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12. 45's perception of fear is likely as primitive & base as the rest of his cognition.
Mon May 6, 2019, 05:23 AM
May 2019

On the level of a lizard running from away from a push-broom (not to denigrate lizards).

He’s spent his entire adult life suing this, that and the other, and being counter-sued as well. He’s also never had to clean up his own messes, someone’s always been there to handle the difficult shit. So there’s this “desensitized addiction” to chaos in his everyday life.

He knows how to torment and hector people, but he can’t take much in return, and once again, he’s marooned in that self-referential loop, wherein he can do no wrong, so there’s no reflection, no learning from mistakes, no forward motion.

Does 45 have any fear the law, or of breaking any law? Consider: 1) he’s never gotten into anything his lawyers and accountants couldn’t fix; 2) he’s the freest person in America (right now). If anyone else acted in their workplace the way he does, they’d be canned on day one.

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