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98. "Defending your own" is a discipline, and it's one big reason why Republicans win so often.
Fri Mar 8, 2019, 05:44 PM
Mar 2019

There is ONE thing that Democrats/progressives should learn from Republicans— discipline. Sticking together. Not tearing into one another in public forums or in the press. Supporting the Democratic candidate (or incumbent), even with flaws, because what the opposition has to offer is 1,000 times worse. It weakens the overall message, it weakens otherwise strong Democratic candidates, and it weakens the Party itself.

Worse, lack of discipline results in Republican victories, where laws are ignored and the courts get stacked with right-wing asshole judges.

Remember in 2014, when many Democrats distanced themselves from President Obama as a ”winning strategy,” instead of touting the ACA and other accomplishments? That fiasco resulted in a GOP takeover of congress, where Obama’s SCOTUS pick, Merrick Garland, was shunned and completely ignored. Running away from the Democratic president directly affected the balance of the Supreme Court.

Remember Democrats and progressives abandoning Al Franken—one of our strongest voices— after he was blitzed with a politically motivated right-wing organized hit? He wasn’t even allowed a chance to tell his side of of the story. He was kicked out and dropped like a hot rock.

Liberals, progressives, Democrats— we’re a tough bunch to wrangle. We think for ourselves, and have critical minds. It’s harder for us to stay on-message, because we’re tolerant of differing viewpoints, and we often feel that something’s not right with the message itself.

While all this is well-intentioned, it’s a big reason why Democrats come up short: no discipline, no sticking together, no looking out for our own.

The only reason Trump is still standing is because his party backs him to the hilt, no matter how much damage he does to our democratic republic and its institutions.

Imagine Democrats having a strong, charismatic candidate in 2020, with full, unwavering support from the left and center-left. S/he would destroy Trump and his criminals. (Assuming there will actually be a free and fair election in 2020; with 45 at the wheel, anything’s possible.)

