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5. If Obama had pulled just ONE Trump-like stunt, impeachment would have followed immediately.
Fri Apr 5, 2019, 04:47 PM
Apr 2019

Not that he would, but imagine Barack Obama wanting to put high-profile liberals on the Federal Reserve board, with the sole qualification being that they’re “good guys” and “friends of mine.”

Or holding rallies in Oakland, Detroit and Chicago, where the audiences were predominantly POC— Obama up in front, ripping Republicans for two hours-plus every time, calling them “sick, very sick people.”

Or installing his family in positions requiring security clearances.

Or saying, “I could shoot somebody and not lose voters.”

Or eating cheeseburgers in bed, while talking nightly to a network “news” personality who can further his agenda while on-air.

Or tweeting insane shit in the dead of night.

Just pick anything off the Trump menu of “behavior,” and Obama would have been crucified for it. As it was, Republicans treated him like shit, stonewalled him, criticized him for wearing a tan suit, blocked his SCOTUS pick, dug around endlessly for birth certificates, harassed his Secretary of State for years, etc. And the ACA was characterized as a ”power grab...trampling the Constitution.”

And there’s Trump, idiotically hobnobbing with the world’s worst (and most lethal) dictators, sometimes behind closed doors with no witnesses. Doing something outrageous every day— what Steve Bannon called “flooding the zone with shit.”

This is NOT okay. None of it is okay. Under Trump, America has been transformed into the world’s bully: xenophobic, racist to the core, intolerant of dissent, dismissive of women, belligerent toward long-term allies.

Why does Trump get to be the freest man in America (for now)? Because he’s THE world’s biggest white “victim” of (gasp!) imagined liberal oppression?

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