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Wed Feb 20, 2019, 09:46 AM Feb 2019

*** Official "I will vote for whoever the Dem candidate is" thread *** [View all]

It is time for solidarity, not infighting.

Personally I don't really care very much who gets the Democratic nomination. They ALL are a gazillion times better than what we have. In fact my biggest concern is how they would stack up against Trump.


whether the nominee is Corey Booker, or Kamala Harris, or Elizabeth Warren, or Amy Klobuchar, or Kirsten Gillibrand, or Julian Castro, or Jerry Brown, or Eric Holder, or Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton, or Mickey Mouse, I will march down to the polling station and gladly cast my ballot for that person. and I will encourage others to do so.

And yes, if Bernie Sanders is nominated at the Democratic candidate, I will gladly do the same.

Civil discussion about why you prefer one over the other is good. Finger pointing, blaming, and demonizing ANY of these potential candidates does NOT help the cause or our ultimate goal.

"Rec" if you agree.

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Kamala Harris Quemado Feb 2019 #1
I love her... yuiyoshida Feb 2019 #111
Yes! She's the front runner for me. PTWB Feb 2019 #125
Hands down, no doubt, cross my heart, I give my 100% guarantee Siwsan Feb 2019 #2
Really well said! B Stieg Feb 2019 #3
Me too DownriverDem Feb 2019 #22
I Gotta agree w/ that, DD. n/t Lucid Dreamer Feb 2019 #75
Actually, not to argue but, watoos Feb 2019 #91
Yep and if safeinOhio Feb 2019 #119
You and me both. I will support the nominee. calimary Feb 2019 #216
Link? Please? eom Control-Z Feb 2019 #210
Heh, heh! That didn't last long, did it? jamesatemple Feb 2019 #142
From what I understand DownriverDem Feb 2019 #230
+1 mitch96 Feb 2019 #100
We're lucky to have such a smorgasbord of talent. forgotmylogin Feb 2019 #215
That makes two of us blueinredohio Feb 2019 #4
Three! True Blue American Feb 2019 #31
I'm in! PWPippinesq Feb 2019 #5
Rec!!! marble falls Feb 2019 #6
Cheers ! TommyCelt Feb 2019 #7
If we can't unite around this sentiment we got problems Tom Rinaldo Feb 2019 #8
Yeah, most of them went to that weird pine tree site. PatrickforO Feb 2019 #42
I'm saying yes.......although I hope so hard it isn't Tulsi Gabbard Coventina Feb 2019 #9
i agree. garybeck Feb 2019 #15
I prefer to focus on the positive aspects of a candidate bluecollar2 Feb 2019 #10
Honestly, Democrats are like a big family. True Blue American Feb 2019 #224
Any sensible adult 2020 IronLionZion Feb 2019 #11
Most kids I know have more sense than Tre45on AllyCat Feb 2019 #167
I won't only vote Johnny2X2X Feb 2019 #12
Agree completely. All I really care is that a Dem beats Trump, and that we do well downballot. DanTex Feb 2019 #13
The operative word DownriverDem Feb 2019 #23
Yep.. a True Blue Dem. Cha Feb 2019 #52
So if someone who currently is an Independent wins the Democratic nomination for President Tom Rinaldo Feb 2019 #61
Anyone that doesn't safeinOhio Feb 2019 #123
K&R lilactime Feb 2019 #14
I will work tirelessly for the Democratic nominee... louis c Feb 2019 #16
Rec inchhigh Feb 2019 #17
I'm in. Borchkins Feb 2019 #18
YES. For a "thumbnail" sketch of all potential candidates (so far), check bullwinkle428 Feb 2019 #19
4,1,9,7,3,5,6,10,8,2 aeromanKC Feb 2019 #34
i SO agree!!!!!! samnsara Feb 2019 #67
That would be my choice as well. smirkymonkey Feb 2019 #70
I agree. Delarage Feb 2019 #155
Agree! Mine is also Biden/Harris. Duppers Feb 2019 #160
Completely agree! nightwing1240 Feb 2019 #175
That would be great! True Blue American Feb 2019 #225
