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29. The only way to beat Republicans is to use their tactics.
Tue May 21, 2019, 02:17 PM
May 2019

Civility, “taking the high road,” following the rule of law, using fair play, allowing the system to self-correct— these have ALL failed.

America is now entangled in an existential struggle. Republicans, who’ve drunk deeply from the cup of autocracy, are just fine with letting democracy die.

Like any bully, fighting back viciously is the only thing that he/she/it understands. We’ve “waited for Mueller,” and what gains have comes from that?

It’s past time to begin impeachment proceedings.

Not to mention few Americans want to support those who do not "stand for something" hlthe2b May 2019 #1
Republicans voters could not be blamed for believing that Trump was innocent of all charges. kentuck May 2019 #2
Only if Ds let them get away with it. But fail to convict in Senate and tRump will be louder. Bernardo de La Paz May 2019 #3
Your point would be more credible if.... kentuck May 2019 #5
It is credible because the Democrats are investigating & bringing out facts & information NOW. . .nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2019 #6
How so? kentuck May 2019 #8
Of course! Defendants have rights under the US legal system! And it is NOT "no docs / witnesses". Bernardo de La Paz May 2019 #9
Same thing would happen to impeachment hearings: no docs/witnesses, same Court process. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 2019 #10
This is exactly what would happen in an impeachment StarfishSaver May 2019 #14
There is probably more justification for releasing documents if there is an official impeachment? kentuck May 2019 #32
No. There's legal distinction between releasing documents for impeachment or other oversight StarfishSaver May 2019 #33
When (not if) the Senate fails to convict sop May 2019 #11
A Hobson's Choice is a decision between 'something' and 'nothing' hlthe2b May 2019 #15
Pick our failure Midnightwalk May 2019 #17
You may be right? kentuck May 2019 #18
Nothing I wrote was in favor of "don't impeach". Key phrase in my post: "At this time." Bernardo de La Paz May 2019 #19
Fair enough Midnightwalk May 2019 #23
Ah, I mean that Republicons can be scared into protecting their seats by convicting when the heat is Bernardo de La Paz May 2019 #26
You are correct, sir gratuitous May 2019 #4
That would be a problem for them, I would agree. kentuck May 2019 #7
They will say that exact same thing if there is an impeachment & Senate doesn't convict. lark May 2019 #12
If there IS an impeachment but no conviction, Trump and Republicans will go into the next election StarfishSaver May 2019 #13
But something would have happened in the interim... kentuck May 2019 #20
Facts and info coming out now. Nuggets May 2019 #30
They'll spin it no matter what happens... Wounded Bear May 2019 #16
Trump will likely win POTUS 2020 if he is not impeached or otherwise gone PufPuf23 May 2019 #21
They'll do that anyway when Republicans refuse to convict him in the Senate. OliverQ May 2019 #22
After all the evidence has come out showing collusion and obstruction? kentuck May 2019 #24
The evidence is already there TwilightZone May 2019 #27
Yes. They're saying that right now despite evidence proving obstruction. OliverQ May 2019 #34
They'll do that if he's acquitted, as well. TwilightZone May 2019 #25
Not if the House continues to uncover Nuggets May 2019 #28
The only way to beat Republicans is to use their tactics. VOX May 2019 #29
They will say that anyway... Mike Nelson May 2019 #31
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