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57. Don't forget that statute of limitations time-frame is in play now.
Sat Apr 20, 2019, 08:34 AM
Apr 2019

Rachel Maddow was discussing this yesterday. Almost all of the Trump situations / transgressions / potential criminal involvements that Muller investigated occurred in 2017. The statute of limitations on these events lapses in five years— 2022.

If impeachment is not pursued now, and if, for some extraordinarily crooked reason, Trump should retain the presidency, he will run out the calendar on the investigated incidents (which comprise the basis for impeachment), and he would, effective 2022, become a free man. (Not factoring in the New York State investigations.)

Using the frustrating Mueller guideline that one “cannot indict a sitting president,” should Trump lose the 2020 election and become a private citizen in January, 2021, he can still be prosecuted for what’s already on the books.

Think Trump wants to stay in office much? He will fight like a cornered animal, because losing could mean a trip to prison.

Start impeachment proceedings immediately. Chasten that bastard NOW. No conviction possible? Screw it, that’s not the goal, which is to keep him on the defensive, put him under stress and pressure from multiple directions to exhaust that monster, and have his approval ratings tank lower than ever. If his people and Russia conspire again to throw the election, America will be screwed beyond recognition...forever.

Impeach now. It’s not a sure thing, but it’s the right thing to do. And I seriously doubt that it’d “hand the election over to Trump.” That notion presupposes that there are scads of Trump voters out there who are considering voting for a Democratic candidate. That’s such a bullshit line— as if those who worship their white-nationalist Neanderthal figurehead could be lured away from their fuhrer.

"If we don't impeach, it's like saying we admit that Trump is above the law." TwilightZone Apr 2019 #1
Hearings are not enough. honest.abe Apr 2019 #9
What do you think impeachment is? TwilightZone Apr 2019 #14
Exactly ... so what is your point. You seem to KPN Apr 2019 #20
Hearings on steroids. honest.abe Apr 2019 #27
Impeachment is hearings where people go to jail if they lie to Congress. uponit7771 Apr 2019 #51
You keep making this claim, but it's false. TwilightZone Apr 2019 #65
Yup. It's time for action across the board. Magoo48 Apr 2019 #62
I changed my mind after the report was released TheRealNorth Apr 2019 #2
I agree that when we impeach, we choose the best time possible to begin the impeachment proceedings mtnsnake Apr 2019 #5
Everybody was tired of hearing about Watergate KPN Apr 2019 #21
Hear hear uponit7771 Apr 2019 #52
Correct. Impeachment has purpose and meaning irrespective of the chance of conviction. (n/t) FreepFryer Apr 2019 #3
Well said in just a few words. mtnsnake Apr 2019 #6
We must impeach. It is Congress' duty. Just follow Mueller's roadmap. SunSeeker Apr 2019 #4
nt bdamomma Apr 2019 #30
Well, my thoughts are this Dan Apr 2019 #7
Power of the Presidency Buffalo Soldier Apr 2019 #12
Well there bdamomma Apr 2019 #31
He will do this regardless of impeachment uponit7771 Apr 2019 #54
-this- durablend Apr 2019 #28
But If We Impeach, We'll Have to Run Against Mikey Pants and Mother--a Formidable Pair! LOL DoctorJoJo Apr 2019 #8
Impeach him as well. pangaia Apr 2019 #69
Consider one more thing. world wide wally Apr 2019 #10
Nice! babylonsister Apr 2019 #11
It should be a straightforward decision. procon Apr 2019 #13
Well, there's another pesky word in the very same sentence: Conviction. TwilightZone Apr 2019 #15
Thank goodness the great majority of Democrats aren't scared to impeach out of fear of no conviction mtnsnake Apr 2019 #16
There's little evidence that impeachment will produce "a ton of good" anymore than... TwilightZone Apr 2019 #17
Conviction might be unlikely...today...but the fact that you are so adamant mtnsnake Apr 2019 #23
"great majority" TwilightZone Apr 2019 #18
Yes the great majority. Even after the midterms it was 77%. mtnsnake Apr 2019 #26
Conviction isn't required or guaranteed. procon Apr 2019 #43
I agree with this post. He has repeatedly flaunted the law; his whole life. But now, as President Evolve Dammit Apr 2019 #66
can you IMAGINE how trump will control the narrative - what he will do or say EveHammond13 Apr 2019 #19
Amen to that, Eve. I would hate to even think about it. mtnsnake Apr 2019 #24
Just ask yourself if "Clinton was impeached for lying to congress" CTAtheist Apr 2019 #22
He was impeached but the people were not behind it. Are you hearing people call for UniteFightBack Apr 2019 #25
Clinton's bdamomma Apr 2019 #33
Elizabeth Warren on Rachel tonight convinced me that impeachment is necessary. Pepsidog Apr 2019 #29
Just watched that. Great segment. If you've read the report, you'll know impeachment is required. SunSeeker Apr 2019 #32
Does anyone think bdamomma Apr 2019 #34
The process needs to start now patphil Apr 2019 #35
Even if there are negative? consequences IMPEACH MasonDreams Apr 2019 #36
I still say our #1 priority is winning the White House & Senate in 2020. CaptainTruth Apr 2019 #37
No one can garantee you won't come out of a procon Apr 2019 #46
Have can that be done if Russia is still backing their whore Benedict Donald Trump? uponit7771 Apr 2019 #55
Your logic suffers two major flaws. better Apr 2019 #59
*We* are not doing anything - Congress is Steven Maurer Apr 2019 #38
We have had a steady barrage of Trump's lies and it's time to set the record straight. democrank Apr 2019 #39
+1000. We're dealing with Trump now because we sat on our asses in 2000 and 2008. meadowlander Apr 2019 #40
Earlier Tonight I was Thinking Along The Same Lines DallasNE Apr 2019 #41
If we don't impeach Trump it gives license to future presidents and presidential triron Apr 2019 #42
Haven't come to a decision yet, but I tend to lean toward this reasoning. coti Apr 2019 #44
Well written rufus dog Apr 2019 #45
Wow, your post is a very interesting account of the reactions of some of your family members mtnsnake Apr 2019 #47
"no fight" I'm noticing this too uponit7771 Apr 2019 #50
Good analysis uponit7771 Apr 2019 #48
********** Russia will back thier whore again in 2020******** uponit7771 Apr 2019 #49
Excuse my Latin, but. . ."GOPus Delendus Est" DinahMoeHum Apr 2019 #53
People are leaving out one important consideration, watoos Apr 2019 #56
Don't forget that statute of limitations time-frame is in play now. VOX Apr 2019 #57
I think you are absolutely right if.... kentuck Apr 2019 #58
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2019 #60
There'll Be Trouble Either Way FrankTC Apr 2019 #61
well said proud patriot Apr 2019 #63
He will just keep a rampaging until he's dictator Mr Tibbs Apr 2019 #64
Where were the "impeach'' war drums during the Bush administration? YOHABLO Apr 2019 #67
one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing. pangaia Apr 2019 #68
""In the body politic as in the body personal, nonresistance to the milder indulgences paves the way pangaia Apr 2019 #70
Here Here! Proudly second jimlup Apr 2019 #71
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