I am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. redstatebluegirl Mar 2019 #1
I am starting to get a headache with Rep Omar... Peacetrain Mar 2019 #2
I agree.. redstatebluegirl Mar 2019 #3
Just asking Maggiemayhem Mar 2019 #102
Me too. I'm tired of coming up with excuses for her behavior. Think before you speak. trueblue2007 Mar 2019 #109
I gave her the benefit of the doubt the first time, and the second time, but now this is the fourth! George II Mar 2019 #57
i was SO hoping for some PEACE after the Blue Wave.. was I wrong to wish for this? samnsara Mar 2019 #4
When did she say this? still_one Mar 2019 #5
here is a link..my husband caught it on yahoo news Peacetrain Mar 2019 #9
Thanks still_one Mar 2019 #13
. dalton99a Mar 2019 #10
But she's not wrong on what she's talking about. WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2019 #6
Evidently she is.. Cha Mar 2019 #23
Obama did not exercise the "zero tolerance" policy that Trump did. WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2019 #27
In 2014 we had a mass influx of unaccompanied minors Qutzupalotl Mar 2019 #38
The only separations were when the children were thought to be in danger from the adults.... George II Mar 2019 #108
It "wasn't a punitive policy" with President Obama Cha Mar 2019 #42
Policy is fair game... criticizing our own, including Ilhan, is not. InAbLuEsTaTe Mar 2019 #53
She's must have missed the memo. BannonsLiver Mar 2019 #69
Hence, my use of the word "including." InAbLuEsTaTe Mar 2019 #79
So, criticizing Obama is "fair game" but Omar is not? Did you read what she said.... George II Mar 2019 #85
Obama's policy should not be changed grantcart Mar 2019 #91
Oh geez, if you can't see a difference between Obama and Dotard treestar Mar 2019 #56
Yes, it's been debunked that Pres Obama did Cha Mar 2019 #65
Calling the "hope and change" offered by Obama was a freaking mirage? Did she sleep.... George II Mar 2019 #58
It sounds like she did, George.. trying to broadbrush Cha Mar 2019 #71
Exasperating. sprinkleeninow Mar 2019 #107
She's wrong in the way she is talking about it, at the very least. MH1 Mar 2019 #31
How can we talk about changing bad policies if we're dedicated to "sides" and one side being always WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2019 #32
You don't know how to do this? MH1 Mar 2019 #36
Calling PRESIDENT Obama leftynyc Mar 2019 #50
I see her future and it's one-term. She talks too much and rarely listens n/t monmouth4 Mar 2019 #90
Obama isn't president anymore. Changing policies NOW is one thing, bashing Obama.... George II Mar 2019 #81
Cause if kgop their policies are wing they're wing uponit7771 Mar 2019 #115
Re: But she's not wrong on what she's talking about. Horizens Mar 2019 #54
No, she is not. Snackshack Mar 2019 #83
She was also talking about "caging" children which NEVER happened under Obama, NEVER! George II Mar 2019 #112
I did not take that away... Snackshack Mar 2019 #120
Families were separated only when the government felt the adult that children were with... George II Mar 2019 #124
This is what Omar was Tweeting in 2017.. Cha Mar 2019 #133
Omar's statement was clear.. she owes Pres Obama Cha Mar 2019 #131
That's the conundrum. Pepsidog Mar 2019 #88
Bookmarking. n/t rzemanfl Mar 2019 #95
+1 Blue_Tires Mar 2019 #7
Exactly.. she needs to stop for a second and breathe.. Peacetrain Mar 2019 #14
I'm done with her. Had high hopes. elfin Mar 2019 #18
She's my representative and I voted for her with great enthusiasm, The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2019 #8
My husband is from Minnesota Peacetrain Mar 2019 #12
Criticism of Omar is starting to get on my last nerve bitterross Mar 2019 #11
I agree. woofless Mar 2019 #16
Too bad.. she needs to get her facts straight.. Cha Mar 2019 #21
Post removed Post removed Mar 2019 #26
Say What Horizens Mar 2019 #55
+1 geardaddy Mar 2019 #61
She claimed that the hope and change we got from Obama was just a mirage!! SHE is saying... George II Mar 2019 #62
That's your interpretation bitterross Mar 2019 #128
People like Omar and AOC are our future. Lonestarblue Mar 2019 #66
Some of them will be part of the future while others will not BannonsLiver Mar 2019 #72
Mostly Agree Cheviteau Mar 2019 #100
She's actually not correct BannonsLiver Mar 2019 #70
Not mine. shanny Mar 2019 #15
Yeah, and neither is BS. He said he "would continue Cha Mar 2019 #20
Nobody is above criticism frazzled Mar 2019 #22
Please don't make excuses for flagrant missteps. No one is above criticism. shanny Mar 2019 #49
+2 mr_lebowski Mar 2019 #99
whoosh shanny Mar 2019 #125
... SidDithers Mar 2019 #39
If we can't accept that oppressive systems are used by both Democrats and Republicans, WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2019 #17
