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2. The problem is that those who are destroying democracy are immune to love.
Sat Apr 13, 2019, 09:20 PM
Apr 2019

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An extreme example is, of course, Nazi Germany. No amount of love could divert those ideologues from their murderous course.

And while Republicans haven’t gone completely full-fascist just yet, they’ve taken some alarming steps in that direction, and are accelerating the placement of partisan appointees to government posts that heretofore have functioned strictly as non-partisan (the Attorney General, for instance). This is a foreboding sign, as it’s obviously clearing the way for more lawlessness and corruption.

My opinion is that it’s past time to fight, tooth and nail, to retain what democracy remains. Kindness, looking the other way, generosity of spirit and taking the “high road,” while noble, have led us to where we are today— a sharply divided country with an autocratic, racist ruler who’s likely suffering some form of diminished cognitive function, supported by a gaggle of freakish, twisted men who, having no conscience or empathy whatsoever, would welcome a right-wing totalitarian government. They already speak of us as some sort of evil, foreign element that has no place in America. If 45 gets a second term, by rigged election or decree, I’d advise younger people to get the hell out: go to Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc. in a hurry, because the U.S. will not be a healthy country, to say the least.

So fight back. Fight back hard. Do NOT let these lunatics win. They are already killing people with their heartlessness and greed. PUSH BACK WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT. Speak up and out. Avoid infighting with Democrats and progressives. VOTE BLUE in 2020!

Cheer up, we won the House last Nov, will win WH next Nov! at140 Apr 2019 #1
The problem is that those who are destroying democracy are immune to love. VOX Apr 2019 #2
Great points. cilla4progress Apr 2019 #3
Good article EndGOPPropaganda Apr 2019 #6
+1000 smirkymonkey Apr 2019 #8
I share your pain... myohmy2 Apr 2019 #4
Thanks. *We* must protect us. Action: call congress EndGOPPropaganda Apr 2019 #5
Trump and his voters are not nice people. UCmeNdc Apr 2019 #7
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