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64. Yes, for about 5 minutes, and then change the channel
Mon Feb 4, 2019, 08:40 PM
Feb 2019

The ratings data will show the drop off in viewership, and I want that to drop as sharpy as possible.

The, when Stacy comes on, Full attention for the whole thing. Make her ratings as high as possible, just to kick him where it hurts.

I will be downstairs sewing. .... ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2019 #1
I would like to hear Stacey Abrams too, but I sure don't want to listen to Trump. Maybe I record it still_one Feb 2019 #5
Not only "No," but... 3catwoman3 Feb 2019 #2
No, none of it... TheCowsCameHome Feb 2019 #3
I wish she bdamomma Feb 2019 #15
No. I will wait, then watch Stacey Abrams' rebuttal instead. DinahMoeHum Feb 2019 #4
I would love to see that still_one Feb 2019 #7
And that is why we shouldn't watch it Bettie Feb 2019 #18
drumpf's entire Presidency has been a lie and the SOTU message will be no different. democratisphere Feb 2019 #6
There's no poll selection for 'Fuck No!' Aristus Feb 2019 #8
+1! Blue Owl Feb 2019 #10
If Stormy is going to fold her clothes again, no. edbermac Feb 2019 #9
we will be watching something streaming on Netflix or Prime -not shit streaming from asshole's mouth NRaleighLiberal Feb 2019 #11
No. But I want to watch Stacey Abrams afterward. n/t Greybnk48 Feb 2019 #12
Even in the best of times... genxlib Feb 2019 #13
will be here bdamomma Feb 2019 #14
KU vs. K-State on ESPN!! aeromanKC Feb 2019 #16
I have to watch paint dry. The Truth Is Here Feb 2019 #17
Yes. I try not to miss them. NT WeekiWater Feb 2019 #19
My hats off to you. I can't stand to watch news clips of him still_one Feb 2019 #20
I really am with you on that. WeekiWater Feb 2019 #23
I am not being critical of you, in fact I admire you are able to do it since it tells us what we are still_one Feb 2019 #24
Hell NO! Why would I want to watch a lying, traitorous, sack of orange $hit mnhtnbb Feb 2019 #21
No. But will watch Ms. Abrams for sure. Cousin Dupree Feb 2019 #22
it will be up against a new Drunk History.... so no..... scheming daemons Feb 2019 #25
Not even if the world ends the next day Butterflylady Feb 2019 #26
Probably pintobean Feb 2019 #27
No, but I usually do not watch them. I prefer to read them. Freethinker65 Feb 2019 #28
For the first time in probably 50 years - NO! Runningdawg Feb 2019 #29
I think I have to mow my lawn. nt Javaman Feb 2019 #30
I don't want to miss governor-elect Stacey Abrams' debut Hortensis Feb 2019 #31
That's true. I am thinking of recording it so I can fast forward to Stacey Abrams still_one Feb 2019 #43
Yes. I tend to forget things and that's the best way for me. Hortensis Feb 2019 #45
The Flash will be on CW obamanut2012 Feb 2019 #32
Probably the first few minutes at least... Eugene Feb 2019 #33
good luck. I don't think it will take too long still_one Feb 2019 #42
No - I can't stomach that odious, lying fool /nt hopeforchange2008 Feb 2019 #34
If it's tame Trump it will be dull as *. If it's unchained Trump it will be lie after lie Johonny Feb 2019 #35
By "tame Trump" you must mean "drugged up Trump". llmart Feb 2019 #58
I'll be watching Dark Shadows reruns on Amazon Prime. lilactime Feb 2019 #36
My TV was far too expensive Freddie Feb 2019 #37
I always do. I always have. MineralMan Feb 2019 #38
Got to admire your stamina then Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2019 #49
My brother and i MFM008 Feb 2019 #39
no. didnt watch obama or bush w either for that matter nt msongs Feb 2019 #40
I boycotted the SOTU last year and will do the same this year Gothmog Feb 2019 #41
Yes Leith Feb 2019 #44
No, Trump does nothing but lie. beaglelover Feb 2019 #46
I'll be working EricMaundry Feb 2019 #47
Not only no Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2019 #48
drinky drinky librechik Feb 2019 #50
but i will be watching Stacie's response chillfactor Feb 2019 #51
Nope Solly Mack Feb 2019 #52
No, but I'll read the State of the Union thread on DU. JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2019 #53
I'll watch "Russian Doll" on Netflix and catch Rachel Maddow's recap the following night. NurseJackie Feb 2019 #54
I will. And the rebuttal. Auggie Feb 2019 #55
He hates getting low ratings. Onyrleft Feb 2019 #56
as much as i wanna see nancy sit behind him and give him the evil eye... samnsara Feb 2019 #57
no. i got rid of tv 3 years ago. kept pricing me out of the market .( cable ) (comcast) AllaN01Bear Feb 2019 #59
Nope. Tuesday's my Alanon night. n/t TygrBright Feb 2019 #60
I can't stand listening to him speak happybird Feb 2019 #61
FUCK NO Ferrets are Cool Feb 2019 #62
I have authorized Chris, Rachel, and Donald (MSNBC) to watch for me. nt NCjack Feb 2019 #63
Yes, for about 5 minutes, and then change the channel JHB Feb 2019 #64
Knowledge is Power Huin Feb 2019 #65
Yes Polybius Feb 2019 #66
I will probably TRY... RichardRay Feb 2019 #67
No DeminPennswoods Feb 2019 #68
probably Kali Feb 2019 #69
No, better to catch the highlights and the mockery on late night comedy. backscatter712 Feb 2019 #70
Yes of course Raine Feb 2019 #71
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