvadu2 Jan 2019 #27
Violation of the law is a Trump specialty. dchill Jan 2019 #36
The courts have stopped Trump before. John Fante Jan 2019 #66
The people who own land True Blue American Jan 2019 #70
Lindsey's eyes. Traildogbob Jan 2019 #85
Congress has passed over 100 laws LTG Jan 2019 #94
It would be unwise of me to say out loud all the things I wish for him. NurseJackie Jan 2019 #5
With ya, Nurse Jackie. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #8
I am riding in that same boat with you. Solly Mack Jan 2019 #12
I loathe this feral thing!!!!!!!! jrthin Jan 2019 #34
+1000 nt littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #51
Same here, Nurse Jackie! True Blue American Jan 2019 #71
Did you see his tweet about cutting FEMA's wildfires' money malaise Jan 2019 #6
Saw that too. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #11
That word is "Trump." dchill Jan 2019 #37
Thinks he's CEO/King of the US. ginnyinWI Jan 2019 #7
He must worship some evil chaos deity (or Vladimir Putin) C_U_L8R Jan 2019 #9
He's a sociopath. Evil is good to the sociopath. To love is to hurt. littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #52
Yes FiveGoodMen Jan 2019 #90
It will never happen. Lawrence Tribe gave reasons why... BigmanPigman Jan 2019 #10
This assumes #3 actually happens BumRushDaShow Jan 2019 #17
Everyone on DU keeps commenting on tRump's BigmanPigman Jan 2019 #23
Stroke? sheshe2 Jan 2019 #46
With his rages, who knows? True Blue American Jan 2019 #73
No Puerto Rican that I know is brown. virgogal Jan 2019 #13
Huh? There are Puerto Ricans of every color. pnwmom Jan 2019 #26
Thank you for sharing this! nt littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #54
That proved my point. virgogal Jan 2019 #67
How does that prove that no Puerto Rican you know is brown? pnwmom Jan 2019 #69
Because people simplistically keep labeling us as "brown" and we are Guy Whitey Corngood Jan 2019 #89
Been there,know that is true. True Blue American Jan 2019 #74
Uh, you'd be surprised at the number of wellst0nev0ter Jan 2019 #28
And stopping relief to California mcar Jan 2019 #14
I would think he did that because California is very blue. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #18
He is changing the landscape to blue mcar Jan 2019 #30
I love the color blue. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #45
My favorite mcar Jan 2019 #48
It is coming, mcar. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #49
We must all stay encouraged. littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #55
.............. bdamomma Jan 2019 #82
EVERYDAY bluestarone Jan 2019 #15
Such a racist. Kath2 Jan 2019 #16
As close as Beto got, that could be just the Phoenix61 Jan 2019 #19
We have no president n/t wellst0nev0ter Jan 2019 #25
He's a thug bdamomma Jan 2019 #42
+1 littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #56
"take money" - and take some property from Texans. keithbvadu2 Jan 2019 #31
This afternoon they were talking about him wanting to take FEMA funds from the California... George II Jan 2019 #32
You got it wrong hon. Glamrock Jan 2019 #35
If Trump looked on the outside how he is on the inside. spike jones Jan 2019 #38
Madame Speaker needs to hear from us..... DONT GIVE IN. NoMoreRepugs Jan 2019 #39
The Texas relief funds wouldn't be just for brown people. That's for the hurricane disaster. Honeycombe8 Jan 2019 #40
I stated minorities in Texas. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #47
So is NC, sheshe2. littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #61
You all are awesome. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #62
Watching bdamomma Jan 2019 #41
Not going to happen. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #59
So, it's President Miller now? herding cats Jan 2019 #64
Stephen Miller bdamomma Jan 2019 #83
And he'll let California burn IronLionZion Jan 2019 #43
And STUPID. littlemissmartypants Jan 2019 #50
I so fucking hate him! smirkymonkey Jan 2019 #53
Fuck you Donald Trump Blue Owl Jan 2019 #57
He will get his bdamomma Jan 2019 #84
This will seriously impact local economies. herding cats Jan 2019 #58
Pretty sure it already has. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #60
Oh, I don't disagree! herding cats Jan 2019 #63
One day, herding cats. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #65
Hey trump lunasun Jan 2019 #68
He also wants to take money away from California fire disaster funds. Vinca Jan 2019 #72
MF45. nt oasis Jan 2019 #75
This message was self-deleted by its author BlueJac Jan 2019 #76
K&R to "evil and ugly". n/t SpankMe Jan 2019 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author Factchekr Jan 2019 #78
25 45 alfredo Jan 2019 #79
Works for me! sheshe2 Jan 2019 #80
Anything that sends him away,works for me. alfredo Jan 2019 #81
Gop had 2 years Linda Ed Jan 2019 #86
Exactly right, Linda Ed! nt sheshe2 Jan 2019 #87
Everytime you think he's gone to the bottom he plumbs new depths. Ruerto Rico, yet ... marble falls Jan 2019 #88
This is just vicious NastyRiffraff Jan 2019 #91
And California homegirl Jan 2019 #92
Yes. sheshe2 Jan 2019 #93
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