Curious. Why Gillibrand ahead of Klobuchar? nt LAS14 Feb 2019 #35
Good analysis, except why do they call Bernie Sanders a Democrat? FakeNoose Feb 2019 #47
Because he is running for the Democratic nomination. irresistable Feb 2019 #58
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! AZ8theist Feb 2019 #96
So tired of the Bernie attacks. Dustlawyer Feb 2019 #20
How is this a Bernie attack? Everyone's saying they'd vote for him if he were the nominee, aren't.. LAS14 Feb 2019 #32
This post is NOT an attack on Bernie. Dustlawyer Feb 2019 #154
Lol! "I will vote for a Democrat" is now an attack on BS? Squinch Feb 2019 #36
My comment did not mean this post was an attack on Bernie. Dustlawyer Feb 2019 #153
Then there was no reason for you to make that comment in this thread. Why did you? Squinch Feb 2019 #181
The post spoke to vote for the Democrat that wins the Primary. Dustlawyer Feb 2019 #192
No. The post said: "So tired of the Bernie attacks." In a thread that had nothing to do with BS. Squinch Feb 2019 #198
I'm totally with you.... I too supported Bernie in the primary and Hillary in the general groundloop Feb 2019 #37
BS is going to be Vetted just Cha Feb 2019 #50
Don't forget: in many circles --- mac56 Feb 2019 #55
I must agree with you on that. It's very tiresome and demoralizing to hear... NurseJackie Feb 2019 #83
Truth. Well said Nurse Jackie! CrossingTheRubicon Feb 2019 #221
Disagree Renew Deal Feb 2019 #84
Same here. Duppers Feb 2019 #163
Same here. And Bernie campaigned for Hillary as well. secondwind Feb 2019 #229
Absolutely ZeroSomeBrains Feb 2019 #21
Easiest rec ever. Kurt V. Feb 2019 #24
We have some damn good choices Soxfan58 Feb 2019 #25
I never vote for Republicans. Lonestarblue Feb 2019 #26
Please God, don't let that be non Democrat Bernie Sanders!! aeromanKC Feb 2019 #27
But if it is Bernie, will you vote for him? Sapient Donkey Feb 2019 #220
Straight D ticket aeromanKC Feb 2019 #222
Good sentiments. We are, however, just beginning the primary season. PatrickforO Feb 2019 #28
Bravo. Yes. RobertDevereaux Feb 2019 #29
Isn't it inconceivable that any DUer would disagree???? nt LAS14 Feb 2019 #30
I just want to win. Not interested in moral victories.* BostonBlue Feb 2019 #33
I will. Adrahil Feb 2019 #38
++++++++++++++++++++++ ! n/t Pobeka Feb 2019 #39
Count me in! lark Feb 2019 #40
Count me in mainstreetonce Feb 2019 #41
The worst Democrat cate94 Feb 2019 #43
I think primaries should be pretty bloody. WeekiWater Feb 2019 #44
I want a Biden and Harris ticket sooooooo bad but YEP I will vote for samnsara Feb 2019 #45
Count me in DAMANgoldberg Feb 2019 #165
I always vote for the Democrat radical noodle Feb 2019 #46
Demonizing ANY of these potential candidates? Bernie42020 Feb 2019 #48
I don't care how much money Cha Feb 2019 #57
At this point True Blue American Feb 2019 #226
hear, hear! Stellar Feb 2019 #116
Let's see Trump vs anyone or anything . . . . . My vote is for anyone or anything other than T pdsimdars Feb 2019 #49
Of course. It is what I always do. It is not rocket science emulatorloo Feb 2019 #51
ALWAYS... always. I am a Democrat. Zoonart Feb 2019 #53
I'll vote for the Democrat leftynyc Feb 2019 #54
Of course I will!! 50 Shades Of Blue Feb 2019 #56
I agree 100% Scarsdale Feb 2019 #59
Anyone who won't has no legitimate business on this site. n/t Mister Ed Feb 2019 #60
Agreed dsp3000 Feb 2019 #64
Mickey Mouse and Bernie Sanders are not Dems itsrobert Feb 2019 #62
I live in Vermont and have had Bernie as my rep/senator for 20 years. garybeck Feb 2019 #98
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2019 #63
Brown is my current favorite, but I'll get behind the Democrat who wins. lkinwi Feb 2019 #65
