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36. The "folks who don't know yet" are really the "folks who don't care, ever."
Fri May 3, 2019, 05:02 AM
May 2019

They can’t get enough of their Neanderthal figurehead; for them, etc he can do NO wrong. If one ever undertook the loathsome task of looking at RW websites, or watching the vile prime-time Hannity for even a few moments, one can grasp how vast the divide really is. Republicans would LOVE to have a right-wing fascist dictator who “punishes the libs.” That’s how simple-minded and cul-tlike they’ve become.

it’s all there in plain sight: EVERYTHING, every Republican-hatched screw-ups and firings are also very telling.

But whenever things go south, the blame is projected onto the ”lunatic socialist Democrats” and pronto. It’s as evergreen a right-wing trope can be.

This ship has sailed playaseeker May 2019 #1
if it should turn out that way, we'd have that 1/3rd of the population backing it, anarch May 2019 #5
I think it's more like 10% are his true stalwarts Blues Heron May 2019 #8
We need to quit MFM008 May 2019 #40
It's a guy's opinion, and you know what they say about opinions: The Velveteen Ocelot May 2019 #2
The last sentence in this opinion piece; trump 'stand on 5th Ave shoot someone and get away with it' empedocles May 2019 #3
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ still_one May 2019 #28
Maybe we should waste some more time waiting for "good Republicans"... doompatrol39 May 2019 #4
Calm down and focus on what we can do. Big Blue Marble May 2019 #6
This. My bones aren't in the least chilled, Hortensis May 2019 #7
It may have to get Berlin and Nazi Germany circa 1945 bad NewsCenter28 May 2019 #9
Why bring such negativity to your arugments? Big Blue Marble May 2019 #14
The polls consistently show trump's popularity with Repub voters at 90%. What center? nt albacore May 2019 #19
There is variation in the Trump numbers. Big Blue Marble May 2019 #21
I try to stay positive... albacore May 2019 #22
Trump voters are not a monolith. Big Blue Marble May 2019 #24
You're right. I really need to be more positive NewsCenter28 May 2019 #34
What can we do, exactly? tinrobot May 2019 #15
Anyway we look at this situation, Big Blue Marble May 2019 #18
It can't? Democrats have only held the House since January, and the House... TreasonousBastard May 2019 #10
LOL. The CNN people were probably salivating at the chance for this OPINION click bait. PSPS May 2019 #11
+1 -K&R onetexan May 2019 #26
My hope is that the states can reign him in. dmr May 2019 #12
Reign vs rein. cwydro May 2019 #25
Lol, thanks, and I knew that, too! dmr May 2019 #42
If it really is that bad, the Dems should go scorched earth. Baitball Blogger May 2019 #13
El pueblo unido struggle4progress May 2019 #16
So does that mean don't bother to vote Norbert May 2019 #17
Here's the thing. We all already know how fucked up shit is right now SlogginThroughIt May 2019 #20
The "folks who don't know yet" are really the "folks who don't care, ever." VOX May 2019 #36
Especially since some of the corporate media help him eleny May 2019 #23
And you know he will try to rig the 2020 election. Kablooie May 2019 #27
Yep. We're ready to fall. StevieM May 2019 #30
+1, people are whistling past the graveyard on this issue near and far uponit7771 May 2019 #31
I believe there will be a leak before long. Grasswire2 May 2019 #29
Nancy can't stop them alone RandySF May 2019 #32
The more unchained the Con gets the better... pbmus May 2019 #33
I think we are kidding ourselves if we don't think Trump will continue to get worse, Doodley May 2019 #35
Never underestimate the power of a bunch of leftyladyfrommo May 2019 #37
This MFM008 May 2019 #41
K&R Kurt V. May 2019 #38
garbage opinion to gather viewership/readers.... beachbum bob May 2019 #39
Isn't it something how the Democrats are afraid to seek justice because it might create divisions... Baitball Blogger May 2019 #43
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