She can talk about the oppressive system all she wants, but marylandblue Mar 2019 #37
Is she on DU? WhiskeyGrinder Mar 2019 #46
Of course not, but I think it's a fair standard for Democratic politicians marylandblue Mar 2019 #52
That was insulting. No question. I know they have zeal/passion in their quest for office but, 🙄. sprinkleeninow Mar 2019 #111
Great minds thing alike marylandblue Mar 2019 #114
Heh-heh. sprinkleeninow Mar 2019 #134
... shanny Mar 2019 #51
Obama did not have a no exception policy of cold separation uponit7771 Mar 2019 #116
I'm done with her, Peacetrain. Cha Mar 2019 #19
Same here leftynyc Mar 2019 #29
Ahh geez Cha... she accused Obama of caging kids??? what is wrong with her Peacetrain Mar 2019 #64
Yep, Omar is trying to smear Pres Obama Cha Mar 2019 #80
As an aside... tonedevil Mar 2019 #84
Interesting.. thank you Peacetrain Mar 2019 #94
I read your comment... tonedevil Mar 2019 #97
And I want to thank you for that heads up Peacetrain Mar 2019 #106
I agree leftynyc Mar 2019 #24
And she's calling some of those hopes and dreams only a mirage. George II Mar 2019 #63
Sad to say - everytime she speaks the GOP gets votes!! Laf.La.Dem. Mar 2019 #25
Post removed Post removed Mar 2019 #28
I truly cannot believe you wrote that.. pangaia Mar 2019 #33
I can't either. Croney Mar 2019 #40
Count me in, as well. n/t demmiblue Mar 2019 #45
GONE pangaia Mar 2019 #89
Post removed Post removed Mar 2019 #44
Not defending her, but... HopeAgain Mar 2019 #30
Not when they're factually wrong on a policy. Making crap up is something well leave to MAGA uponit7771 Mar 2019 #118
What are you referring to, HopeAgain Mar 2019 #132
This message was self-deleted by its author Mosby Mar 2019 #34
She could learn from AoC, if Omar will listen. AoC seems to be LuvLoogie Mar 2019 #35
Primary her...nt SidDithers Mar 2019 #41
Equating Obama and Trump -- and that's what she did -- would get you banned from DU onenote Mar 2019 #43
Anti-Semitism and lies about President Obama are all too common in our system tritsofme Mar 2019 #47
An elected official speaking openly is not a candid discussion with friends bigbrother05 Mar 2019 #48
Suggesting that Obama isn't 1000x the human being Trump is ... Alhena Mar 2019 #59
Agree. Duppers Mar 2019 #76
In a recent meeting of political activists tiredtoo Mar 2019 #60
The attention she is getting is all about diverting it away from Chakaconcarne Mar 2019 #67
I Stand With Ilhan inchhigh Mar 2019 #68
sounds like a lot of the same low grade pablum I heard in the fall of 2016. BannonsLiver Mar 2019 #74
She's wrong to equate Pres Obama with the Maniac trump.. Cha Mar 2019 #75
+1. Ill-considered, indulgent, ignorant dalton99a Mar 2019 #78
Not me. I hope she gets primaried. RelativelyJones Mar 2019 #77
This +1 nt Persondem Mar 2019 #82
Not on this, she's factually wrong uponit7771 Mar 2019 #117
As I see it, Grey Mar 2019 #73
So, yet another "own goal" by one of our freshmen. Still In Wisconsin Mar 2019 #86
I just read her statement. She has accused Obama of murder... Honeycombe8 Mar 2019 #87
This message was self-deleted by its author ChubbyStar Mar 2019 #130
She working her way to being on an island... Historic NY Mar 2019 #92
Sounds like typical Our Revolution/JPR garbage. Both parties same, status quo. betsuni Mar 2019 #93
Looks like she is a gift to GOP AlexSFCA Mar 2019 #96
"Defending your own" is a discipline, and it's one big reason why Republicans win so often. VOX Mar 2019 #98
Trump has already done more drone strikes than Obama's first 2 years IronLionZion Mar 2019 #101
Anyone who is progressive gets trashed, period. debsy Mar 2019 #103
Oh my! The "post removed" person is posting to a thread that rzemanfl Mar 2019 #104
LOL! TexasTowelie Mar 2019 #110
I think people are making assumptions - getting carried away. bloom Mar 2019 #105
Defending her is supposed to be the hill we die on. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2019 #119
Some people might even be mistaken lapucelle Mar 2019 #121
What is her message, exactly? kcr Mar 2019 #122
Is she saying she was misquoted? If so, she should publish a transcript and demand a retraction. lapucelle Mar 2019 #123
There's a link to a soundcloud in her tweet kcr Mar 2019 #126
K&R stonecutter357 Mar 2019 #127
At 37 years old a person, especially a politician, madaboutharry Mar 2019 #129
Getting on my nerves too n/t scardycat Mar 2019 #135
Stick a fork in me. I'm done MandelaObama Mar 2019 #136
The "talking point" on the right won't be Rep. Omar's comments... GreenEyedLefty Mar 2019 #137
She is who she is and I am not interested! Little Star Mar 2019 #138
TLLM..the obvious solution SoCalDem Mar 2019 #139
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