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24. ashamed
Thu Aug 23, 2012, 05:38 PM
Aug 2012

they should be ashamed of themselves, Jesus is of them. All these huge mansions, I had no idea and bet your bottom dollar people are starving and they are living high on the hog. If there is a hell, they, all these people in all these photos are going

Here I thought god was sending them a warning to stop their lying. southernyankeebelle Aug 2012 #1
LOL!! n/c cdb120 Aug 2012 #2
Good to know... phantom power Aug 2012 #3
"Mostly it's gays though" . . . fleur-de-lisa Aug 2012 #4
+1 sarcasmo Aug 2012 #65
You can sure learn a lot from the 700 club Laf.La.Dem. Aug 2012 #5
If it was the DEMOCRAT Convention, HockeyMom Aug 2012 #6
"Most people don't realize..." Hugabear Aug 2012 #7
science isn't a model to these people, it's just word salad phantom power Aug 2012 #8
Poe's law will have someone believe they really said this. LiberalAndProud Aug 2012 #9
I recall one Hurricane that has formed in the southern hemisphere and none that have crossed north 1-Old-Man Aug 2012 #10
In Australia, hurricanes are called "cyclones" Art_from_Ark Aug 2012 #54
is there a link? phantom power Aug 2012 #11
... 20score Aug 2012 #12
How is Benny Hinn not in jail for fraud and tax evasion? yellowcanine Aug 2012 #13
That's how Jeebus sharp_stick Aug 2012 #15
Ken Copeland's 6 million dollar "house" that "Jesus gave him." yellowcanine Aug 2012 #17
ashamed heaven05 Aug 2012 #24
Rec's!!! LOL! punkin87 Aug 2012 #14
Hardyhar. ananda Aug 2012 #16
lol! Vast scientific knowledge! Yep! suede1 Aug 2012 #18
I hate that old fart. Zoeisright Aug 2012 #19
LOL!! Yep, sounds just like 'em. nolabear Aug 2012 #20
Between him and Akin Spirochete Aug 2012 #21
two more heaven05 Aug 2012 #22
Damn, another exploded snarkometer to add to my collection.. after I put out the fire..n/t Fumesucker Aug 2012 #23
He's blinding them with science! HappyMe Aug 2012 #25
Ah, the ignoranus (not a typo) echo chamber Warpy Aug 2012 #26
Onion? Satire? LadyHawkAZ Aug 2012 #27
Nope, mine. 20score Aug 2012 #31
Heh LadyHawkAZ Aug 2012 #42
Pat Robertson, you lying, hypocritical piece of shit. liberalmuse Aug 2012 #28
With no link I assume this to be the work of 20score....... panader0 Aug 2012 #32
You assumed correctly. 20score Aug 2012 #37
your satire has been missed. glad you had time to do this one, which was just beggiing for it. niyad Aug 2012 #45
Thank you !! 20score Aug 2012 #47
It's only God's wrath when . . . markpkessinger Aug 2012 #29
This isn't an Onion piece? pnwmom Aug 2012 #30
Thank you! 20score Aug 2012 #48
The Onion strikes again... Blue State Bandit Aug 2012 #33
no, it is an original of the OP niyad Aug 2012 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author Initech Aug 2012 #34
This is great PD Turk Aug 2012 #35
Thank you, PD Turk! 20score Aug 2012 #50
Self delete nadinbrzezinski Aug 2012 #36
is this satire ? garybeck Aug 2012 #38
Satire. 20score Aug 2012 #40
Well done! petronius Aug 2012 #43
Thanks! 20score Aug 2012 #62
Ah. I was thinking that was a lot of big words for Robertson to say... nt NutmegYankee Aug 2012 #39
LOL. Great post!! n/t RainDog Aug 2012 #41
Thank you! 20score Aug 2012 #55
"The gay prostitutes that are set to make a lot of money in Tampa" Aerows Aug 2012 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author leeroysphitz Aug 2012 #49
It's pretty obvious these people don't know how to pray and god hates them, otherwise they RKP5637 Aug 2012 #51
And that is why I'm an ELCA Lutheran! turtlerescue1 Aug 2012 #52
Uh NO, it's proof that God doesn't like Rethugs Raine Aug 2012 #53
Obviously this isn't real. Alduin Aug 2012 #56
Thanks much people! 20score Aug 2012 #57
Yes...but in the case of a legitimate hurricane, the earth actually has ways of shutting it down tjwash Aug 2012 #58
Thank God! punkin87 Aug 2012 #63
And sometimes a thought is a temperature exchange between Robertson's rectum and forehead. Systematic Chaos Aug 2012 #59
Prayer can backfire too... rasputin1952 Aug 2012 #60
Let's see what Ancient Alien guy has to say Hugabear Aug 2012 #61
You're hilarious! DawgHouse Aug 2012 #64
Benny Hinn was the tell. The Doctor. Aug 2012 #66
kick libodem Dec 2012 #67
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