solidarity pamdb Feb 2019 #66
Agreed JackInGreen Feb 2019 #68
Ham Sandwich for President! Still In Wisconsin Feb 2019 #69
beat me to it haha... dhill926 Feb 2019 #76
Christ, we are already doing this? theboss Feb 2019 #71
Of course but Freddie Feb 2019 #72
Vote, of course, but if it happens to be the B person I will efhmc Feb 2019 #73
Yep. As always nt DirtEdonE Feb 2019 #74
No doubt. And I sure hope it is Kamala, but... SKKY Feb 2019 #77
Agreed! BadgerMom Feb 2019 #78
It's about THE CENTER Roadside Attraction Feb 2019 #79
excellent post! Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2019 #131
Hey, Look! Even the center is spouting Bernie's positions! Maybe in a few more years, Doitnow Feb 2019 #133
These are DEMOCRATIC ideas, murielm99 Feb 2019 #143
Putting things in a platform and then ignoring them so that they all accumulate till we have a Doitnow Feb 2019 #174
Based on his past legislative record? murielm99 Feb 2019 #185
Really - the center notinkansas Feb 2019 #218
Yes, I will. CaptainTruth Feb 2019 #80
Yes forklift Feb 2019 #81
of course!! subana Feb 2019 #82
Haven't seen a Repub worth my vote in decades, so Yeah... Wounded Bear Feb 2019 #85
I will vote for any Democrat who is the nominee. Demsrule86 Feb 2019 #86
I will, too SouthernLiberal Feb 2019 #87
Immovably so! defacto7 Feb 2019 #88
Really Roy Rolling Feb 2019 #89
Damn right nycbos Feb 2019 #90
Goes without saying lillypaddle Feb 2019 #92
I will vote for any registered member of the Democratic party who is nominated. Mr.Bill Feb 2019 #93
Hell, yes! Aristus Feb 2019 #94
Should go without saying NRaleighLiberal Feb 2019 #95
I will Bettie Feb 2019 #97
Absolutely. DinahMoeHum Feb 2019 #99
I will donate and volunteer. nt zanana1 Feb 2019 #101
Will do bottomofthehill Feb 2019 #102
Yes, But I Just Hope TF It Isn't Anyone Who Will Turn 80 the Year They Take Office! DoctorJoJo Feb 2019 #103
Of course workinclasszero Feb 2019 #104
Yep Tarc Feb 2019 #105
I've always voted for the Democrat in Presidential Elections... sacto95834 Feb 2019 #106
Definitely agree Mickju Feb 2019 #107
Dem always. Totally Tunsie Feb 2019 #108
Damn Right! farmbo Feb 2019 #109
Absolutely Politicub Feb 2019 #110
That's what I did in 2008, 2012 and 2016 LittleGirl Feb 2019 #112
I will vote for whomever the Democratic nominee is without question Hawaii Hiker Feb 2019 #113
There is no question that I will vote for the Democratic nominee. TNNurse Feb 2019 #114
COUNT ME IN!!!! bluestarone Feb 2019 #115
Done... LovingA2andMI Feb 2019 #117
Oh, yes...of course I will. 'Nuff said! Glorfindel Feb 2019 #118
This should go without saying... FrankBooth Feb 2019 #120
Always Warren_Pointe Feb 2019 #121
I'm on board with this sdfernando Feb 2019 #122
This is more than the top of the ticket. BarbD Feb 2019 #124
Absolutely. bearsfootball516 Feb 2019 #126
I pledge that I will do the same gopiscrap Feb 2019 #127
All in Blue1963 Feb 2019 #128
I agree about the infighting. I've been voting for Democrats in the general election for almost 50 jalan48 Feb 2019 #129
I am with you SallyHemmings Feb 2019 #130
This message was self-deleted by its author Kahuna7 Feb 2019 #132
Amen! Bernie, Kamala, Warren... Catch2.2 Feb 2019 #134
Yes! rownesheck Feb 2019 #135
We gotta Dump the Trump... Kick the elephant outta room! mwooldri Feb 2019 #136
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2019 #137
There are times I don't agree with a certain Democrat Mabel Feb 2019 #138
K & R IllinoisBirdWatcher Feb 2019 #139
of course TalenaGor Feb 2019 #140
Yep. warmfeet Feb 2019 #141
Yes. Moebym Feb 2019 #144
Yes , I'm in proud patriot Feb 2019 #145
After the debacle of 2000, I've never done anything but... Blue_Tires Feb 2019 #146
