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38. Thomas Frank's "What's the Matter with Kansas?" diagnosed this insanity back in 2004.
Tue May 21, 2019, 11:11 AM
May 2019

There’s an outstanding excerpt from the book (pages 67-68) posted on Wikipedia:
Not long ago, Kansas would have responded to the current situation by making the bastards pay. This would have been a political certainty, as predictable as what happens when you touch a match to a puddle of gasoline. When business screwed the farmers and the workers – when it implemented monopoly strategies invasive beyond the Populists' furthest imaginings – when it ripped off shareholders and casually tossed thousands out of work – you could be damned sure about what would follow. Not these days. Out here the gravity of discontent pulls in only one direction: to the right, to the right, further to the right. Strip today's Kansans of their job security, and they head out to become registered Republicans. Push them off their land, and next thing you know they're protesting in front of abortion clinics. Squander their life savings on manicures for the CEO, and there's a good chance they'll join the John Birch Society. But ask them about the remedies their ancestors proposed (unions, antitrust, public ownership), and you might as well be referring to the days when knighthood was in flower.

Ohio is just plain samplegirl May 2019 #1
I don't see it as stupidity but as "arrested development" Backseat Driver May 2019 #25
They think he's going to make GM reopen the factory & produce cars no one wants.... Historic NY May 2019 #2
The NYT is right leftofcool May 2019 #3
WHITE blue collar workers support Trump. Turin_C3PO May 2019 #4
Ohio voted for DeWine as governor. They are effectively Indiana. Freethinker65 May 2019 #5
What was disappointing about Ohio NewJeffCT May 2019 #9
Disappointing? edhopper May 2019 #11
I didn't look that closely NewJeffCT May 2019 #14
Cordray was up +5 edhopper May 2019 #16
For Ohio's 2018 election to be on the up and up about 250,000 people who voted for a liberal .... Botany May 2019 #18
Heavily gerrymandered edhopper May 2019 #27
The Gerrymandering doesn't effect state wide elections but it has allowed the State Legislature & Botany May 2019 #32
Yes edhopper May 2019 #36
There is a wide swath of Trump supporters in Ohio and going South.... kentuck May 2019 #6
We have 40% of the country believing in crazy conspiracy theories but not a corrupt obstructing UniteFightBack May 2019 #13
There are 2, maybe 3, Dem. strongholds in Ohio: Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo. Cousin Dupree May 2019 #31
Youngstown is minority white and the county went for Clinton, but you'd never know it from this WhiskeyGrinder May 2019 #7
It doesn't matter how "the country went" brooklynite May 2019 #8
I said county actually, but I'm not sure why focusing on people who say they'll vote for Trump is a WhiskeyGrinder May 2019 #10
Because they used to vote Democratic... brooklynite May 2019 #17
Obama was lightning in a bottle Azathoth May 2019 #30
The white working class in Ohio has been trending downward for Democrats for several elections. WhiskeyGrinder May 2019 #37
Thank you for that clarification including ALL the facts ...not just some Thekaspervote May 2019 #28
OK JUST WAIT until we start paying more...let's see if these blue collar dopes will still be all on UniteFightBack May 2019 #12
We will never win over idiots who think Democrats are out of touch standingtall May 2019 #15
There are always going to be a certain number of people who think things are going to go back to the llmart May 2019 #19
This stuff would be more believable if Trump's trade war was bringing jobs back Azathoth May 2019 #20
+1 standingtall May 2019 #21
Nailed it, dead center. I'd add "owning the libs" as their preferred domestic policy. VOX May 2019 #29
Absolutely! llmart May 2019 #34
Yep Freethinker65 May 2019 #35
+2 but much more politically complicated than that. Backseat Driver May 2019 #40
This is Tim Ryan's district EffieBlack May 2019 #22
"Thank you sir may I have another?" Initech May 2019 #23
Trump's trade war w/China isn't doing anything for them. I suspect what they love most about Trump octoberlib May 2019 #24
It's the "social issues". Odoreida May 2019 #26
Well, at least in that base set of "social issues," Backseat Driver May 2019 #41
You know what would be news, O anthropologists of the NYT? gratuitous May 2019 #33
Thomas Frank's "What's the Matter with Kansas?" diagnosed this insanity back in 2004. VOX May 2019 #38
Culture trumps policy. It trumps rational thought. This is why the Southern Strategy has been themaguffin May 2019 #39
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