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The first Mountain Dew commercial kentuck Aug 2012 #1
great find LiveNudePolitics Aug 2012 #3
They do proud2BlibKansan Aug 2012 #57
Thanks for another illustration of what I'm talking about. antigone382 Aug 2012 #7
That's as bad as the Frito Bandito add muntrv Aug 2012 #31
I'm from Western Pa LiveNudePolitics Aug 2012 #2
+1 antigone382 Aug 2012 #6
well if it makes you feel better arely staircase Aug 2012 #14
well if it makes you feel better LiveNudePolitics Aug 2012 #23
no problem arely staircase Aug 2012 #24
greenwich village performance art LiveNudePolitics Aug 2012 #62
never been to one arely staircase Sep 2012 #63
I'm a hillbilly (a real one - I'm from East Tennesse where the Fawke Em Aug 2012 #40
It depends on how it's said. antigone382 Aug 2012 #44
but they enjoy white privilege arely staircase Aug 2012 #4
Well, to some degree, I wouldn't necessarily say that they don't. antigone382 Aug 2012 #5
Well, if they voted right maybe we liberals wouldn't be so mean to them cthulu2016 Aug 2012 #8
I point you again to the example of Judy Bonds. antigone382 Aug 2012 #10
I'm sorry, but Pab Sungenis Aug 2012 #9
See post #10. n/t antigone382 Aug 2012 #11
Exactly.... ann--- Aug 2012 #12
Judy Bonds did not revel in ignorance. antigone382 Aug 2012 #13
but her opinions on mt removal are in the minority arely staircase Aug 2012 #16
Well of course they are. antigone382 Aug 2012 #18
thanks, i get where you are coming from arely staircase Aug 2012 #25
lol, I think that might have been a discussion between you and me... antigone382 Aug 2012 #38
Neither does my beloved wife, a sophisticated woman from eastern Tennessee. n/t Bertha Venation Aug 2012 #42
shows like "Bridezilla" target urban/city stereotypes along with the rural stereotypes Liberal_in_LA Aug 2012 #15
To me, shows like that, "The Real Wives of..." "bad girls club" etc. antigone382 Aug 2012 #17
I hear ya. I watched that documentary about Appalachia. It explained the source of one stereotype Liberal_in_LA Aug 2012 #20
True... ohheckyeah Aug 2012 #28
dump's not free. everytime you go you have to pay. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #35
We don't. ohheckyeah Aug 2012 #37
I'm in Maine and we have to pay to drop off certain items at the dump magical thyme Aug 2012 #49
The area I was talking about.... ohheckyeah Aug 2012 #56
we do. depends on jurisdiction & what you're dumping. HiPointDem Aug 2012 #55
Well, not everyone has access to a truck. antigone382 Aug 2012 #39
yep. big difference in poor rural areas and city in transportation availability. Another Liberal_in_LA Aug 2012 #43
Yep...used to catch a ride with friends, but it wasn't very easy... antigone382 Aug 2012 #58
I appreciate the responses to this thread, and will check back in tomorrow. antigone382 Aug 2012 #19
It always baffles me that people here in W.Va. celebrate the continuing Jesco White minstrel show Adenoid_Hynkel Aug 2012 #21
I just watched that mess on Netflix this morning, in fact. Codeine Aug 2012 #46
Great post. Reminds me of a few days ago when listening to a DJ on WDTW FM 106.7 muntrv Aug 2012 #22
Excellent article. Lifelong Protester Aug 2012 #26
For a corrective view, read Joe Bageant's "Deer Hunting with Jesus" Lydia Leftcoast Aug 2012 #27
America handed WV over to the coal industry and said "Here have your way with her." limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #29
For a better understanding...I do suggest everyone read Joe Bageant's books.. riverbendviewgal Aug 2012 #30
thanks for the suggestion limpyhobbler Aug 2012 #32
Exactly. n/t antigone382 Aug 2012 #45
Outstanding post. lumberjack_jeff Aug 2012 #33
Unfortunately, class bigotry is still considered more acceptable than racial bigotry eridani Aug 2012 #34
I get it all the time here in Montana sorefeet Aug 2012 #36
Thanks for all of the supportive responses... antigone382 Aug 2012 #41
Three of my Grandparents were "Hillbillies" who would have sooner eaten bees than vote Republican Burma Jones Aug 2012 #47
The words classy and sophisticated do not describe the Honey Boo Boo family. Initech Aug 2012 #48
The words classy and sophisticated also do not describe amusement based on class-based prejudice. nt antigone382 Aug 2012 #52
True. Initech Aug 2012 #54
No one held a gun to the heads of kurtzapril4 Aug 2012 #50
Well, she's six...so she doesn't really have a say either way. antigone382 Aug 2012 #53
Cute Doggy in the first pic! smirkymonkey Aug 2012 #51
I come from a long line of hillbillies, probably one of the first in this country, MadHound Aug 2012 #59
That photo with the two rednecks and the Rottweiler RebelOne Aug 2012 #60
Thank you for this thoughtful thread. K&R myrna minx Aug 2012 #61
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