In the past, I "voted the candidate" and not the party SpankMe Feb 2019 #147
K&R LW1977 Feb 2019 #148
Agreed. iscooterliberally Feb 2019 #149
I always do. QC Feb 2019 #150
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2019 #151
THANK YOU!!! EricMaundry Feb 2019 #152
I'm in mvd Feb 2019 #156
AFAD Brogrizzly Feb 2019 #157
I will do as I always have in the past, show up and vote straight ticket Democrat. redstatebluegirl Feb 2019 #158
+1. Like them all. Refuse to invest mental energy in picking before next year. meadowlander Feb 2019 #159
Of course. Anything is better than dump. Anything. nt ecstatic Feb 2019 #161
No question jimlup Feb 2019 #162
por supuesto California_Republic Feb 2019 #164
Thank goodness this will be the last of these threads that we need ProfessorPlum Feb 2019 #166
Count me in!! ailsagirl Feb 2019 #168
Of course. There is no question. n/t musicblind Feb 2019 #169
This message was self-deleted by its author TryLogic Feb 2019 #170
There is a lot of baggage among rank and file democrats left over from 2016. TryLogic Feb 2019 #171
A no brainer. I will vote for the Democratic Party nominee in November. Blue_true Feb 2019 #172
Here. Susan Calvin Feb 2019 #173
Always have, always will. LongtimeAZDem Feb 2019 #176
Damn right. 47of74 Feb 2019 #177
Any democrat Laurelin Feb 2019 #178
Ham Sandwich (D) gets my vote. crazytown Feb 2019 #179
Yes, tho my preference is a candidate who would best pull in swing states DBoon Feb 2019 #180
I still recall ... left-of-center2012 Feb 2019 #182
Yes. If FDR came back to run third party I'd vote Dem. argyl Feb 2019 #183
No Doubt colsohlibgal Feb 2019 #184
Rec Wednesdays Feb 2019 #186
YES. Even if the Democratic candidate is a yellow dog. VOX Feb 2019 #187
VOTE BLUE, NO MATTER WHO! CDerekGo Feb 2019 #188
100% sagacious reminder! Murdoch/Putin/Trump trolls can't divide us. n/t Prof.Higgins Feb 2019 #189
Completely on board to vote for straight DEM ticket! debsy Feb 2019 #190
I'm in. bitterross Feb 2019 #191
100%, no doubt bhikkhu Feb 2019 #193
Seriously, folks on this board need to stop villifying... SMC22307 Feb 2019 #194
AMEN! nt. Dem2theMax Feb 2019 #206
Isn't it 'for WHOMever the dem candidate is?' Alpeduez21 Feb 2019 #195
Damn right. NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT. n/t CousinIT Feb 2019 #196
Just like I have since 1968. BlueIdaho Feb 2019 #197
Bernie in the primaries.... mac2766 Feb 2019 #199
Obviously Dorian Gray Feb 2019 #200
Absolutely!! TWICE if it's Bernie!! InAbLuEsTaTe Feb 2019 #201
YES, absolutely. K&R chia Feb 2019 #202
Bernie will NOT get my vote RogerM Feb 2019 #203
This is really a suspicious comment notinkansas Feb 2019 #219
LOL SMC22307 Feb 2019 #234
I'm liking Pete Buttigieg ginny skinny Feb 2019 #204
Of course. McCamy Taylor Feb 2019 #205
I will vote for whoever wins the Democratic Primary mikehiggins Feb 2019 #207
I hereby promise that I will vote for the Democrat nominee for president, Dem2theMax Feb 2019 #208
Absolutely. Thanks for the thread. ooky Feb 2019 #209
Thats the plan. quakerboy Feb 2019 #211
K/R StarryNite Feb 2019 #212
K&R highplainsdem Feb 2019 #213
ALWAYS. united we win, divided we lose. a vote for a 3rd candidate is a vote for the moron. pansypoo53219 Feb 2019 #214
Unity! dreamland Feb 2019 #217
Pinky swear! Sugarcoated Feb 2019 #223
Im not concerned how they will stack up against Trump Perseus Feb 2019 #227
Hear, hear! Generic Brad Feb 2019 #228
How could I not? Sucha NastyWoman Feb 2019 #231
You bet your sweet ass. That is all. Homer Wells Feb 2019 #232
Absolutely! nt frogmarch Feb 2019 #233
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